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Top 30 Global Mobile App Developers
Why modern technology is critical to your business strategy in Industry 4.0?
Top 30 Global Mobile App Developers
To maintain servers and data centres, it’s a common thought that outsourcing resources to cloud platforms like AWS have supported in focusing on delivering the services.
Java Developers: Overlooking These Facts Can Cost You Money in the Cloud Cloud computing services have been becoming increasingly popular in the modern age of technology.
Top 30 Global Mobile App Developers
In the trend of IT advancement, full stack development is one of the optimal solutions that many businesses choose to acquire benefits of web application development.
Top 30 Global Mobile App Developers
Enterprise software solutions is a strategic tool to gain benefit over competitors, lower cost, increase revenue and profit, and many more, etc. 

Inspiring accomplishments by our women in STEMM

Ms Thanh Van Dang is the Founder and CEO of Savvycom, one of 2017’s Top 30 Global Mobile App Developers. Featured on The University of Sydney as an alumna who is breaking down the stereotypes and inspiring the next generation to pursue a career in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicin), her career journey from a market-seller to a businesswoman inspires millions of people in the world of what can happen when young women are powered to lead.

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Invitation to AWS Hackdays 2019: "Hack for Good"

AWS Hackdays 2019 edition “Hack For Good” is calling for new ideas in HealthTech, AgriTech, Smart City and FinTech for contributing to an innovative society in South-East Asia. Using AWS, you have the opportunity to build a prototype demonstrating your skills in either Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, IoT, Data Analytics or Modern Applications. 

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