Cloud Outsourcing Guidelines 2019: Definition, Trends and How-to


IT experts and firms no longer consider cloud computing as just a tool because of the considerable changes it brings. Cloud computing has been playing an essential role in data management and goal achieving of companies all over the world in the past few years. Cloud service outsourcing is predicted to continue to evolve at a rapid pace in 2019. If company makes technology-related decisions when moving to cloud or opting for cloud-native development or optimization and wants to prevent unnecessary expenditures and needs for reimplementation, cloud consulting can help.

Do you know what you should focus on next time? Data protection; Storage; Or Cloud transformation. This article is the answer for all these questions.

1. Definition of Cloud Computing

Definition of Cloud Computing | Savvycom

Before jumping to the next part, we should know what Cloud Computing is. According to Amazon Web Services, Cloud is a kind of outsourcing for the purpose of storage, database, applications and other computing resources, which is delivered via the Internet. Cloud has provided an immense amount of information, which is a basis of other dominant technology trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Social Platforms or Blockchain.

While cloud computing services enable you to make use of limited or unlimited storage space through Internet access, including store data and access various resources whenever and wherever you want, it would introduce great risks to your security. At the enterprise level, security in the cloud can be considered the deciding factor in the decision of outsourcing cloud services instead of keeping it within the walls of the office.

According to Gartner’s predictions, $1 Trillion in IT Spending on enterprise software and data centre systems all moving to the Cloud by 2020. It must be a visionary step of enterprise leaders to protect their business’s digital assets from cybercriminals. In 2019, outsourcing cloud services not only strengthen the security but also enable enterprises to enhance business management and development, reduce human resources costs and accomplish their business goals.

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2. The major trends in Cloud services in 2019

Now, let’s take a look at three perspective cloud services outsourcing trends in 2019 mentioned in this article.

2.1. The explosive increase in the Cloud Computing Service providers (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)

The major trends in Cloud services | Savvycom

According to some reports of KPMG, Gartner and IDG, the number of cloud solutions and services providers will continue to increase in 2019. Let’s take a look at some stats below to have a clearer picture of Cloud market:

  • According to Bain & Company, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) will increase by 18% CAGR by 2020.
  • SaaS examples: BigCommerce, Gmail, Trello, Slack, Hubspot, Dropbox, MailChimp, Google Apps, Salesforce CRM, Workday, Cisco WebEx.
  • Investment in Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) will grow 56% in 2019, while in 2016 the rate is only 32%, according to KPMG.
  • PaaS examples: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, Magento Commerce Cloud, Red Hat’s OpenShift, Heroku.
  • 95% of all enterprise will deliver their applications based on the SaaS model, with IaaS increasing to 83% and PaaS, 73%, according to IDG.
  • IaaS examples: Google Compute Engine, Magento 1 Enterprise Edition, AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Microsoft Azure.

The market is governed by the law of supply and demand. Therefore, it’s obvious that the cost of Storage-as-a-service is getting cheaper and cheaper as there are plentiful supplies of cloud services. A common problem of start-ups and newly-born enterprises is data storage, which is now solved by the Cloud when more and more businesses decide to move their data to the Cloud.

Most businesses need less than a PetaByte (approximately 1000 TeraByte) of storage for all their data in about 10 years of development. You may think it’s an enormous number? However, this is still too small for cloud storage capacity, just a drop in the bucket! A cloud storage provider usually has thousands of petabytes of storage.

As a result, the increase in demand is proportional to the supply, the price still goes down. Some of the cloud storage providers provide free offers with their users, including personal users and organizations to gain a market share and collect user data.

Jio Health - Telemedicine App Built by Savvycom

Jio Health – Telemedicine App Built by Savvycom

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2.2. Cloud Services for IoT usage

An IoT platform provides smart devices with remote control and real-time data analytics. There are four typical layers of the IoT stack, including devices, connectivity, core IoT features, and applications.

layers of IoT technology stack Savvycom

Four typical layers of the IoT technology stack | Source: Medium

We can see that large IoT platform vendors tend to provide services with specific cloud computing infrastructure including servers, storage, a network and virtualization software, for example, Amazon and Microsoft. However, almost all smaller vendors tend to collaborate with one or multiple community cloud providers.

cloud vs IoT trends Savvycom

IoT is a trend that has been following cloud computing in the past few years | Source: CompTIA

IoT and cloud computing are inseparable when mentioned. Things in our daily lives such as glasses, shoes, cars or houses can be connected together nowadays via the internet and the data from those devices will be stored in the cloud. Every single small change will be automatically sent and stored then will be analysed in real-time on the users’ smartphone and mobile devices.

