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Shinseung Tax Firm Case Study

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Top Korean Tax Firm

Get to know Shinseung Tax Firm

Savvycom and KG ICT had the honor of working with Shinseung Tax Firm – Korean tax firm that provides accounting and tax consulting services for Korean companies. It is one of the top 10 tax firms in South Korea and has been operating since 2002 with 7 branches in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.


Transitioning to Online Workflows

Shinseung Tax Firm faced the monumental task of transitioning from deeply rooted traditional workflows to adopting modern, online systems. As a leading tax firm with a rich history since 2002, the shift required not just technological adoption but a cultural shift in work practices.

This move was aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring data accuracy, and providing real-time accessibility to financial information.

Enhancing Efficiency with Advanced Tools

Previously reliant on Excel for all its data management needs, Shinseung Tax Firm recognized the necessity for more sophisticated tools to enhance their service delivery.

The firm sought to leverage technology that could offer greater efficiency, accuracy, and analytical capabilities.

Optimizing Management of Tax Refund Contracts

Shinseung Tax Firm identified a critical need to overhaul their approach to managing Tax Refund contracts. The challenge was to implement a solution that could handle the complexity and volume of contracts efficiently, reduce manual errors, and accelerate the refund process.


Our Dedicated Approach

Crafting a Bespoke Solution for Tax Excellence

Savvycom developed a cutting-edge finance system, meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of the tax domain. This bespoke solution not only streamlined Shinseung Tax Firm’s operations but also empowered them with advanced analytical tools, real-time data access, and enhanced security features.

Elevating Data Management with Precision

Facing the herculean task of migrating over 4000 contracts, Savvycom executed a flawless transition to the new system without disrupting Shinseung Tax Firm’s daily operations. This strategic migration ensured data integrity, enhanced accessibility, and provided a robust foundation for future growth.

Integrating Advanced Payment Solutions

To address the challenge of managing a vast volume of tax transactions, Savvycom integrated a sophisticated payment service within Shinseung’s system. This integration facilitates seamless transaction management, enhances the client payment experience, and ensures compliance with financial regulations. The solution not only optimizes the tax refund process but also reinforces Shinseung Tax Firm’s commitment to providing hassle-free, reliable, and efficient services to their clients.


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