How Can Technology Enhance the Salon Experience?

One area of technology that has greatly enhanced the experience of both the professional and consumer is salon software. Today’s mobile access to the internet has made it easier than ever to find the exact style or equipment you need. Companies like Savvycom could be your ticket to designing your own app that showcases your business. As a salon customer, a person might not be familiar with us directly, but the advantages of salon apps can be seen at any level.

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Out With The Old

The days of cutting pages out of magazines or flipping through catalogues to find that perfect style are a thing of the past. With the right salon apps, a customer could easily find any style they wanted in a matter of seconds. It could be programmed to look on the internet through Google so that when you mention the name of a person, their hairstyles pop right up. You could use cloud computing as the owner of the app to store your own database to make searches quicker and more precise. This would also allow you to not worry about losing your data or having to store it on people’s devices.

Who to Trust?

So, should you develop this kind of app yourself, with an in-house programmer? As you may have noticed, we as an outsourcing company have recommended against this before, and not just to get your business. It’s absolutely true that if you hire someone yourself, you must then worry about taxes, health, electricity cost, retention, etc. There are a hundred things to think about if you hire someone to work for you that isn’t part of a team.

Teamwork is obviously the first thing we think of when we compare ourselves to the cost of hiring a single developer on your own. If you add up all the costs, it may end up even being cheaper to outsource your idea with us. What would you rather have? One person, who might not meet your expectations or a team that will work endlessly until your product is the way you desire it? We think the answer is clear!

Wishful Thinking? Certainly Not.

So, what kind of cool things could you do with a company like Savvycom at your disposal? Nail salon apps, for instance, could take several forms. You could have one for sending out loyalty rewards to keep them coming back or even apps for beauty salon location using Google Maps API. Another could be focused on choices of colours and custom designs available for use on permanently installed tablets in the counter or on a chair. Just think of the possibilities! Once you have the desired product displayed, the very same app could be used to run a browser that allows internet access but advertises more of your own services in a small box at the bottom. There could be games, news, and even relaxing music, all coming right out of one salon app! This is just an idea off the top of our heads. You might think the possibilities are limited, but we specialise in challenges!

So, once you find a salon software solution that fits you, how will you market it? Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and the rest, of course! Don’t be afraid to follow the simple rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Create a brand for your salon app if you don’t already have a business behind you. Perhaps this app is merely to help people find other Salons as we mentioned before. In that case, you would take out advertisements in salon oriented magazines that you know will be in the store. You can hand out cards and fliers. Don’t be afraid to go low tech so you can end up high tech!

Find a Salon Software Solution That Fits

It might seem like a subject you never considered before, but if you are reading this far, salons are in your blood. You appreciate the beauty and have a passion for helping others see the world the way you do. You might have always just wanted to open your own salon, or maybe you just can’t stay out of the local one where your favourite stylist is employed. Salon apps can make the world a better, and more beautiful place, faster and more conveniently. This really can apply to everyone from every class who has ever stepped foot through the door of a brick and mortar salon. So too might the right app catch the eye of younger people randomly browsing the Play store, or whatever social media you have set up. |They might never have considered walking into a salon, much less using a salon app. Savvycom can help you create an app so innovative, it can’t be ignored.

Savvycom can help you develop an awesome salon app to boost your revenue

We have a strong desire to look good, just like you do. Our founders wanted to create a salon app that would appeal to the most discriminating self-appreciating customers out there. We have created a solution that can be customised and adapted to your needs, or we can build it for you from the ground up. We have the framework of the most convenient salon app solution you have ever seen already set up! Keep track of your customers’scheduled dates, manage promotions, track revenue, and more!

savvycom develop a salon app for boost salon business

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There are a number of online appointment systems that are easy to set up and maintain at a low cost. Especially, our app solution offers 24/7 availability so a client can book an appointment beyond the hours of operation. Moreover, it offers a virtual receptionist and automatic confirmations that will help save time.

Select any store in your chain
Finding your nearest salon could not be easier with our simple and effective salon app. With our app, you will soon be on the path to perfect nails.

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Improve client retention by allowing customers to book their favourite artist. Which enhance the entire client experience as well as their impression of your salon overall.

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