Cloud Outsourcing Guidelines 2019 by Savvycom

Cloud IoT is playing an essential role in our daily life

Furthermore, large-scale IoT clouds are deployed in a smart city project. Smart cars, energy-efficient buildings, efficient water supply and improved public safety are typical features of a cloud-based and IoT-based smart city. Some of the most famous smart cities are Dubai, New York, Amsterdam, London and more.

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2.3. Hybrid Cloud Solutions as a trend among businesses

According to Microsoft Azure, a hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines a public cloud and a private cloud by allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

Cloud Outsourcing Guidelines 2019 by Savvycom

The combination of private and public clouds is called Hybrid Cloud. | Source: ViCloud.

Security and privacy are the two biggest problems that all businesses have to face when they decide to outsource cloud services. The combination of the on-premise private connectivity with the cloud to cloud connectivity is to build a better data management solution for businesses.

  • Better agility – Reduces time to access to your business’s data. The accessibility will be much easier, quicker and more efficient, which makes the workflow smoother.
  • Cost-efficiency – While on-premise connectivity may cost you a huge price, you can save an amount of money with the hybrid-cloud solution. It allows you to cut the cost of the applications that don’t require a high level of security by using public cloud storage.
  • High scalability – While Cloud to Cloud connectivity is able to store an immense mass of information, Cloud to On-premise connectivity allows businesses to store confidential and sensitive data. When those two types of connectivity are combined, they can take advantages of both and power the businesses to grow and scale-up in the long run.
  • The control – Businesses are able to take the initiative to move applications to the cloud or on-premise, back-and-forth.

Hybrid cloud is a safer solution for businesses with less risk and a lower cost. Therefore, in 2019, it is anticipated that more companies across the globe will choose the hybrid-cloud solution to optimise their business

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3. Security risks of Cloud Computing and How to face them

Security risks of Cloud Computing | Savvycom

Though cloud computing has been bringing huge benefits to enterprises, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Security issues have been considered as the most potential cloud computing risks that can alter enterprises because this entirely Internet-based technology makes itself become easy prey for hackers.

3.1. Insecure software interfaces

Hackers could target vendors in case of weak user interfaces (UIs) or application programming interfaces (APIs).

3.2. Insecure stored data, data loss

Digital data are the enterprise’s valuable assets that are stored in the Cloud Storage bucket. Theoretically, they should be securely encrypted on the vendor’s servers when an enterprise uses cloud outsourcing services. However, in facts, very few Cloud Computing service providers assure data protection from hacker attacks.

Hence, before you sign a contract with any Cloud providers, you should carefully study and examine their security capabilities to prevent the risks of permanent data loss, which could devastate your business.

3.3. Access control

At the enterprise level, almost all company staffs who are given domain-based email addresses can be allowed to access data stored in the cloud services provider’s server. When you lose control of who is assigned access privileges, you may get into serious troubles in case of their resignation or even worse, industrial espionage.

To protect your business, you should carefully sort out which type of data could be stored in the Cloud and which one couldn’t. It’s obvious that only decision-makers can access to the sensitive data.

4. Savvycom takes huge advantages of cloud services

At Savvycom, we understand that the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and connectivity speed that it brings to not only organizations but individuals as well. Also, when cloud services are implemented in our products that are delivered to our clients, we can help them to relieve the headache of data management. Applications with cloud services particularly developed for iOS devices by Savvycom help people with time management.

This app is a unique application that manages all of the personal tasks, projects and to-do lists. It features sub-tasking, a powerful mechanism that provides complete control over managing and organizing daily tasks. This gives the ability to keep simple and intuitive to-do lists, or manage more complex tasks/projects and organize them anyway the user prefers.

It’s very easy to backup and share data among different iOS devices quickly via all the popular cloud storage services including iCloud, Dropbox, SugarSync and Box.NET.

