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Revolutionizing POS Solutions for the F&B Industry with CRAVE Vend

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A robust and reliable e-commerce platform is essential for every online business to maximize sales opportunities and achieve operational efficiency.

Developed by Savvycom, a top 10 Multinational Digital Transformation Company in Vietnam, CRAVE Vend is not just a POS application but a comprehensive, multi-platform POS solution tailored for the food and beverage industry. Our flexible approach and deep understanding of this sector’s unique demands allowed us to create a system that streamlines operations and boosts efficiency.

With CRAVE Vend, restaurant owners can effortlessly manage their online presence and offer an electronic menu accessible via the website or mobile apps on Android and iOS. This platform empowers customers to locate restaurants, view menus, place secure delivery or takeout orders, save their favorite restaurants and dishes, and receive receipts via email, ensuring a seamless and satisfying dining experience.

The Client’s

Operational Efficiency

The primary challenge was to create a seamless and efficient order management system. The goal was to reduce waiting times and improve service speed, especially during peak hours.

Secure Payment Integration

Ensuring secure, fast, and reliable payment processing was critical. The existing system needed an upgrade to integrate a robust payment gateway that could handle high volumes of transactions without compromising security.

Menu Management

Managing and updating menus in real-time across multiple locations was a daunting task. CRAVE Vend required a flexible system that could easily add or remove items and sync changes instantly.

Customer Engagement

Enhancing customer engagement and retention through personalized services and marketing tools was a priority. The challenge was to create a platform that could support loyalty programs and targeted promotions.

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Our Dedicated Approach

Optimized Order Management

Savvycom developed an online ordering system that significantly increased revenue and efficiency by reducing customer wait times. Orders placed online go directly to the POS system for confirmation and are printed in the kitchen, eliminating the need for phone orders during busy periods.

Secure Payment Gateway

To ensure secure and efficient transactions, CRAVE Vend integrated MercuryPay®, a fast and reliable payment gateway. MercuryPay® supports various payment methods and major credit card brands, offering real-time transaction tracking and same-day or next-day funding.

Flexible Menu Management

Savvycom implemented a flexible menu management system that allows easy creation and modification of menus. Changes can be made with a single touch and are synchronized across all platforms using cloud technology, ensuring real-time updates and inventory control.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

CRAVE Vend incorporates features to enhance customer engagement, such as personalized electronic coupons (eCoupons) and push notifications for promotions. The back-office system allows the creation and management of eCoupons, which can be sent directly to customers’ smartphones, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Innovative Add-ons

  • CRAVE Kiosk: A self-service kiosk that improves productivity with fewer staff members and offers quick service with visually appealing and informative displays.
  • CRAVE Fleet: A delivery tracking system that speeds up delivery times and reduces fuel costs and employee time, featuring on-site credit card payments.

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By implementing these innovative solutions, Savvycom helped CRAVE Vend enhance operational efficiency, secure payments, flexible menu management, and customer engagement. This comprehensive approach not only streamlined CRAVE Vend’s operations but also significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In conclusion, CRAVE Vend stands as a testament to Savvycom’s dedication to delivering top-tier, tailored technology solutions that meet the unique demands of the food and beverage industry. With over 15 years of experience and a team of experts fluent in the latest technologies, Savvycom focuses on operational efficiency, security, and customer engagement, driving innovation and success for its clients.

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