e-Wallet App Development Services

With 15+ years of expertise in Fintech, Savvycom offers accelerated market entry, cutting your go-to-market timeframe by up to 6 months with our ready-to-deploy solutions. Our approach reduces costs while exceeding quality standards.

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Our e-Wallet Development Solutions

Discover our versatile e-Wallet solutions, expertly tailored to meet every need. Experience innovation in digital payments – secure, adaptable, and designed for your success.

Closed Wallet

Closed Wallet solution boosts brand loyalty through secure, brand-exclusive transactions, ideal for managing customer rewards and in-house currency, thereby maximizing user engagement and retention within your ecosystem.

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Open Wallet

Open Wallet expands your financial horizons by enabling seamless transactions across diverse services and merchants, ensuring secure and convenient payments, withdrawals, and transfers, anytime, anywhere.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet provides a secure gateway to the dynamic world of digital assets, facilitating effortless buying, selling, and management.

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Mobile Wallet Integration

Mobile Wallet Integration seamlessly connects your platforms to a versatile payment ecosystem, offering users convenient, secure, and fast payments, enhancing their overall experience.

Custom Mobile Wallet

Custom Mobile Wallet solutions personalize your transaction experience, delivering a unique, secure, and user-friendly payment process across all devices, tailored to your specific needs.




NFT-based Wallet

NFT-based Wallet unlocks digital ownership, serving as your gateway to the world of non-fungible tokens, enabling secure transactions and effortless showcasing of your NFT collection.

The Must-have features for digital wallets

Engineered by Fintech experts, our e-Wallet comes alive with groundbreaking features – a fusion of deep insight and innovation


Sending/Receiving Money

Users can have simple financial interactions by instantly sending or receiving money with friends, family, or businesses worldwide.


Online Payments and Transfer

Users can effortlessly execute global payments and transfers, enjoying a secure and seamless financial transaction process.


Transaction History

With just a few clicks, users can view their detailed transaction history, maintaining transparency and control over their finances.


Checking Balance

By quickly checking account balance anytime, anywhere, users are always informed about financial standing.

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Chatbot Support

Intelligent chatbot is integrated for instant support on queries; available 24/7 to enhance your user experience.


Analytics Dashboards

Users can explore spending patterns and financial trends through user-friendly dashboards.


Data Backup

Securely backing up financial data with our robust solutions enables users peace of mind that their information is safe.

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Security Measures

Users benefit from security protocols, including encryption & fraud detection.

Looking for an E-wallet App Development Company?

Panels for e-Wallet Mobile app

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Admin Panel

  • Manage Data
  • Control over Merchants and Users
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Managing Revenue
  • Managing Security
  • Managing Promotions
  • Overseeing Transactions
  • Managing App Features
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Merchant Panel

  • Profile Customization
  • Manage Product Listings
  • Generate QR Codes
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Staff
  • Process Withdrawals
  • Offer Discounts
  • Manage Loyalty Points
  • Create Marketing Offers
  • Send Notifications
  • Integrate with POS Systems
  • Provide EMI Options
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User Panel

  • Register with Phone Number
  • Connect Bank Accounts
  • Top-up Wallet
  • Send and Receive Money
  • Pay Bills
  • Access Special Offers
  • View Account Balance
  • Monitor Loyalty Points
  • Activate Autopay
  • Review Transaction
  • Logs Split Expenses
  • Accept Payments
  • Invite Friends
  • Collect Referral Bonuses

Pioneering Technologies

Leveraging cutting-edge Software Development Methodologies and IT Outsourcing Models, we are equipped to architect and scale exceptional solutions from the ground up for our strategic partners and clients.

Our Development
Process at Savvycom

Our eWallet development process is anchored in the Agile project management methodology, promoting flexibility, rapid iteration, and constant collaboration.



Unleash your vision with our creative ideation process, crafting the blueprint for your groundbreaking e-Wallet solution.



Dive deep into the discovery phase, where we uncover your needs, analyze market trends, and set a solid foundation.



Watch your concept take shape with our rapid prototyping, offering a tangible glimpse into your e-Wallet’s potential.



Our development phase transforms prototypes into powerful, scalable e-Wallet applications, engineered for excellence



Rigorous testing ensures your e-Wallet operates flawlessly, providing a secure, user-friendly experience without compromises.



Launch your e-Wallet with confidence, as we propel your solution into the market, ready to captivate users and drive growth.

Why choose Savvycom as your E-wallet App Development Company

Benefit from our innovation, reliability, and user-first approach, all designed to elevate your digital finance experience to new heights.

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Pre-made Solutions

Leverage our pre-made e-Wallet solutions to fast-track your project’s timeline by up to 6 weeks, we ensure a quicker route to market without sacrificing quality or functionality.

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Customization Expertise

Our unparalleled ability to customize e-Wallet solutions ensures that your specific business needs and user preferences are perfectly met, making your product stand out in a crowded market.

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Advanced Security Features

With our cutting-edge security measures, including encryption, fraud detection, and multi-factor authentication, we offer an e-wallet solution that you and your users can trust.

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Continuous Innovation

Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures that e-Wallet solution remains at the forefront of technology trends and user expectations.

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