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Catch up with the latest trends of Mobile Apps & Web Development

Transition to iOS 7 - A breakthrough for Mobile App Developers

If you take a look at the animations and transitions in iOS 7, you will see that the interaction with an app is almost as important to the whole experience. iOS 7 Custom Transitions would be an opportunity to set your app outstanding in the competition.

It is much more than just the visuals! So how do you bring your app into the new age? iOS 7 does have an answer for us [...]

iBeacona new Digital trend for Enterprise Mobility?

Among technology trends that emerge recently, iBeacon may be the most notable and trendy one. It is even called “The trend of 2014”. [...]
How to write a Software Requirement Specification?  

An experienced development project manager would never skip the software requirement specification (SRS) in his project. SRS is a document which thoroughly explains the intended purpose and environment for software under development. Its role is to minimize the time and effort of developers to achieve desired goals and also minimize the development costs [...]
Tips for Mobile Apps & Web Apps Development

How to promote a Mobile App?

Unlike usual thought that app promotion is a process that follows app development [...]

5 Typography Trends for 2014

Limitations when designing for Mobile App

- Less context
- Inaccurate clicks
- Slow hardware
- Usage situation
- Poor connectivity  [...]
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Best practices in Mobile Apps Testing
Mobile application testing is different from traditional software testing in term of the very mobile functions [...]
Tips for Designing Mobile forms and Inputs
Outstanding Staff recognition awards
Ms Van Dang – CEO of Savvycom rewards “Employee of the year”
Savvycom General Annual Meeting 2014, which was held on 18 January 2014, is a moment for all company’s leaders and employees to review our attempts and achievements through the last year 2013.

Standing out as a intelligent leader of Mobile team and a diligent employee, Mr. Tue Nguyen was the owner of LIVE Award (Leadership + Initiative & Value-Added Enterprise) this year. He is the great example of a smart and inspirational leader, a skilled and diligent employee, the idol of Savvycom HR. His enthusiasm encourages all team members to complete tasks well.

Besides, Mr. Kien Truong and Mr.Trung Vuong received the Extra Miles Award for their great contribution. Thanks for their willingness to dedicate themselves to the work, important projects of Savvycom have achieved enormous success.

The year 2013 ends up with considerable achievements and endless effort of Savvycom Team. We're ready to conquer new challenges ahead!  [...]
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