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Since 2009, Savvycom has been the leading IT services and solutions provider in APAC, offering full-cycle banking solutions for clients worldwide.

What We Do

Savvycom presents a comprehensive range of customized and platform-based solutions tailored to your requirements.


Digital Onboarding

Expedite the digital account initiation process, ensuring a rapid and smooth onboarding experience for new customers.

Digital Banking

Streamline your digital channel adoptions, ensure omnipresence across all touchpoints, foster client acquisition, and bolster customer loyalty.

Digital Lending

Provide individuals and businesses with a secure, fast, and convenient way to access the needed funds and repay the loan.

Core Banking

Offer full authority to construct and manage any financial product or payment scheme they desire, with utmost adaptability and precision.

eKYC Solution

Introduce a better mode of authentication with speed and accuracy. Strengthen the security and improve customer loyalty with identity verification.
customer folder

Customer Data Platform

Transform financial data into a personalized banking experience, boosting customer engagement across products using data-driven CRM.

Our Strengths

Banking expertise

Our deep-seated understanding of the banking landscape has been cultivated through years of experience working on projects for the industry's front-runners.

Localized solutions

Solutions are tailored to meet the regulations and practices of each local market, as well as the unique needs of the bank.

Technical Excellence

We provide the right tech stack for your bank from our pool of expertise in various cutting-edge technologies, including AI/ML, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing

Improved Security

The solutions that come with advanced security parameters to keep your valuable data protected.

Why Choose Savvycom?

With our complete, ready-to-go solution, you can

time saving
Optimize time-to-market
By using our ready-to-use banking modules, banks can accelerate their transition to digital.
banking function
Focus on core banking functions
Banks can prioritize core banking tasks without being burdened by the complexities of IT management
down cost
Cut down on expenses
Reduce up to 50% of implementation expenses with a team that has proven records in digital banking.
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