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Potential Use of IoT Applications in Traffic, Healthcare and Agriculture

There’s no question that IoT applications in the modern world have been shifting our experience in different industries. On the development of Internet of Things (IoT), we had a warm coffee chat with Ms Van Dang, Savvycom CEO to discuss further both the tip and the undercovered of IoT.
potential use of IT application in traffic healthcare and agriculture.

IoT to drive the digital transformation of traffic, healthcare and agriculture

Q: How do you think the IoT has developed in the past years?
A: According to Forbes, thanks to the smart ability to connect everything down to one place, which is highly convenient to collect, keep track, store, analyse and interpret information in a comprehensible way, IoT is being more and more accepted and consumed worldwide, especially by businesses. We have received so many inquiries and requests on IoT these days, which evidences for the IoT development nowadays.
Q: What do you think are the current popular industry for applications of IoT?
A: My personal top 3 would be traffic, healthcare and agriculture.
Q: What do you mean by saying “traffic”?
A: When it comes to applications of IoT in traffic, it often means the automotive. Road vehicles, while travelling around the city, can meet so many difficulties relating to parking, traffic jam, steal, etc. To ease the drivers’ life, many solutions have been offered throughout the years, and IoT is one of them. You might not notice it, but IoT applications are almost everywhere on the road, no matter it’s embedded in our vehicles or the traffic flows. That’s why I listed “traffic” in my top 3.
Q: Can you name some of IoT applications in solving traffic-ache?
A: There are lots of things IoT can do for the traffic in terms of convenient parking, traffic jam avoidance, stealing prevention, etc.
Firstly, IoT might work for parking by collecting and spreading real-time information and communicating about the parking slots available. Therefore, the driver can find unoccupied space quickly.
Another interesting application of IoT is the vehicle antitheft tracking system, which is very useful regarding security purposes. The vehicle anti-theft tracking system is developed on the base of IoT. It is controlled by a well-known technology called RFID module whereby digital data encoded in its special tags or smart labels are captured by a reader via radio waves. So if the vehicle is stolen then the sensors report back to its owner with current location via communication through devices.
Also, the IoT plays an active role in the traffic flow by collecting information from different resources such as traffic cameras, vehicles GPS, sensors on the road etc. The data derived from these sources is analyzed to understand the traffic pattern and enables them to find new ways to optimize and run the traffic flow more smoothly.
Our company, Savvycom, had come to tackle the traffic issue as well by introducing REALM, a smart GPS tracker. Apart from the basic function as other GPS tools: helping drivers to find the shortest and easiest route, REALM allows users to form a group tracking among drivers heading to the same destination and maintain communication with each other in real-time. Moreover, it has the ability to create a virtual fence, which will immediately alert the group leader if there is any member goes out of track. This will optimise the time spending for finding the right direction and guarantee that every member shows up at the same time without anyone being lost behind.

A chat with Ms Van Dang at Savvycom HQ on IoT | Source: Savvycom.

Q: Are IoT applications really needed for the healthcare industry?
A: It depends on each person hierarchy of priority, but it’s no doubt that IoT is totally capable of improving the level of convenience and professionality to the medical sector.
We have IoT wearable devices, like smart-watches, to record our biometrics, temperature, etc, then read it to notify us of any possible sign of illness so that we could have a heads-up before the diseases get worse. We also have IoT telehealth services, the healthcare system integrating wirelessly with communicating devices and system apps that connect the health providers and patients to diagnose diseases, monitor blood pressure, and record patient’s medical health history and provide consultation in a remote location. There’s no need to worry about geographical locations anymore.
With such applications, patients will get more comfort and convenience, while doctors and medical services will become more trustworthy than ever before.
Q: What makes you think agriculture is a place for IoT applications?
A: Just the same logic as with traffic and healthcare. Agriculture is the economic spine of many countries, including Vietnam, so a must is to maximise the productivity of agriculture. Then look around and you can see IoT has become a great sidekick to the agriculture counting up to today.
For example, IoT helps in increasing productivity of crops by managing different activities, one of which is water management for crops, in which proper water supply is mandatory for agriculture otherwise it causes extensive damage to crops. To do it, IoT integrates with sensors to manage the requirement and supply of water for crops. Therefore, IoT helps agriculture to reduce water wastage and regulate water supply.
On the other hand, IoT can ensure the timely communication of real-time data to agricultural processes like harvesting, weather forecast and soil quality etc. Through this, the farmer has plenty of information before harvesting the crops in advance and he can plan activities accordingly.
Q: Is there any challenge you think IoT might face?
A: Of course opportunities will come along with challenges. Any IoT developer or applicator shall consider the security level for user data and their protection. There is a risk where DDoS attacks manipulate IoT devices to become their botnets, unconsciously facilitating DDoS attacks to the target, so guarding against their threats is never of redundancy.
The technology level among regions is also a problem. No matter in which country, the technological standard is still inconsistent and remains fragmented depending on different areas. The challenge then becomes providing an IoT application that suits the technological stages of as many places as possible.
There are also other challenges relating to international and national regulation, regarding intellectual property rights, cyber-crime, technical and boundary limitation in some areas of technology, etc.
Q: Do you have any suggestion on how to overcome those challenges?
A: Those are the all-time challenges. They can’t be solved in just one day, nor have the same answer for all types of the company having such problems. Lots of research, brainstorming and analysis must be exerted to find the proper solution for each of the challenges depending on the competencies of each company. Therefore, while confronting IoT challenges, I recommend that one should either build an in-house consulting team to improve the firm’s competitive capability or outsourcing from a consulting or technology firm for suitable, professional and efficient advice.
In conclusion, we would love to capture this topic in the infographic as below.
Application and challenge of IoT by savvycom
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Helo – Turn the whole world into one stage

