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Complexity &

Inefficiency Operations

Complex and outdated systems might hinder productivity and decision-making processes due to a lack of integration, resulting in disjointed workflows and delays in accessing critical information.

Limited Innovation &
Competitive Edge

As businesses expand, their systems struggle to adapt to growing requirements, become overwhelmed and unable to handle increased workloads or accommodate new functionalities, leading to hindered growth potential.

Lack of


As businesses expand, their systems struggle to adapt to growing requirements, become overwhelmed and unable to handle increased workloads or accommodate new functionalities, leading to hindered growth potential.

Data Security

In an era marked by heightened cybersecurity threats and stringent regulatory requirements, enterprises must prioritize data security to secure sensitive information.


Savvycom Custom Software Development Solutions Process

01. Discovery Stage

The main goal of the discovery stage of customized software development is to assess the project and understand your company objectives. We develop the most cost-effective technological solution and customized software development approach based on this demand elicitation to achieve the defined goals jointly.

Our team creates an individual discovery plan with matching deliveries for custom software development based on the peculiarities and needs of your project. You will receive an interactive product prototype following the discovery step displaying your potential digital product. We will collaborate to finalize the final UX/UI design.

02. UI/UX Design
Our projects are all driven by design, and UI/UX design is an essential element of the discovery process. We construct a design based on your project concept and business requirements as part of our custom software services while staying within the project budget and deadline. The ultimate goal of custom software development is to provide a user-friendly solution with a pleasing appearance.
03. Custom Software Development

The magic happens during this stage of custom software development; we give special attention to ensuring the product’s stability and excellent performance, based on our high software development standards (iOS, Android, Web Front-end, Web Back-end).

In custom software development, we use agile approaches to track our progress daily to stay on track with the project’s budget and deadline. We use platforms like JIRA, Harvest, GitHub, GitLab, and others to preserve this transparency. Our clients can obtain a thorough progress report at any point in the custom software development lifecycle.

04. Software Testing

Since the beginning of custom software development, we’ve included quality assurance in the development lifecycle (2-week sprints). This means that hundreds of autotests and manual methods are used to thoroughly examine every new feature developed during this period.

We conduct regression testing in addition to regular functional, performance, regression, usability, and unit tests to ensure that previously developed features are not impacted by new software functionality.

05. Delivery
The solution is then ready to go to market and available to end consumers.
06. Maintenance
Once your solution is up and running, our programmers will monitor its performance and incorporate user comments to improve it further. We also make any necessary adjustments following deployment.
Looking to leverage tech expertise and save IT costs?

Pioneering Technologies

Leveraging cutting-edge Software Development Methodologies and IT Outsourcing Models, we are equipped to architect and scale exceptional solutions from the ground up for our strategic partners and clients.

Why You Should Choose Us

Savvycom boasts unswerving dedication to each project we engage in. As an engineering-centric Leading IT Outsourcing Company in Vietnam, we adeptly discern the unique requirements of various clients, be they small business owners, startups, mid-sized corporations, or expansive enterprises.



A long-term partner providing expertise in various domains and assembling dedicated teams of 50-100 members.


  • Transparent communication maintained throughout the software development life cycle
  • Proficient technical expertise combined with a deep understanding of business operations
  • A long-term partner who oversees of hiring, retention and compensation process

  • Competitive pricing structure that optimizes cost margins without compromising the quality
  • Extensive experience in the domain, specializing in digital transformation
  • Established software development processes ensuring timely and cost-effective project completion


An expansion for your IT team to accelerate product innovation timelines, while also optimizing costs.


  • Transparent communication spans the entire software journey for clarity and confidence.
  • Swift onboarding, ensuring agility for new products or additional features.
  • A stable partner who can scale up your team to deliver projects on time and within budget

  • Clients drive their business while we architect software solutions from inception to realization.
  • Beyond coding, we enrich new product and features with our domain expertise
startup 2


A full team with startup experience and industry expertise, swiftly building your products.


  • Access a comprehensive team equipped with startup experience across diverse domains.
  • Benefit from a full team comprising Business Analysts (BA), Product Owners (PO), Project Managers (PM), and Developers, bolstering and augmenting your technological capacity.

  • Implement established software development processes guaranteeing timely deployment within budgetary constraints.
  • Enable swift onboarding for MVPs and new product launches, ensuring adaptability and responsiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom software development is building mobile or web-based solutions from the ground up to fully align with business requirements, future needs, and procedures and remain in sync with the existing environment to solve specific problems and/or improve the company’s operations.

Custom software development, also known as tailor-made or custom software development, is developing software from the ground up. The ready-made development systems, on the other hand, such as WordPress, Shopify, and Wix, are commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) programs. It may be offered for free, have some trials, free versions, or be open-source in some cases. Still, most of these solutions are created for commercial purposes.

On the other hand, custom software development focuses on restricted, unique, and user-tailored limitations. In contrast, COTS is designed to tackle a generic or broad user problem. The cost of custom software development may be more at first. Still, it offers numerous benefits in the long run, including flexibility, scalability, independence, customization, complete ownership, and much more.

Custom software development is the best option when you need to tailor the software to a specific business process or requirement; when you don’t want to overpay for features of a ready-made solution that aren’t relevant to your situation; when you want independence from commercial software or need to scale quickly.

Small businesses with no plans for further expansion or growth and the use of innovative technologies or approaches should use commercial builders to create software. For example, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce can assist you in developing eCommerce software.

Custom software development is the way to go if you need to employ the latest tech stack, handle huge traffic loads, use custom design, and have endless functionality for a unique and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, custom software creation allows for rapid and easy connection with current infrastructure if you need to digitize or expand your organization.

Custom software allows for high-level customization in development and design and flexibility and scalability, improving business efficiency. In fact, you own the software and all of its components, and you can make money by licensing and selling it.

The ability to address specific business and user needs are the primary benefits of custom software development. When a company or user needs change, this software is simple to scale and customize. Custom software development lets you quickly implement the latest technologies and trends while staying ahead of the competition.

Custom software development, bug fixes, and quality assurance are significantly easier to sustain and maintain, and more importantly is less expensive in the long term than commercial software.

Like custom software development, custom design is based from the ground up with branded graphics and animation elements. The solution is showcased on various devices, and their sizes are perfectly matched by custom software development. Last but not least, you control all code lines, design elements, infrastructure, and other aspects of custom software creation. This implies you can earn from the software by monetizing it, reselling it, etc.

Custom software development costs range from $60,000 for a basic version for one platform (iOS, Android, or Web) to $250,000 or more for a fully-featured product with a complex design for each platform.

The cost of custom software development is determined by a variety of factors, including the number and complexity of features, target platforms, design, the chosen tech stack, the complexity of connected APIs and third-party services, the created backend and infrastructure, the location, specifics, and rates of the chosen IT vendor, and many other hidden costs.

As a result, estimating the cost of custom software development in advance is difficult. As a result, the Discovery phase is an integral part of the process. This saves money, and you get a concrete product backlog with functionality, design, and architecture plans and an accurate development budget, for only 10% -15% of the total budget for custom software development.

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