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Outsourcing an App Idea with 4 Steps

Today, the world is entering an era of convenience and portability. As such, businesses anywhere from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to corporations are increasingly bringing their services and products on to the smartphone screen in order to better interact with customers or risk falling behind. This paved the way for the rise of IT outsourcing companies like Savvycom, who often possess the technical capabilities to help other enterprises turn ideas into reality through mobile app development company. OUTSOURCING AN…

Commonly seen mistakes when outsourcing

Outsourcing problems, matter, it outsourcing
Outsourcing is efficient when it is conducted properly. The problem with outsourcing relationship is that it’s easy to make mistakes, and once mistakes are made, they are costly to fix. These are several common types of mistakes that an outsourcing relationship can step in: Goals and capabilities mismatch Outsourcing is considered successful when your goals are perfectly suitable with the capabilities of the service providers. It’s necessary for the involved parties to have clear understanding of each other so that…

What Makes a Successful iPhone app?

What Makes a Successful iPhone app?
The app store is loaded with more than 140,000 apps, the consumer has a universe filled with diverse apps to choose from and this number increases by hundreds each day. There are some absolutely mind boggling apps that have changed the way we work and which have redefined our entertainment. But there is some dead wood too and those are apps that have lost value and popularity over the years. The boom in this market is so big that every…