Ability to serve up to 300 000 cross-continent users at the same time.
Ultra-low latency live streaming video using RTMP protocol.
WebSocket in the real-time chat is utilised to ensure a constant conversation between streamers and followers.

Helo – the solution for talents and talent seekers

Livestreaming mobile app gives you token Savvycom
Helo provides the right tools for talents from every walk of life to be discovered.
That is the quest that Helo has brought to us: to collaborate and create the first-ever live media streaming application that will enable people to showcase their gifted abilities by getting noticed by their respective industries.
Combining our in-depth knowledge regarding mobile strategy and design with their creative solution, Savvycom is proud to introduce the Helo Livestreaming Mobile Application.
No longer the days of exclusively signing contracts with mainstream celebrities to endorse their product. Now, each and every single individual can become a key opinion leader – as long as they have the skills to be loved by and the platform to do so.
Sometimes, their recommendations are even more persuasive than the traditional celebrities’ ones because of their down-to-earth personalities and close connections with the ordinary crowd.
This rising trend is incredibly useful for not only the businesses to develop a highly cost-effective marketing campaign and target the right audiences, but also for creators to prove their talents while earning additional income.

Helo customised application consisted of:

With a live streaming application that will serve 300,000 users simultaneously, all data needed to be shown in real-time across a wide geographical area.
To solve the problem, Savvycom’s engineering team apply the ultra-low latency live streaming video using RTMP. This protocol ensures the stream’s size is negotiated dynamically between the client and server, thereby effectively maintains persistent and smooth connections. The instant interaction between streamers and their followers is also an absolute must for a successful streaming application.
So, to make sure that Helo application can maximize its users’ engagement, Savvycom has utilized WebSocket in real-time chat to ensure a constant conversation between streamers and followers.
Since the targeted audience has been identified as Asian citizens ranging from 18 to 40 years old, the UX/UI of Halo also stands as a challenge.

Entertainment technology solution for music industry by Savvycom
Helo is customized to serve hundreds of thousand users simutenously
Savvycom livestreaming app
Helo’s interface is minimalistic yet optimal
With such a broad range of users, the interface needs to be simple, easy to use yet inclusive, dynamic and evoke creativity.
Therefore, Savvycom developers have applied a 2-colour theme with a simplistic layout using basic geometric shapes. This helps creates a modern vibe for the application while lower the first-time users’ learning effort.
As an addition plus side, it also ensures that the application does not take too much memory space or battery to operate like a dream.
Understand the constant update and changing nature of mobile devices, Savvycom makes sure to prioritise the application’s compatibility with multiple platforms and operating systems.
MySQL, MongoDB, Angular, NodeJS, PHP 7, Laravel 5 were all brought into the development of this application to ensure the highest level of adaptation, easy update, and limited error.

Focus on getting emerging talents recognized in the most effective way possible.

