Savvycom Insight - Issue 2 / 2013 will give you the latest updates on how Startups can utilize IT for their businesses.
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Making the Best Use of Mobile Apps & Web Apps

Tablets and smartphones have been dramatically changing the way that people absorb information and products online. About nearly 40% of our daily media interactions happen on mobile devices, which opens extremely promising business. Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have been quickly responsive to this trend and had great contribution in this potential IT path. Don't wait to long to be the last mover in the mobile market: The better you prepared, the finer achievements will be.

Why mobile apps?

Mobile app is appealing for marketing and sales generation due to:

  • Popularity,
  • Functionality,
  • Convenience,
  • User Friendly.

Why you should build one and what should be completed. [...]

Why web apps? 

Web app is tempting due to its high levels of efficiency and compatibility..

  • Wide distribution,
  • Free from updates,
  • Less time and cost,
  • High security.

There is a To-do list to get web app going..[... ]

Eva Diary - Healthcare

Launched just 6 months ago, now Eva Diary by Savvycom is being used by over 30,000 Vietnamese women for period tracking. Hence, the Company started to execute its Globalize - Localize strategy. [ ... ]

Eva Diary on Android
Eva Diary in English
Eva Diary in Chinese

Design Trends 2013

Even when you created awesome graphic designs, be aware that: By the time you think about change, the new trend is already there. [ ... ]

Apps in Healthcare

The upsurge of healthcare apps is changing the industry. [ ... ]

Elements of App Design

What components of an app that give it great UI which goes well with functional UX, and better yet, reassert your brand? [ ... ]

How to Promote a Mobile App

30% of all smartphone users download apps, and you have a perfect app. How are you going to promote it? There are at least 5 key elements that you should cover to make sure your app would be a hit when it is in the market. [ ... ]

Hotels Everywhere

As a hotel reservation app with decent functionality, Hotels Everywhere will turn your accommodation plan into great experience. [ ... ]

How to Monetize a Mobile App

How to turn your app idea into a great source of revenue? You'd better solve this question from the sketch of your business plan. Check out these 4 useful suggestions for you. [... ]

At MWEC Award, Ms. Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom, was in preparation for the 5th Global Forum in East London, South Africa. [ ...]

Savvycom was the main sponsor of ICP Contest in Viet Nam in 2013. The Contest gathered many talented students in programming every year.[...]