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Welcome to Savvycom – your trusted Tech Partner in Web Development Services. We build future-proof & innovative solutions that attract new users and generate more revenue for your business growth.

With many professional business analysts, project managers, designers, web front-end, web back-end, full-stack developers, and quality assurance specialists, Savvycom is ready to assist you with your business goals.
Powerful Front-End
Our Web Development professionals ensure that our solution is wrapped in a fast-loading interface with an engaging & stable user experience on various devices.
Solid Back-End
A winning online solution is built on a scalable architecture. Our back-end wizards will create an API-friendly back-end with complex data structures and scalable processing capabilities.
High Security
One of the pillars of a successful digital transition is security. We build with safety in mind, authentication and authorization services, access control, and other features.
We explore strategies to scale your web product, ensuring that business works appropriately. With well-established project architecture, your website can respond to project demands and handle high-load traffic when necessary.
SEO Friendly
Potential buyers can quickly find you when your website ranks first on a search engine's results page. We can provide full support in designing online solutions that ensure your visibility while also being crawlable and indexable.

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Savvycom Web Development Process

01. Discovery Stage
First, our CTO & Analyst examine business data and identifies your ultimate goals to give the essential web development services. The vital aim during the discovery stage is to anticipate all potential business and technological risks and avoid any issues and errors during the development process and when growing your web-based service.
02. Design & Front-end Development

Our UX designers’ central purpose is to ensure that your clients can navigate your web-based product easily and swiftly to obtain the required result. On the other hand, UI designers build visually appealing web interfaces with fantastic animations so that users may enjoy themselves while engaging with them.

Web front-end programmers work their magic, ensuring that all designed animations run smoothly, interfaces respond quickly, and your product is simple to use. By default, our web development services and systems are responsive.

03. Web Back-end Development
Our web back-end developers begin working on your project after our software architect has laid a solid technological foundation. Their first responsibility is to build the web software’s core, responsible for processing all user requests.
04. Manual & Automated QA
Our software testing professionals conduct hundreds of automated tests and perform manual testing parallel with the web development process. We undertake functional, performance, regression, usability, unit, and regression tests as part of our web development services and localization testing if the web system supports two or more languages. We ensure optimal website stability and performance on all sorts of devices and screen sizes.
05. Implementation
The solution is then ready to go to market and available to end consumers.
06. Maintenance
Once your solution is up and running, our programmers will monitor its performance and incorporate user comments to improve it further. We also make any necessary adjustments following deployment.

Our Techstacks

Savvycom applies the latest approaches that allow us to create and scale excellent products for our partners from the ground up.

.NET – Java – NodeJS – Python – Golang – PHP

Angular – ReactJS – Typescript – VueJS – HTML5

iOS – Android – React Native – Flutter – Swift – Kotlin – Objective-C

WordPress – Magento – Shopify

MongoDB – MySQL – MsSQL – Firebase – Redis

Aws – Gradle – Jenkins – Azure – Digital Ocean – Linode – Google Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like any other software development, Web development services begin with a business study and the production of a functional specification. Furthermore, the site design is built based on the required characteristics, and tech implementation is followed by cybersecurity, testing, and maintenance considerations.

Web development services imply the production of intranet or internet-based web-based services. Web programming, web design, web publishing, database administration, cloud systems, web server components, toolsets, and frameworks are all part of the process. A typical web development team includes a business analyst, UX/UI designer, and front-end and back-end programmers. All of them are overseen by a project manager.

The benefits of updating your website’s design, code, and SEO are huge. Regularly updated quality content can bring you to the top of organic search rankings.

A modern look shows your customers you’re keeping up with the times. Using the latest technology keeps your website safe and earns trust among users and search engines alike.

So how often should you redesign your website? Experts say that 2 to 3 years is the maximum lifetime for a website design-wise. Longer than that, and it faces the danger of falling into oblivion. Using new technologies can bring many benefits to your website and your business, help you attract new customers, and eventually increase your profits.

Future software development services can be classified into two categories: web back-end and front-end. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks are all used in the web front-end, which contains all the elements that users interact with (Angular, Vue.js). Ruby and its frameworks (Ruby on Rails), PostgreSQL, Nginx, and AWS can all be used to create a web back-end, the server-side, that works with data.

Alternatively, suppose you want to deliver a superior user experience and outperform your competitors. In that case, you can leverage modern technologies in conjunction with web development services. Artificial intelligence, such as chatbots, IoT, virtual and augmented reality, and blockchain technologies will make your web-based project stand out.

The price of web development services varies depending on the project type, technology stack, number and complexity of functionalities and design, and other factors. The average cost of developing a web-based solution ranges from $20,000 for a simple website to $230,000 or more for a comprehensive, multi-level web platform.

The cost of web development services varies widely depending on criteria such as the complexity of web features and design, tech stack, backend system and architecture, number of connected frameworks, APIs, and elements, and the IT developer you choose so on.

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