How To Deliver Business Values Through An Ecommerce site?

No one denies the important role of website, especially in recent e-commerce environment. However, is your website able to deliver value to your business? If it has not been as effective as you expected, what should you do to promote it well?
Let’s check the following simple few tricks to create a powerful brand website:
Optimize your website objectives
You should spend proper time to build the website goals. The website should be able to cover all the opportunities to…

Top 10 Free Apps for Android in 2014

Android is a great platform that provides a nice counterbalance to iOS, with good performance and plenty of useful apps available for it. A lot of talented developers offer their apps for free in 2014, which makes it easy to fill up your phone with all kinds of useless junk. In order to help you avoid clogging up your phone I have compiled a list of some of the best free apps out there.
The Google Package

It doesn’t get…

Common mistakes when designing an E-commerce site

Thanks to E-commerce, a lot of e-retailers have emerged and people now can buy and sell things just by a click anytime and anywhere. Nevertheless, not all of the selling online websites could attract or satisfy customers. It is undeniable that a good E-commerce site is the first thing retailers need to think about when they want to increase online sales as well as customer satisfaction. For a better-designed website, in this article, a deeper insight into 5 common mistakes…

Build your own team of offshore developers

Having your projects done by a team which is halfway across the world seems not to be an easy job. Lots of challenges would frustrate you, such as the lack of face to face interaction, different cultural background, or time zone issue. But don’t lose faith from offshoring, because we are sharing some tips to build a successful team of offshore developers and to maintain its high performance.
Build relationships with the offshore managers
Ensure effective communication with offshore managers…

How to overcome time zone issue with offshore developers?

Timezone difference: A real problem!
Clients usually choose to work with offshore developers in particular projects, because it is a good option in many aspects. However, it presents them with a problem: time zone difference. This means that when the developers are working at the working time in their place, the client is sleeping because it is night in his zone. And if an error occurs in the development process, the developers will either wake the client up to report…

How to write a software requirements specification (SRS)-p2

The previous part has introduced software requirements specification (SRS) and its role in development strategy. In this part, we wish to discuss some tips in writing SRS. Of course, the following list of characteristics for an SRS is not exhaustive, but it is sufficient enough for a comprehensive one.
You would know your SRS are written properly if it satisfies the 8 characteristics below:
1.      Accurate
Obviously, an SRS, as a technical document, always has to be accurate. You should…

How to write a software requirements specification (SRS) – part 1

Part 1: The need of SRS in development strategy
An experienced development project manager would never skip the software requirements specification (SRS) in his project. SRS is a document which thoroughly explains the intended purpose and environment for software under development. Its role is to minimize the time and effort of developers to achieve desired goals and also minimize the development cost.
The advantages of SRS are discussed below:

Facilitate mutual understanding between the customers and the suppliers about…

Transition to iOS 7 – a Breakthrough for App developers

After the release of iOS 7, a lot of improvements have been made and it recently creates a tendency by adapting transition to iOS 7 especially for mobile app developers. This opens opportunities for all applications that need to make adjustments or this means developers will have to adapt their apps with new operating system. So, it is a good time to make changes or even revamp the whole application design and functionality. Several applications have used this opportunity for…

iBeacon – a new Digital trend for Enterprise Mobility?

Among technology trends that emerge recently, iBeacon may be the most notable and trendy one. It is even called “The trend of 2014”. However, before examining technical aspect of iBeacon to see how innovative and creative it is, this article will cover basic information about this modern product of Apple.
What is iBeacon?
iBeacon is a feature integrated into iOS 7 SDK (Software Development Kit). Via Bluetooth 4.0 which is available in iOS 7 devices such as iPhone 4s, iPhone 5,…

5 Typography Trends for 2014

Typography recently has been an important part in modern graphic design. A good typography with perfect combination of type selection, color, size, direction and proportion is always a wish of every designer in every design project. Following are some typography trends expected to dominate the design world in the New Year 2014:
Urge Text

Urge Text is a font family most known with its half – italics characteristic. It looks so gentle with standard italic form on top part of…