A Talk about Asia’s Start-up Ecosystem

On 7th February, MBA students from Monash University Malaysia has visited Vietnam and met Top Vietnamese start-up companies to find out the difficulties as well as how to pass over them. The event took place at Hanoi UP co-working space at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Savvycom and Apota are two representative companies in Vietnam joining the meetings and sharing our inspiration in business.

Monash University- The famous university is named from Sir John Monash- a famous Australian contributing to almost every level of Australian life. As well as name from his name, this university also takes inspiration from his philosophy and has successfully given all Monash students all over the world this inspiration.


In the open of the program, Ms. Van Dang, our CEO has covered the first introductory segment and give Monash students about her inspiring story about her own venture. She also shared the difficulties when start-up a software development company as well as how she passed these and made Savvycom become one of the most trusted app developers and tech co-founders in Southeast Asia.

Additionally, Van Dang has shared a brief overview about Vietnamese start-up scene. She has shared a message of a passion, of heart for work to those who really want to chase their business dreams, especially in a promising Asia’s Start-up Ecosystem.


Continuing the previous sharing, Appota’s representative shared their own experience in managing the growth and transition in Vietnam. After that, the students were divided into small groups for a round table discussion with individual entrepreneurs, during which the students could ask them additional questions and apply their experience and knowledge to give the starting entrepreneurs some advice. This became an impactful and memorable event, where Van can inspire students with Savvycom missions and visions, as well as her own experiences to encourage their business dream.

Southeast Asia continued to attract investors, who might have been looking for new growth opportunities. As one of the young start-up companies in Southeast Asia, Savvycom will try our best to help Start-up Community becomes more and more development.

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