Simple Set-up
Download easily through Google Play and the Apple App Store. Singing up quickly through Facebook, Twitter or Email. That’s it. That is all it takes for the users to start broadcasting live.
Gift and rewards
HELO got a special incentive system for its creators. Once the user is live and got viewers, he or she can encourage the viewers to send them stars. With every 250,000 stars received, 120$ will be sent directly to the user Paypal account – a worldwide recognized online payment system.
Feature Streamers
Once the user starts gaining traction and engagement on their live stream, Helo’s algorithm will feature that creator’s stream in a special section so to amp up their recognition.
Discover the community. Share the community.
The user can either ‘add friend’ or ‘follow’ another user. While streaming, a user is just a click away from sharing their live stream across social media platforms (Facebook or Twitter) so that friends and families can follow their journey as well.
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REALM – GPS Smart Tracker

Stay connected and informed while exploring on your own.
Communicate using the wearable tracker to stay in touch with your group.
Define your personal “virtual fence” with the space hedge app.

It’s not just a GPS tool,
REALM connects people.

“Savvycom designed a GPS tool which enables users to define and configure group’s location boundaries and tracks their movements.”
IOT mobile app

There ’s a lot of hype around the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and with good reason. The IoT is the networking of devices, buildings, even vehicles that use embedded hardware and dedicated software to collect and exchange data.
It’s “next level” networking using cloud technology, and it opens the door to new ideas and applications that have begun to flood the marketplace. With plenty of IoT solutions, data storage and analytics tools out there, how can we identify voids in the marketplace and fulfill these demands with unique products?
The engineers at Realm team identified a specific opportunity in the marketplace for a bespoke worldwide navigation aid, and after identifying the core issues around such technology and developing appropriate solutions, the idea of Realm – GPS Smart Tracker was born.
Realm – GPS Smart Tracker was developed to allow its users to maintain contact and communicate with each other individually or as a group, in real time. And Realm-GPS Smart Tracker incorporates multiple, complex integrated functions to allow users to connect with and send notifications to other group members simultaneously while verifying the location of team members on a virtual map using GPS technology.
On this IoT solution for enterprises developed by Savvycom, Realm- GPS Smart Tracker is integrated with Google Maps, SDK, QRCode, NodeJS, Javascript SDK and other technologies to instantly verify users’ locations and help team leaders easily manage the group’s activities,
including the ability to send push notifications whenever desired. To prevent any team member from getting lost, Savvycom also created a pre-programmed “SOS” message that group members can send to the team leader when in need.
What ’s more? Realm creates a virtual fence, which immediately alerts the group leader if any member steps outside of the boundary. If group members inadvertently find themselves outside this boundary, they can log in as a group member, activate a tracking code, and communicate with leaders to go from lost to found!
Control group members’ location
From the website, register each group member with a unique tracking code and easily manage the group and its individual members, including the ability to track individual members’ positions, monitor their status and send notifications to the whole group or to individual members as needed.
Using the mobile app, the team leader can manage all team members’ locations as needed and make changes to the virtual fence on the go, allowing the group to set up new boundaries and associated functionality right from his or her mobile phone. This gives users the ability to establish new perimeters and group management strategies from one location to another.

Designed for mobility
– all functions are at hand

Immediately send SOS Message
Finally, and most importantly, registered team members can send an SOS message if they get lost, lose touch with the group, or find themselves in an emergency situation, which allows the team leader and all other users registered to the group to coordinate support as necessary.
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Java App Development is Essential in the Age of the IoT

You might be surprised to learn that Java, the long-lasting and ever useful internet programming language, is even still around. Well, as it turns out, Java app development is at an all-time high. Hiring a Java app developer to write a program for your needs is easier than it was in the past due to high adoption rates across device platforms. Java web development has decades of refinement and knowledge behind it. Custom Java development is similarly popular, as Java is used in smartphones, wearable tech, and many other IoT devices. At Savvycom, our goal is to exceed standards in all facets of web development, and Java is one of the many options we give our customers. If you need a Java development company, look no further.

Why Java

java app development, java programming language, savvycom,

Why Java?

When Sun Microsystems released Java in 1995, they surely didn’t expect the impact it would have on the web to come. During the dot com boom, Java became the go-to programming language for any developer who wanted an easy to work with the framework. Browser compatibility gradually became universal as Java’s business-oriented code became more refined. Just like all successful programming languages, Java adapted to the changing hardware and technical climate. Due to Java’s ability to run on almost any hardware regardless of architecture, Java has become one of the most widely used client-web programming languages ever.

