iHeartLocal – New Way To Discover Local

Ranked #1 App in the 2016 Mobile App Showdown.
Rated as 1 of top trustworthy referral networks in US and European countries.
A responsive web version for merchants to set up sale and promotion campaigns & manage customers.

iHeartLocal- Loaded with Features to Keep Customers Engaged

With the belief that: All businesses can succeed. iHeartLocal asked Savvycom to help launch an economy sharing solution as a mobile platform, design and develop a wonderful app, which enables users to discover fantastic deals while promoting local businesses.
Refining their mobile solution, however, required in-depth knowledge when it came to mobile strategy, design, and creative direction.
iHeartLocal required a lot of helpful functions: creating a locations hub to provide trusted reference & ratings through a mobile application, allowing users to connect with the businesses and service providers and building a business ecosystem for merchants that helps them approach potential consumers while tailoring a strong bond on customer relationship. We started with these initial objectives and requirements!
“The most impressive thing was Savvycom satisfied requirements we expected our outsource company to be: culture, communication, skill sets and the desired partnership. It’s collaboration. I really don’t look at it as I’m dealing with a vendor but a partner.”
David Cheng – Founder, iHeartLocal

Savvycom economy sharing solution
Simple Set-up
Signing up for iHeartLocal is quick and easy – sign up with Facebook or E-mail to start sharing today.
Follow Friends
The function of multiple merchants function was added to help businesses manage their places.
Trusted Rating.
Others ask you to accept anonymous reviews with questionable motivation-iHeartLocal is different.
Unlike massive group coupon services, iHeartLocal only delivers deals and specials from places you’ve chosen to add
iHeartlocal mobile app economy sharing solution
To be a perfect economy sharing solution, iHeartLocal integrated Real-Time System. The challenge is that all data and information are needed to be instantly showed up and broadcasted on the network. To deal with that, Savvycom’s engineer team applied real-time data streaming that can effectively optimise the speed of transferring data between client and server.
For large user base, iHeartLocal is predicted to serve at least 1 million users within the first year; the question is how to develop a solution to handle enormous and expanding number of requests in the shortest time. For this, iHeartLocal was designed and implemented with scalability from the very start. We enable the system to scale up and deal with massive growing user traffic while maintaining continuous and stable performance.
Utilising Multi-platform compatibility, iHeartLocal proved to be compatible with a variety of platform and operating systems.
A stack of SQLite, Java, Objective C, C++, HTML, HTML5, AngularJS and Gulp was brought into to build a robust application with the highest compatibility.
iHeartLocal is rated as number 1 in 2016 Mobile App Showdown, in the framework of CES 2016, the best place to showcase the innovation and ingenuity that today’s app builders have.

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How Technology Devices Improve Communication Processes in Healthcare

Recently, mobile internet use becomes more popular than PC/desktop browsing with mobile devices are used to connect with businesses, organization, especially in the healthcare industry.

In the healthcare industry, the ability to communicate with patients, doctors, and other stakeholders is one of the keys to success for any clinics and hospital. Here is how technology devices can improve communication processes in Healthcare industry.


1, Unleasing New Innovations in communication via apps

– Offers healthy living advice
– Provides appointment requests.
– Delivers tab and X-ray results.
– Supports doctor office-patient messaging.
– Provide a running log of all activity
– Improves with automated communication

2, Unlimited Potential In Healthcare

– Improve patient satisfaction, care and streamline consultation process.
– Provide little or no disruption services.
– Boost a hospital, medical center’s brand.
– Help healthcare organizations open new avenues of growth and revenue.

3, Streamline Patient Dialogue

– Offered a “live” chat
– Capable of answering the most common ( and even some uncommon) questions.
– The AI tech is used to automate the dialogue.

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5 Keys to a Breakthrough Design Portfolio

Your design portfolio is your most prized possession and the single most important employment tool. As a creative professional you live and die by the quality of your design portfolio; it sums you and your work up and is the first port of call for anyone looking to hire or commission you. So Savvy will give you 5 keys to show the breath of your output, your skills and experience.

#1 Know your role

It can seemingly be quite challenging to find out exactly what type of role you are seeking as a designer. Do you want to work on desktop or mobile app development tools? What about emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT)?



If you don’t already know, especially as a beginner, make a decision! It’s vital to have clarity on your primary pursuit.

#2 Know your audience

Just as important as knowing your role is knowing the company or client you are seeking to work with. For example, are they software development companies? Is there a focus on mobile app development services?

Relevance inside Designer's thought, web designer, Design, Portfolio

Relevance between what Designers said and want.

No matter your preference, it is a smart choice to showcase portfolio pieces that will be relevant to your audience.

