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Savvycom Services

At Savvycom, we focus on adding extra value to your business by applying only the latest technologies, which results in higher profitability & company evaluation

Dedicated Development Team

We quickly allocate independent software developers for your internal projects with a focus on communication processes & detailed development phases.

Digital Transformation

With over 13+ years of development experience, knowledge, and tech expertise, we are confident that our Tech-Savvy experts can give you game-changing advice.

Blockchain Solutions

We bring enterprise-wide adoption of blockchain-powered business networks across industries by building commercial/incentive models for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Web App Development

We always keep up with the latest Front & Back-end Web Development technologies to create high-quality Web Applications in a constantly changing business environment.

Mobile App Development

Being the top 30 Global App Developers, Savvycom has immense experience creating feature-rich & high-performing Mobile Apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Custom Software Development

We design bold and unique digital products that help you achieve your business goals. Every feature included in each product is designed to boost your company’s value, customer base, and profitability.

Our Techstacks

Savvycom applies the latest approaches that allow us to create and scale excellent products for our partners from the ground up.

.NET – Java – NodeJS – Python – Golang – PHP

Angular – ReactJS – Typescript – VueJS – HTML5

iOS – Android – React Native – Flutter – Swift – Kotlin – Objective-C

WordPress – Magento – Shopify

MongoDB – MySQL – MsSQL – Firebase – Redis

Aws – Gradle – Jenkins – Azure – Digital Ocean – Linode – Google Cloud


Savvycom’s Achievements

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Social Networking
Savvycom Solution 1

#01 Healthcare

Digitization of Clinics, Hospitals, Doctor-on-Demand apps; Healthy Lifestyle applications like Meditation, and other healthcare-related solutions compliant with medical software regulations like GDPR, IEC 62304, etc.

Suppose your needs are to process patient data securely, optimize the work of a Medical Organization, or launch a fully-fledged Business in the field of Healthcare successfully. In that case, Savvycom is where your business challenges will be resolved.

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Savvycom Solution 3

#02 Education

A delicate blend of technology can do wonders everywhere, and the education industry is not untouched by digital transformation. It is an industry that has witnessed so many changes over the past decades. IT solutions for the education industry now play a major role in this digital revolution.

Learning is not limited to books as apps and websites slowly taking over readers and other traditional mediums. Students and teachers are looking for customized services in their comfort zone & accessible from any device.

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Savvycom Solution 4

#03 Fintech

Do you need to create software for banking and financial institutions to optimize their work and attract new users?

Our agency builds custom P2P lending platforms, personal & crypto wallets, currency exchange apps, and trading platforms. We are not limited to developing only these digital products; instead, we tailor our web and mobile development services to meet the requirements of your financial business.

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Savvycom Solution 6

#04 Manufacture

Vehicle tracking, logistics management tools, route planning, shipping refund software, and other software development solutions can be delivered based on your transportation business requirements.

These custom solutions definitely enhance operations’ effectiveness and decrease related expenses.

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Savvycom Solution 7

#05 Social Networking

Content-sharing and curations tools, location-based apps, specific dating services, and interest-based networks are products that we can deliver on time and within the budget.

Our team is an experienced provider of software development solutions for social interaction and communication. Suppose you are seeking uniqueness within your social network app.

In that case, we definitely know how to add value by placing innovative, advanced features and the top practices of user interfacing.

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Savvycom Solution 2

#06 E-Commerce

The inclusion of necessary third-party tools, usage of security protocols, effective payment gateways, Big Data, prediction analysis, analytics, and dashboards for strategic planning, as well as a custom-made admin panel.

All of these, can lead your retail or wholesale company to effective digitization of sales processes, a more extensive client base and the number of orders, and finally on to higher profitability gains.

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Since 2009 we have designed and engineered well over 400+ projects. In doing so our professional community have contributed expertise to boost the performance of entrepreneurs, start-ups and business enterprises.

Have a Project Idea in Mind?

You are more than welcome to contact our Partnership Manager for a free consultation.

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