How To Hire Professional Java Developer? Benefits, Hourly Rate

Java is a well-known programming language that has been around for a long time. It has been one of the most common programming languages since its introduction. Many enterprise development and web development firms have adopted Java as a core programming language for their projects.

Let’s dive deeper and learn more about the reasons why you would choose Java for your company’s development project as well as Java Developer Hourly Rate.

1. What Are The Advantages of Java?

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Many custom software development companies provide seamless custom software development services since Java lets you build stable, scalable, and multi-tiered applications for different business requirements. Java allows you to create anything from simple apps to massive, end-to-end business solutions. Furthermore, unlike other programming languages whose importance and usability have waned as time and technology have progressed, Java continues to improve with each new update (JDK 17).

1.1. Why Companies Prefer Java?

When compared to other programming languages such as C#, Ruby, Python, and others, Java is without a doubt the most common among developers and businesses. It’s commonly used to make mobile applications, personalized software apps, and e-commerce solutions, among other things. For many programmers, Java is the beginning and end of their careers.

In the coming years, Java will become much more robust. So far, the best decision made by the company’s software decision-maker has been to launch your next project in Java. Every programming language has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Java is no exception, with a few drawbacks and a slew of benefits. Nevertheless Java tend to be the best and simplest option when compared to other programming languages to choose the best choice for your project.

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1.2. The Advantages of Coding in Java

Why choose Java over other programming languages?

  • Java programs may run across different platforms without making changes like desktops, mobiles, embedded systems, etc.
  • Java is an open-source, free programming language that supports multithreading and offers robust network support.
  • Java is a highly secure, predictable, and stable programming language that enables cross-platform development.
  • Java has a broader community and support available due to its extreme popularity worldwide.
  • Expert Java resources are easy to avail as compared to other programming languages. Also, Java is easy to learn, primarily when used with IDEs.
  • Java is based on the bytecode programming language that allows a single program to run anywhere with the help of a virtual machine.
  • It offers seamless compatibility when you want to switch from one version to the next.
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What makes Java more Suitable?

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  • Python: Python programs are generally expected to run slower, making Java a more preferable choice by enterprises than Python.
  • C++: There is an automatic garbage collection facility in Java, but this facility is not given in C++. Most objects are destroyed manually by the code.
  • Ruby: Ruby and Java programming languages have a lot in common. Both programming languages complement each other and can be used together when required.
  • C #: If you are developing an application for a Windows phone, you should choose C#. If you are creating an application for the android phone, you should choose Java in that case.
  • PHP: If programmers don’t have any time constraint, then they should opt for PHP. If the project emphasizes features like scalability, security, or performance, then you should choose Java.

2. The Applications of Java

Even though Java is no longer the only officially supported language for Android development and is far from the only choice for web programming, it keeps up with the competition. Java is the #1 language for DevOps, AI, VR, Big Data, Continuous Integration, Analytics, Mobile, Chatbots, and Social.

2.1. Mobile Applications

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For the creation of mobile apps, Java is the official programming language. It works with Android Studio and Kotlin, among other programs. You’re probably curious why just Java. The explanation for this is that it can run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), while Android executes class files using the Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVK). These files are then packaged together as an Android device package (APK). With Java and its OOPs rules, Android has a higher level of security and simplicity.

2.2. Web-based Applications

Web applications are also written in Java. It offers extensive support for web applications via Servlets, Struts, and JSPs. You can build any kind of web application you like with the aid of these technologies. This programming language’s simple coding and high security enable developing a wide range of health, social security, education, and insurance applications.

2.3. Enterprise Applications

Many software developers choose Java for writing applications, and Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a widely used framework that includes an API and a runtime environment for scripting. Network software and web services are also included. JavaEE is also the backbone for many banking applications that use Java from the user interface to the back server end.

