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The relationship between the two giants had been good until Google released iOS opponent – Android OS, marking the day both of them started to compete in the same ground. Steve Jobs even once stated that Google stole Apple’s ideas and expressed his determination in defeating this ‘rival’.

Why did Apple want to get rid of Google?

Even though they became competitors, Google maps and YouTube until now have been key parts of Apple device. Having to depend on its own competitor for such important apps is not so ideal for a company like Apple, so this is probably the first reason why Apple would want to ditch Google.

Expenditure is the second reason. Ever since YouTube and Google maps became default functions in iOS, the amount of money spent on maintaining them is certainly problematic.

Apart from that, a report by The Guardian suggested that every Apple device brought to Google about 4 times as much revenue as every Android device. By separating from Google, such huge revenue would come to Apple itself, rather than richening its own competitor.

apple vs google in products

Apple vs. Google

How advantageous can this separation be?

To Apple, ditching Google maps for its own mapping system would be highly risky. Competing with the famous and widely trusted Google maps is a real obstacle. Mistakes are sure unavoidable. However, Apple never fails to amaze the users with its innovation, so we certainly can look for a positive outcome. Read more: Transition to IOS 7: A breakthrough for app developers

On Google’s side, this ‘break-up’ is probably not a disadvantage as it may seem. Without Apple’s restrictions and control, Google has the freedom to develop YouTube in its own will as well as dominate YouTube advertising to generate more revenue.

So, what do you think? Do you believe in the success Apple will bring after this? Or do you think the giant is taking a wrong step?

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