Healthcare IT Software

With 15+ years of experience in healthcare IT software development, Savvycom’s engineers possess a deep understanding of technologies and are poised to expedite the debut of your MVP or healthcare solution. We offer swift team augmentation, ensuring that you can focus on innovation and patient care without facing the challenges of recruiting and retaining specialized tech talent.

Healthcare IT Software

Advanced Healthcare IT Software
for Patients and Medical Professionals

Understanding the complexities of healthcare, we innovate in healthcare software development with utmost quality assurance, addressing key challenges to enhance patient care and streamline provider workflows.

Telemedicine Platform

Experience cutting-edge Telemedicine platform, designed to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and patients. Enjoy seamless video consultations, electronic prescriptions, and a virtual waiting room, all contributing to a more accessible and efficient healthcare experience.

Integrated Patient Portals

Our Patient Portals provide a secure and efficient way for patients to access their health records, communicate with healthcare providers, and manage their health needs. This integrated approach ensures a more engaged and informed patient experience.

Advanced Patient Apps

Designed to empower individual health management, our Patient Apps have up-to-date features include medication tracking, appointment scheduling, and health education, all aimed at enhancing patient engagement and promoting preventive healthcare practices.

Chronic Disease Management Platform

Specializing in Chronic Disease Management, our platform integrates patient data, treatment plans, and health monitoring tools. It’s tailored to support patients with chronic conditions, providing them with continuous care and improving their overall quality of life.

Digital Therapeutics Software

Our Digital Therapeutics software offers a groundbreaking approach to healthcare. It utilizes algorithm-based software to provide therapeutic interventions, supporting treatment and management of a range of health conditions, thereby transforming traditional medical therapies.

Remote Patient Monitoring system

Our Remote Patient Monitoring system provides healthcare professionals with real-time data, enabling prompt and informed medical decisions. This technology ensures continuous patient care and monitoring, particularly crucial for elderly and chronic disease patients.


Discover, Develop, Deploy

Discover how our services transform healthcare challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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Team Expansion

If you’ve got an in-house development team but need a bit more firepower or speed, forget the hassle of hiring and training. Effortlessly bolster your team with expert developers from a software development firm. Our savvy healthcare app developers blend into your project, handling the nitty-gritty of management and legalities, all while delivering top-notch results.

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Custom Solutions

Established in the healthcare business and know your niche inside out? It’s time to level up with bespoke, feature-rich software solutions. They’re not just tools; they’re game-changers in expanding your reach and fine-tuning your operations. Our team doesn’t just build; we craft. With meticulous planning and agile sprints, we transform grand visions into reality, step by step.

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Test, Learn, Grow: For those at the starting blocks, eager to validate an idea and soak in user feedback, an MVP is your launchpad. It’s about smart and lean development – get a winning healthcare app to your audience without burning resources on the first go. Our team at Savvycom is your ally here. We’re not just developers; we’re strategists, feature-smiths, and market whisperers, sculpting your idea into a market-ready gem.

Ready to transform your healthcare practice?

Our Healthcare applications are deliverable for web, mobile and wearable devices



The development of healthcare applications for web platforms is aimed at streamlining hospital workflows and ensuring secure storage, analysis, and application of patient data. Our skilled team of healthcare app developers is prepared to create sophisticated web solutions to address your unique business needs.



For iOS and Android platforms, our healthcare software solutions offer the greatest convenience for users, keeping their data readily available. We ensure that every iOS and Android healthcare app developed by our team meets the highest standards of data protection.


Wearable Devices

The development of healthcare apps for wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness bands is highly sought after. These apps provide efficient data gathering, prompt reminders, and immediate user engagement. Our developers focus on delivering a superior user experience and aesthetically pleasing design in these apps.

Our Development
Process at Savvycom

Our process turns basic ideas into complete healthcare solutions, from inception to the final product.


Project Analysis

Thorough evaluation of client needs and medical industry benchmarks, creating a solid foundation for tailor-made healthcare software development.



Designing user-friendly, patient-focused interfaces, adherence to HIPAA standards, and securing patient information.



Building robust, expandable healthcare applications using cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care, telehealth features, and clinical productivity.


Testing & Improvements

Rigorous testing to ensure operational dependability, conformity with healthcare regulations, and data security, confirming the software meets the high-quality standards of the medical field.


Soft Launch

Efficient deployment of the healthcare software solution, fine-tuned for peak performance and user satisfaction in various medical environments like hospitals and clinics.


Maintenance & Support

Ongoing updates and steadfast support for the healthcare software, maintaining its relevance with changing medical technologies and laws, and offering quick technical help.

Why You Would Choose Savvycom

In a sector where technology constantly evolves and patient needs become more complex, you need a partner who not only understands the challenges of the healthcare industry but also offers innovative solutions to address them.

Advanced Technological Integration

Our software solutions incorporate the latest in healthcare technology, including AI, machine learning, and blockchain. This advanced integration enables more accurate diagnostics, efficient patient data management, and enhanced security, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving healthcare sector.

Seamless User Experience

We prioritize user-friendly interfaces in our software design, ensuring ease of use for both healthcare professionals and patients. Our intuitive platforms reduce training time, increase user adoption rates, and improve overall satisfaction, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Data-Driven Insights for Better Care

Our healthcare IT software is equipped with powerful analytics tools. These tools provide valuable insights into patient care, operational efficiency, and financial management, enabling informed decision-making and better patient outcomes.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand the diverse needs and budget constraints of different healthcare providers. Our services offer flexible, cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or performance. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large hospital, our software is designed to provide the highest value, ensuring a high return on your investment.


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