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2.4. Scientific Applications

When it comes to scientific coding calculations and mathematical processes, software developers see Java as the tool of choice. These programs are designed to be highly safe and fast. They have a higher degree of portability and need less upkeep. Java is used in some of the most powerful programs, such as MATLAB, for both the interacting user interface and the core system.

2.5. Gaming Applications

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The open-source most popular 3D-Engine, the jMonkeyEngine, supports Java and has unrivaled capability for developing 3D games. However, garbage collection cycles can cause noticeable delays in games, which can cause latency issues. This problem will be resolved in future JVM versions.

2.6. Big Data technologies

Java is responsible for the existence of leading Big Data innovations such as Hadoop, as well as the most powerful programming languages such as Scala. When designing Big Data applications in Java, it is clear that Java is the foundation.

2.7. Business Applications

The Java EE platform is intended to assist developers in developing large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, dependable, and stable network applications. These technologies are created to address the issues that large businesses face. Enterprise applications are often complex due to the features that make them efficient, such as security and reliability.

By providing a development model, API, and runtime environment that enable developers to focus on functionality, the Java EE platform reduces the complexity of enterprise application development.

2.8. Cloud-Based Application

Cloud computing refers to the distribution of IT services over the internet on a pay-per-use basis. It offers a low-cost approach for IT infrastructure. Java has features that can assist you in developing applications to be used in SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS production. Whatever the need, it may help businesses develop applications remotely or assist businesses in sharing data with others.

3. Best Way To Hire Java Developer

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JavaScript and HTML/CSS were the most widely used programming languages by software developers worldwide in early 2020, according to Statista. Approximately 68 percent of respondents said they used JavaScript, and 63.5 percent saying they used HTML/CSS. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The top five most commonly used programming languages in the world were Python, Java, and C++.

3.1. Global Java Developer Rate

Java is a general-purpose language that is concurrent, class-based, and object-oriented and was first released in 1995 to allow application developers to “write once, run anywhere.” Java is one of the most widely used programming languages, particularly for client-server web applications, with a developer community of nine million people. Java was used by 45.4 percent of technical developers in Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey, compared to 37.9% for Python and 10.3 percent for Ruby.

Consider the disparity in hourly rates for various engagement forms, such as temp, part-time, and freelance, when recruiting Java developers. Developers hired for full-time jobs can charge different rates depending on whether you want someone on-site or completely remote.

Freelance Java developers typically charge between $61 and $80 per hour.

3.2. Hire Java Developer in Vietnam, Why?

Java Developer hourly rates in Vietnam IT Market range from $20 to $40 depended on the experience and position of the developer.

Compared to hiring a developer in the United States or other countries like the UK, Netherlands, Ukraine, etc., the cost of hiring a developer in Vietnam is considerably lower. For example, a Vietnamese developer would cost you around 50 percent less than the global Java Outsourcing cost mentioned above.

According to TopDev’s report, Vietnam has about 400.000 IT Enginners and over 50.000 graduated IT Students from over 153 IT Institutions per year.

  • Vietnam ranks 29th in terms of Skillvalue Worldwide in Developer Skills Chart Of Skill Value Report in 2018.
  • Top 06 worldwide in Developer Skills Charts Of Topcoder Report in 2016.
  • Rank 23rd worldwide in Developer Skills Charts of Hackerrank’s Report in 2016.

And since the primary goal of outsourcing is to reduce costs, here at Savvycom, we always aim to provide the best possible quality at the most reasonable price for a growing business.

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4. Conclusion

Java has become a language of choice for delivering global Internet solutions due to its robustness, ease of use, cross-platform capabilities, and security features.

  • Java is a simple language to understand: Java was created to be simple to use, making it easier to write, compile, debug, and learn than other programming languages.
  • Java is an object-oriented programming language: This enables you to build modular programs and code that can be reused.
  • Java is platform-independent: Java’s ability to switch effortlessly from one operating device to another is one of its most important advantages. The ability to run the same program on various platforms is critical for Web applications, and Java achieves this by being platform-agnostic at both the source and binary levels.

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