Healthcare IT Solutions

Boasting a team of over 700 skilled engineers, Savvycom delivers all-encompassing Healthcare IT Solutions, expertly tackling challenges like data security, regulatory compliance, and system integration to ensure utmost comfort and efficiency for healthcare professionals and patient

healthcare it solutions

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From IT planning to healthcare app development, modernization, and maintenance, Savvycom provides comprehensive one-stop solutions for healthcare providers.

Medical IT Solutions

Elevate healthcare delivery with our advanced Medical IT Solutions. Cutting-edge technology is integrated, ensuring seamless patient data management, secure information exchange, and streamlined clinical workflows, transforming patient care into a digitalized, efficient experience.

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Healthcare IT Software

Revolutionize patient care with our specialized Healthcare IT Software. Designed for interoperability and compliance, our software offers robust data security, user-friendly interfaces, and real-time analytics, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency in healthcare settings.

Digital Healthcare Solutions

Digital Healthcare Solutions now include IoT and Wearable Medical Apps for real-time monitoring, AI-driven Medical Chatbots, and advanced Speech Recognition. We leverage AI for EHR optimization and Blockchain for secure health records, maintaining HIPAA compliance. These enhancements aim to create a more integrated, patient-focused healthcare ecosystem.

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Leveraging cutting-edge Software Development Methodologies and IT Outsourcing Models, we are equipped to architect and scale exceptional solutions from the ground up for our strategic partners and clients.


Advanced Technology

Savvycom is dedicated to integrating the latest technological advancements into healthcare, striving to improve the experiences of healthcare providers and patients alike.

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  • AI-based chronic disease management software
  • EHR with AI
  • Medical AI chatbots
  • Speech recognition
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Speech recognition

  • Monitoring patients remotely
  • Tracking hospital assets
  • Comprehensive solutions for monitoring hospitals
  • Tracking patients
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  • Research and trials in clinical settings
  • Apps for patients’ personal health records
  • Systems for managing and exchanging electronic health records
  • Management of medical claims
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Computer Vision

  • CT
  • PET
  • MRI
  • X-ray imaging, including mammography
  • Images from ultrasound
  • Various other imaging modalities

Enhance patient care with innovative healthcare software development services

Why Choose Us

Our expertise in improving enterprise healthcare systems goes beyond simple software creation. More than just suppliers, we thoroughly engage with the business side, contributing substantial value to our clients by optimizing and enhancing their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

In-Depth Healthcare Know-How

With profound expertise and experience working with healthcare enterprises, we provide solutions that are perfectly aligned with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

Expertise in Local Healthcare Compliance

Understanding the critical importance of compliance in healthcare, our IT solutions was ensured to adhere to local healthcare regulations and standards, maintaining patient safety and data security.

Focus on Medical Examination and Treatment

Specialize in healthcare IT, we enable medical professionals and institutions to concentrate on patient care and medical innovation, while we expertly manage the technological aspects.

Automate Daily Tasks and Staff Management

Our solutions revolutionize healthcare operations, automating patient record management, appointment scheduling, and staff allocation, significantly enhancing clinical efficiency and care delivery.

Clients we worked with

Savvycom takes pride in unwavering commitment to every project we undertake. As a Leading IT Outsourcing Company in Vietnam with a strong engineering focus, we skillfully understand the distinctive needs of diverse clients.


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