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Savvycom team is exceptionally supportive and committed to the success of their clients. Under Ms. Van's leadership, Savvycom has demonstrated great confidence and capability in managing sophisticated projects, including ours in the digital healthcare space.

CHAN MENG CHONG Co-Founder at Suurve

Van has a great team backing her at Savvycom. They work hard, are responsive and flexible. Easy to work with and very professional.

Andrew Wong Co Founder at SMAudience

Van runs Savvycom, and is a valued supplier of services to our projects. Savvycom, under the stewardship of Van, has provided excellent services over the years. Her company focused on mobile platform, but has sufficient depth of skills in her team to deliver most IT or e-business implementations. Van is client focused. I recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for a long term strategic IT service partner.

Dean Sutcliffe Head of Technology at 6dgree

We have used Savvycom on a number of projects, they have supplied high quality work, and work well with our team both remotely and locally. Savvycom have demonstrated a good understanding of the business we are in, and have worked the solution with us to perfection. We will be using them again for our next project.

Vu Pham CEO of Spectrum Knowledge

Savvycom does excellent work, on time and with attention to detail. Their team is highly collaborative with customers and they follow thoughtful processes. Equally important, they are excellent with follow-up and customer service.

Ian Sutton Executive Chef at CULINARY CONCEPTS

It has been a real pleasure doing business with Savvycom, more specifically with HaiAnh Nguyen. The advice and service she provided to CulinaryConcepts was exceptional. The projects were completed on time with no hiccups, fuss or complications and the end results are outstanding. CulinaryConcepts looks forward to doing business with Savvycom again. I can give no higher a recommendation.

Joerg Henning Project Manager at Spectos Asia Ltd.

As supplier of far shore software development service, Savvycom with Mrs. Van has always been a very customer oriented and flexible partner for a lot of different projects. With a 'Yes we can' - attitude she was able to provide us with teams on short notice and skills in a lot of different areas, ranging from Business Intelligence, Web Applications to Mobile Applications based on different languages and tool kits and the new smart phone environments.

Thuc Luu Founder at H&L Consulting

The development team at Savvycom is great to work with: process oriented, flexible, effective, very knowledgeable about user experience. Our join effort: a beautiful iPhone app is taking shape after just a couple months. I can't expect better from a business partner.

Roger Jin CEO at Bridge

Van runs a great firm at Savvycom, and her team is top notch. It's been a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone considering the services of Savvycom.

Jon Burke Ads Lead at Automattic

I have been really impressed with the team at Savvycom. They are very professional, work ahead of schedule and are technically strong across a range of fields. They have earned my trust and I recommend Savvycom to others.

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