#3 Just be you, and keep working at it!

The key to any design portfolio is the ability to deliver and emulate confidently about you. There’s nothing worse than going through someone’s portfolio who has little or nothing to say about your unique strengths and preferences. By all means, let that inform your own personal style!

DESIGN PORTFOLIO, designer portfolio difference

Be Yourself – Just Yourself

#4 Hightlight positive outcomes

The value of any work is measured by resulting outcomes. Give a specific example, for a developer, portfolio pieces may simply be created to demonstrate mobile applications, the most effective pieces are real work created for a real audience.

Design Portfolio, Target, narrow, high salary

Target to high outcome

#5 Keep it current

Design is an evolving field, especially in the information technology industry. Do good work and keep current with trends and showing that you are capable of adapting to change.

Follow these five tips, and your design portfolio is sure to impress and surprise the viewer.

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Top 10 Trends to Watch in Mobile App Development for 2017

This past year shaped up to be a phenomenal year for the app economy, and 2017 is set to be another progressive year. Additionally, the current mobile app trends might shed some new light. In this blog post, Savvycom will give you some insights about the trends to look out for in 2017.


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Project Manager: Don’t Stay in Crisis

An Ineffective project manager will lead his team to create overhead and be a burden to his business, especially at industries that need to stay focused on fast changing and quickly deliver high-quality services such as technology and healthcare industry.

I saw this firsthand when joining a new team at the previous company when it has a project with a clinic that applies mobile application on delivering healthcare services. I received a friendly welcome from the lead Androids engineer who had been making the case for a project manager on the team for months. But, the lead iOS engineer made a point to keep me out of the way.

What is the reason for the difference? Probably because the Android engineer is an effective project manager, while the other had not. As the great project manager, the Android engineer handled all of the work packages and allocated effectively tasks to team members. Then, no more reviewing the 1,000+ ticket backlog in JIRA, no more scheduling and facilitating scrum ceremonies, and no more managing the client with never-ending requirements.

Besides it, the iOS engineer had to follow up with the client team directly for clarification on requirements rather than being freed from frequently talking with them. It is because of the copied and pasted from an email by the PM. Not only this, lots of meetings were created to keep tracks, inform and divide tasks and scrum ceremonies became extravagant affairs, and then more time was spent for the meeting than actually getting work done.

For team members, a great PM is the one who can make their life easier by runs fast meetings, removes blockers, owns requirements and talks to the client. Otherwise, this is what a “bad” project manager be described by them.

So, even I trust on the high qualified skills of the lead iOS engineer, I am still impressed by the Android engineer, who acted as my advocate and was critical in getting me ramped up on the product. I learned a lot about what it means to be an effective project manager – one that teams look forward to working with.

And now, here are 6 tips to help you can ensure that you don’t become a “bad” project manager in the eyes of your team members:
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Savvycom Idea Marathon Award 2015

Idea Marathon - an annual contest hosted by Savvycom

Idea Marathon – an annual contest hosted by Savvycom

We are glad to announce that the winner of Idea Marathon has been found after the strenuous finalists: Hieu Nguyen with “Sale-Off” application!

This year, the event “Idea Marathon” is warmly responded by all Savvycomers with total 24 projects involved. The scale of this season is remarkably improved as both quantity and quality compared to the last contest. With the persuasive triumph in the finalists, Hieu Nguyen won the prize of $100 with his “Sale-off” as the “Flying Idea of the year”.

“Sale-off” app: strange but familiar

This idea is generated from the fact that all consumers are wishful to have information on sales and promotion campaigns of many stores and brands. Therefore, “Sale-off” would be a helpful application working as a “Sale-off map” for users in which they can search items based on category, area, a level of promotions… Moreover, users could update information themselves and set the notification on for some specific stores or brands. Though this idea is not new, Hieu Chi Nguyen has gained lot of advantages with the thoroughly solution and exploit conspectus, especially in the info confirmation process. “I hope to build a closer bridge connecting retailers and customers and contribute much value to the community with “Sale-off”.” – Hieu said.

Idea Marathon 2015

Ms Van Dang – CEO of Savvycom rewards for Hieu Nguyen – the winner of Savvycom Idea Marathon 2015

Idea Marathon: Let your creativity fly!

Every Savvycomer has always been passionate about creating excellent apps and delivering enjoyable experiences. The contest “Idea Marathon” was internally hosted by Savvycom as a playing field for innovative ideas and clear-headed minds where staffs from all departments can join. The contest breaks into 3 major rounds: preliminary, supportive training and finalists. All projects related to the web or mobile app/ solutions are welcomed with the main criteria of usability, uniqueness and profitability.

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