Savvycom is dedicated to bringing our customers to end products that not only satisfy the stated need, but do it simply, effortlessly, and in the time allotted or faster. We use Java in many of our applications (Jio Health, Realm,…) as a matter of confidence in the stability of the platform. The now decades of documentation that exists allows our Java developers to quickly find solutions to any issues that may arise. This is in addition to the years of experience our team already has in the field of Java app development.

Time is of the Essence

If you were to try to create your own CMS or backend media platform, how would you do it? Hire a team of developers to write your own code and start an entirely new language just for your business? This is not practical unless you like to throw money out the window. It is much more efficient to use an open source platform that already exists and that hardware manufacturers already build their products to be supported by. While there are a few other choices for serving media content, Java again has the most support and capabilities.

When you consider hiring a Java app developer, there are several things to think about. If you hire an individual, costs can be lower, but what happens if they aren’t capable of fulfilling your requirements? You will have to fire them and hire another, taking the loss. You could hire an in-house team of developers, but the overhead would be so great, any extra money available to enhance the project further may be spent on the time to develop it. By trusting in a Java software development company such as Savvycom, these concerns are eliminated. We have proven through our portfolio of previous projects that we have the experience and the team to finish any Java app development project that you might dream up. Our dedication to the Agile development model ensures that you will get what you ask for when you ask for it.

Computers Shouldn’t Suffer Memory Loss

Some companies and executives might remember a time when Java was known to be slower than other languages due to it having to be compiled to run on the hardware that the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) was installed on. Luckily, there are two factors which mitigate this. Many new hardware devices can decode and run Java directly, forgoing the need for a compatibility layer. Additionally, Java applications can now be compiled on the fly as they run, further speeding the application’s overall speed. Java comes with an automatic memory cleaner of sorts. When the code sees that there are no more references to a particular object, the memory that object occupies will be recovered and available for use. This will allow small devices with very low memory to run Java without becoming sluggish. Memory leaks are minimized as long as the Java app developer writes clean code. This is also another good example of why you want an experienced Java app developer on your side. Writing clean code that is optimized for your application and hardware is essential.

Get into the Swing of Things

Java, Swing java, java swing app, swing java app example, savvycom

Swing Java App

With Swing, Java allows applications to have the look and feel of other large well known operating systems and their GUI within your own application. This allows you to have the functionality of a native app, but without having to run outside of the Java environment. Applications using this type of architecture would be of advantage to any company that wants to run their own style GUI yet retain the basic functionality of a device within the app itself. There would be no need to leave the program to change the settings of a device. Additionally, Swing allows the entire GUI to be hot swapped, which could be advantageous for any hardware that runs solely on Java.

This kind of adaptability is why Savvycom employs our team of experienced and ‘savvy’ Java app developers. We take pride in being able to adapt to change, even if it’s smack dab in the middle of a project. In fact, we thrive on the enthusiasm of our team in such situations. With our internal structure optimized to maximize communication with the customer and respond to immediate needs, we are the Java app developers you have been searching for.

Have Your Cup of Java

In conclusion, we believe Java app development has a long future ahead. It pays to not only listen to the customer but to observe the market as well. So long as Java apps continue to be popular and hardware continues to support it, we will be the best choice to help you with your programming needs. Applications developed in Java by our team can be trusted to have a low incidence of hang-ups or failures such that you might experience with other developers. If you have an idea where Java can be implemented and are in a crunch for time, Savvycom is your answer. Just as well, if you have an idea and you aren’t sure about what platform you desire, we can recommend and implement solutions based on your needs in record time.

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What are chatbots?

What are chatbots (bots)? Bots are used as virtual assistants which help to chat and build relationships with users without needing to speak to another human. They’re in Skype, Facebook Messenger and here’s what you need to know.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are computer assistants. They appear in your messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Skype. It has been used for booking flights, hotels, ordering takeaway and much, much more.

The chatbots we’re talking about here are essentially virtual assistants, much like Alexa, Siri and Cortana, but they communicate via text rather than speech. Cortana and Google Assistant already do this, of course.

