Savvycom at RISE 2018

Given the exciting opportunity of RISE 2018, Savvycom’s board of directors, Ms Van Dang, co-founder and CEO, and Mr Duc Ngo, Deputy CEO, has been invited to Asia’s World City to join the technological movement.

Producing by the team behind Web Summit, RISE 2018 is promised to be the largest tech conference in Asia. That promise has been fulfilled.
RISE 2018 brought together the biggest companies and the boldest startups from 102 countries to Hong Kong, where their incredible stories and experiences will be heard by hundreds of investors and thousands of attendees for three days of legendary networking, from the 10th to 12th of July.

Ms Van Dang, in particular, has been greeted with Ms Wendy Tan, the Global Partnership Manager of RISE, at Night Submit – where speakers, investors, media and VIP attendees poured themselves a drink and enjoyed the beautiful view of Hong Kong’s loveliest restaurants. As Savvycom expanded and opened a new AI Lab, this has been an excellent opportunity for our CEO to listen to the inspiring stories of startups around the world, connect with international fast-growing companies and offer our BPO services regarding the web, mobile app, and software developments.

Savvycom, Van Dang, Wendy Tan

Ms Van Dang and Ms Wendy Tan at RISE’s Summit Night.

With that said, here are some of the highlights of RISE 2018:

The event started off on day 1 with an electric spirit, created by more than 525 startups demonstrating their products and achievements – from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to Data Science, Autonomous Vehicle – at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

RISE 2018, RISE, savvycom

RISE’s exhibition floor.


RISE’s Women in Tech Lounge.

At the center stage, lights were shined on Neil Shen’ story of rising to the top, Jenny Lee’s unique perspective on being a women while investing in technology, Werner Vogels’ brilliant presentation about applications through machine learning, DJI’s live demo of the company’s smart drone and last but not least – the long-awaited appearance of Sophia The Robot.

Sophia, RISE 2018, RISE

Sophia the Robot at RISE.

Moving on to day 2 and things just kept on getting better. Acknowledging some major influences of the 4.0 revolution on modern society, Kara Swisher with Meeta Singh and Phil Chen gave the attendees a rundown of how technology is designed to generate tech addiction. After that, Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum, took over with his insight regarding Blockchain adaptation to the Internet. Finally, Sinovation Ventures’ Anita Huang hit a home run with her presentation about investing in the most consequential revolution in human history – Artificial Intelligence.

RISE 2018, RISE, Savvycom

An overview of RISE during the discussion.

Day 3 ended with an absolute high note. Cheetah Mobile’s Fu Sheng started off with his presentation about the future of AI-adapted robots and what opportunities it will create for humanity. After that, Bloomberg’s Shuli Ren led an excellent discussion regarding where the world-leading companies are investing their money on. The crow then grew wild with Facebook sensation Ms Yeah and YouTube star Jenna Mourey as they talking about the sustainability of internet-born celebrities. At last, Searching’s cast and producers gave the attendees a heartfelt presentation about cyber safety issues that modern parents need to acknowledge.

RISE 2018, RISE, Savvycom

Fu Sheng and his presentation ‘Why do I want to make Robots ?’.

Around the center stage, many activities were also taking places such as Startup University, SaaS Monster, and PandaConf + creatiff. These were all specific presentation and showcases, tailored to answer enterprise’ most frequent-ask questions when venturing into the technology solutions and software development industries. We are particularly fascinated with the SaaS Monster series of events since software distribution is one of the models our company runs by.

RISE 2018

Ms Mada Seghete, Founder of Branch, at SaaS Monster Stage.

To sum up, Savvycom would like to send the warmest thank you to the creators, staff, and volunteers of RISE 2018. All have been a wonderful memory.

We, Savvycom Team, hope to be there once again at RISE 2019.
Note: All pictures used in this article belong to RISE 2018’s team.
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