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Reduce operational expenses, increase client lifetime value, and increase income with native iOS or Android Mobile App Development Services. Users will fall in love with your brand thanks to our mobile applications.
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Time is of the essence! User nowadays would like to receive results immediately. Savvycom Mobile App Development include best practices for ensuring that everything runs quickly & efficiently.
According to statistics, today's users spend at least 3-4 hours every day on their mobile devices. A user's expectation number one for effective use of mobile applications is solution reliability, as it essentially represents their companies.
Your company must be able to scale. The same may be said for your mobile solutions. Savvycom's mobile app development team creates software that is both dependable and scalable.
Data encryption, malware protection, two-factor authentication, and secure APIs are all included in our mobile app development services, as Savvycom can safely address any privacy concerns.
User Friendly & Multifunctional
Utilize our mobile app development services to produce a remarkable app that will easily stand out amid competing items. We construct native apps and offer app development services of any complexity.

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Savvycom Mobile Application Development Process

01. Discovery Stage
The plan for turning your idea into a successful app is defined in the first phase of the mobile app development process. You might want to make this a more significant part of your entire corporate mobility strategy. Because the goals of each app differ, the mobility strategy has an app-specific impact that must be addressed during the development process.
02. Analysis & Planning
Prepare a product plan when you’ve defined your app’s requirements. This includes prioritizing and arranging mobile app needs into delivery milestones. If you’re short on time, resources, or money, identify your minimum viable product (MVP) and prioritize it for the initial launch.
03. UI / UX Design
A mobile app’s success is defined by how successfully users accept and profit from all of the app’s capabilities. UI/UX design for mobile apps is to provide exceptional user experiences that make your software dynamic, intuitive, and user-friendly.
04. App Development

The planning step of the mobile app development process is still quite important. Before you begin any development/programming work, you must:

  • Define the technological architecture
  • Choose a technology stack
  • Set development goals.

Back-end/server technology, API(s), and the mobile app front-end are the three main components of a typical mobile app project.

05. QA Testing
Quality assurance (QA) testing is an integral part of mobile app development. It ensures that the app is stable, functional, and secure. You must first build test cases that cover all elements of app testing to assure thorough QA testing of your app.
06. Deployment & Support
We proceed with the app’s publication in the stores after ensuring that the functional model is ready to meet the exact needs of the client and their end customers.

Our Techstacks

Savvycom applies the latest approaches that allow us to create and scale excellent products for our partners from the ground up.

.NET – Java – NodeJS – Python – Golang – PHP

Angular – ReactJS – Typescript – VueJS – HTML5

iOS – Android – React Native – Flutter – Swift – Kotlin – Objective-C

WordPress – Magento – Shopify

MongoDB – MySQL – MsSQL – Firebase – Redis

Aws – Gradle – Jenkins – Azure – Digital Ocean – Linode – Google Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid apps may be less expensive, but they come with many restrictions and may potentially be removed from the app store. Native mobile app development (using the Swift and Kotlin programming languages) allows for more customization, optimization, improved quality, performance, and interaction. The native approach, on the other hand, provides additional value to app users.

The length of time it takes to develop a mobile app is determined by aspects such as the amount and complexity of features, the design, the technology stack was chosen, the use of third-party services, the app type, and so on.

The average timetable for developing an app with essential functionality such as primary login, payments, search, and user profile per platform is 3-6 months (iOS, Android). The timeline for mobile app development services is typically 6-9 months for more complex applications.

The typical cost of mobile app development services ranges from $60,000 to $230,000+. There is such a significant disparity because of the app type you require, its complexity, and the number of platforms available. An essential app with a small feature set and mobile app development services for a single platform costs roughly $60,000+.

An effective program with a complicated design, development, and support for two or more platforms might cost upwards of $230,000.

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