Savvycom Insight - Issue 04/2015 - Big Data & Big Impact
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Big data is an open door. Your business does not have to be big to earn benefits from big data. Many companies have been applying big data to optimize their business operation efficiency and gain more customer insights for profound decisions. It‘s easy to get into a traffic jam with big data, however you can avoid that headache by following this route, mark it on your map these destinations: "know your problems", "do self-assessment" and "build your force". [...]

Big Data technology has the super power of collecting and analyzing information. That is why it has been applied in many different scientific fields and all bring excellence results. But what about healthcare?  What could Big Data improve in the treatment and health care progress? [...]
Despite of having learnt about benefits and advantages Big Data, sometimes organizations leave out some of its amazing functions that could heighten their business performance. Here are some suggestions that could help you embrace the fullest of Big Data in your business! […]
Nowadays, designers around the world incessantly try to upgrade and transform their design to make it more beautiful and practical to users. Here are some mobile design trends in 2015 that you might want to consult to improve your own design […]
With the surging number of mobile apps nowadays, developers should understand their users' demands to create an app that stands out from their rivals. We have created a list to give you basic information on mobile app development trends. Let’s take a look […]
Tips for Testing Usability of Mobile Apps
Testing is very important for mobile developers. A study of Localytics revealed that 20% of mobile apps are used once and never opened again. You want you app to stay out of that 20%? Here are some useful tips for you! […]
Right after the released in 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference, Swift immediately caught the attention of mobile developers all over the world. However, it is true that Swift is so perfect? Let’s take a closer of look  […]
Savvycom is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Vietnam Outsourcing Excellence prize. This is an important recognition by the national and international IT specialists of Savvycom’s efforts and its outstanding achievement to the software outsourcing in Vietnam over the years. […]
Savvycom has received the ISO 9001:2008 Recertification for meeting all quality management system requirements in all facets of our daily activities.[...]
We have just thrown an amazing camping party at the Ecopark to celebrate SAVVYCOM 6th birthday! Barbecue party, cakes and exciting teambuilding games under the sunshine! It couldn’t be better! […]
New year 2016 is just coming closer and we wish you a wonderful and fantastic year. 
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