Modern chatbots

The new chatbots are much like ELIZA and Eugene Goostman in that you can chat to them – by typing – and they will respond with sensible, intelligent answers. While mere chatbots exist (and have fooled many a human) the next generation will act more like personal assistants, doing everything from handling your Amazon returns to booking flights and ordering your lunch. They go beyond the capabilities of Siri and Google Now, although in many respects they are similar.

There are plenty of chat bots in Skype, including IFTTT, SkyScanner, Hipmunk and Stubhub.

Microsoft spent a considerable portion of its Build keynote last year talking about bots and how they would make your life easier. In one demo, a bot was used to order a pizza. It sounds simple, but it highlighted how much easier it was to give your order through a bot rather than firing up an app, navigating through menus and selecting options.

Chatbots: The future

It’s extremely likely the Apple is working hard behind the scenes to make Siri do this, because its capabilities and intelligence haven’t significantly improved since it launched. But more than anything, it needs to make Siri work universally rather than only kit designed for it.

Of course, bots will be limited by the platforms on which they run. So if you’re using Facebook M or Skype on an iPhone, it will be limited by what iOS can do, or what Apple will let it do. But Google is also busy building bots, and it will be fascinating to see what appears in both Android N and iOS 10.

Over the next few months we can expect bots to start appearing in the big messaging apps, and we can look forward to being able to order that lunchtime pizza in a snap.

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Surveys Show High Hopes, Deep Concerns about IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) will redesign companies and countries, opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness.

The IoT has emerged as a driving force behind connectivity demands in a number of industries – from utilities to industrial and manufacturing. Many companies need to have an overview of IoT and a proper plan to keep up with the competition according to some of the findings in surveys by the Business Performance Innovation Network (BPI Network) and the Eclipse IoT Working Group.


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8 Web Development Trends in 2017

Recently, the web has been getting more and more common in our daily lives. We use it for everything from shopping to banking, to healthcare services. The demand of web development talent is increasing steadily as well as the scope of what developers can do.

What do you think will be the biggest game changers in 2017? Will the web weave its way into even more areas of our life? The web is an exciting and fast changing place. Now, 2017 seems to be likely to bring some amazing developments in web technologies. Here is the list of 8 web development trends to look out for in 2017.

8 web development trends in 2017
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5 Keys to a Breakthrough Design Portfolio

Your design portfolio is your most prized possession and the single most important employment tool. As a creative professional you live and die by the quality of your design portfolio; it sums you and your work up and is the first port of call for anyone looking to hire or commission you. So Savvy will give you 5 keys to show the breath of your output, your skills and experience.

#1 Know your role

It can seemingly be quite challenging to find out exactly what type of role you are seeking as a designer. Do you want to work on desktop or mobile app development tools? What about emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT)?



If you don’t already know, especially as a beginner, make a decision! It’s vital to have clarity on your primary pursuit.

#2 Know your audience

Just as important as knowing your role is knowing the company or client you are seeking to work with. For example, are they software development companies? Is there a focus on mobile app development services?

Relevance inside Designer's thought, web designer, Design, Portfolio

Relevance between what Designers said and want.

No matter your preference, it is a smart choice to showcase portfolio pieces that will be relevant to your audience.

#3 Just be you, and keep working at it!

The key to any design portfolio is the ability to deliver and emulate confidently about you. There’s nothing worse than going through someone’s portfolio who has little or nothing to say about your unique strengths and preferences. By all means, let that inform your own personal style!

DESIGN PORTFOLIO, designer portfolio difference

Be Yourself – Just Yourself

#4 Hightlight positive outcomes

The value of any work is measured by resulting outcomes. Give a specific example, for a developer, portfolio pieces may simply be created to demonstrate mobile applications, the most effective pieces are real work created for a real audience.

Design Portfolio, Target, narrow, high salary

Target to high outcome

#5 Keep it current

Design is an evolving field, especially in the information technology industry. Do good work and keep current with trends and showing that you are capable of adapting to change.

Follow these five tips, and your design portfolio is sure to impress and surprise the viewer.

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Top 10 Trends to Watch in Mobile App Development for 2017

This past year shaped up to be a phenomenal year for the app economy, and 2017 is set to be another progressive year. Additionally, the current mobile app trends might shed some new light. In this blog post, Savvycom will give you some insights about the trends to look out for in 2017.


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