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Hiring professional developers always helps a business run efficiently. In that case, whether a business should invest in testing or not, essentially when QA will take a large amount of business budget?

It is a big question for almost managers to optimize the business budget. And here, in this blog post, my answer is “Of course, yes, they are very important.” and my explanation for that answer.


It’s very important

In the position of users, I remember using an app that always gets crashing. Then I understood the feeling when meeting the bad-quality apps. The software should be a tool that helps people do their jobs more efficiently than there are not, but the tools that make people angry because of always crashing.

It is not a freeware

When customers pay for the app, of course, they have the right to use a perfect one, which they should not re-login so many times just because the app does not work well.

Proud of product

As someone who starts life working in IT, they will own the proud of their created applications. Therefore, they will never want to introduce their apps which bugs always occur.

Problem is not only finding a bug

Quality assurance isn’t just about finding what doesn’t work.

It also has to make sure that a feature or a product does what it should do, and follow the logic of the users. This is as important as bug finding and involves looking at the product through the customer’s eyes.

Nobody is perfect

We can have the great, awesome developer team, but this does not mean that they will never make mistakes. And to ensure our final product/application is the perfect one. And QA will be the person who helps us unsure about the best quality of the final product.

So, they are my idea. How’s about you? Please leave your comments below!

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