Fintech Software Development Services

Established in 2009, Savvycom has remained the forefront IT service provider in APAC, dedicated to delivering Fintech software development excellence for your financial technology needs.

What We Do

Savvycom presents a comprehensive range of customized and platform-based solutions tailored to your requirements.

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Lending Software Development

Using Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, and Big Data to develop lending solutions with robust security, regulatory compliance, and customization for all types of loans.
pay later

Buy Now Pay Later App Development

Offering advanced payment solutions, credit risk tools, and secure encryption to boost consumer purchasing power and financial flexibility.
mobile app

E-wallet App Development

Ensuring security and functionality for E-wallet applications on Android, iOS, website, and wearable devices. Configuring NFC technology and integrating APIs for seamless fund transfers and payments.

Investment Management Software Development

Communicates efficiently with third-party integrations and offers interactive portfolio management features.

Crowdfunding Platform

Fast-performing crowdfunding platforms that allow secure fundraising. Customizable design and development to build P2P financing, equity, donation, reward, etc…

Payment Gateway Development

Customizable solution for online transactions, provides seamless API integration and features AI-driven fraud detection with KYC compliance.

Our Strengths

Fintech expertise

Diverse portfolio with various types of fintech software, ranging from personal finance apps to complex banking software with different third-party integrations.

Regulations-compliant solutions

Solutions are tailored to meet the Fintech regulations and practices of each local market, as well as the unique needs of clients.

Diverse Technologies

Our pool of expertise in various cutting-edge technologies, including AI/ML, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing, can meet all of the Fintech industry's requirements

Enhanced Security

The solutions follow local and international financial data security standards (e.g., GDPR, OWASP, PCI DSS, KYC, AML).

Why Choose Savvycom?

With our complete, ready-to-go solution, you can

time saving
Fast track product launch
By using our ready-to-use Fintech modules, businesses can accelerate their product delivery time.
banking function
Prioritize core competencies
Concentrating on product innovation, business strategy, and customer service without being burdened by the complexities of IT management.
down cost
Reduction in expenses
Reduce up to 50% of implementation expenses with a team that has proven records in the Finance niche.
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