Savvycom and CY Global strategic partnership for BusinessNow

On 2019, May 25th, CY Global and Savvycom have joint each other on a close, cooperative meeting at Savvycom’s headquarter in Hanoi, Vietnam for an MOU signature about “BusinessNow”, a SaaS-based cloud service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam and Korea.

BusinessNow cloud platform connecting Vietnam and Korea business

Savvycom cooperates CY Global to develop a software silk-road between Vietnam and Korea in BusinessNow platform.

Announced on ETNews Korea, the two companies will set up a global R&D centre for software customisation in Hanoi, Vietnam in June. Thereby, we will cooperate on planning and launching “BusinessNow”. The cloud service platform will be equipped with a variety of solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Approval, Production Management System (MES), video conferencing solution, and groupware required by small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Korea and Vietnam. Supported keys are also included.
This strategic, mutually cooperative partnership on “BusinessNow” is expected to optimise the resources and efforts, as well as enhance the level of proficiency and innovation of each company in SaaS development. Also, by joining hands across the border, the role of is well-leveraged in foreign eyes, promising for both Savvycom and CY Global to advance overseas.
CY Global CEO commented on their latest partnership: As a company that has a great appreciation for partners that were, are and will be with us through thick and thin, we place complete trust in them and are willing to give everything we have to them. Now that Savvycom has become one of our precious partners, I hope that we will accompany each other in not only this cross-road but also along the long, rough ride after then”.
The alliance even means much more than that when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Ms Van Dang, Savvycom CEO, has said: “This partnership is not only about the single benefit of each company. It’s much bigger than that. Through our cooperation, we create job opportunities for many job-seekers, materialise both companies’ vision to contribute socially. We also dedicated to being the pioneer in expanding the market for local businesses and bridging the strategic relationship between Vietnam and Korea”.
BusinessNow cloud-based platform for SMEs businesses

BusinessNow is a cloud-based platform that connects SMEs businesses from Vietnam and Korea.

Savvycom and CY Global, through this first-step cooperation, wish to see more outbursts of each company in foreign markets in the future as well as contribute more to client experiences. Therefore, this will be a long-lasted, solid partnership that shall tighten the two countries’ relationship.
Savvycom is a global agile software company based in Vietnam that is listed as #6 leading B2B Companies in Asia in 2018 on Clutch. Have been experiencing and continuously growing for almost 10 years, we commit to deliver the best solutions to any company around the globe through developing world-beating apps, professional technology consults and outsource human resources in IT sector. Furthermore, with our products and services, we hope to make our society a much better place.
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CY Global is a company of BSG Partners that has grown customer value by providing professional SAP solutions and other technology services. They have built up their position as the No.1 SAP Technology Consulting Partner in the Korean market for the past 20 years, and have been in the forefront of strategic discussions with SAP Consulting and Outsourcing in Vietnam. With a vision to “Make The World Stand Out”, CY Global strives to better the world off with their strong will and dedication.
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Savvycom CEO’s Dinner With Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls

Participants of the meeting

Participants of the meeting. Ambassador Sharman Stone is in center front row.

In honour of visiting Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls, Dr Sharman Stone, Mr Layton Pike, Minister & Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy in Vietnam invited Ms. Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom to join a cozy dinner in Hanoi on 26 September. The dinner was warmly joined by 6 other women alumni – who are managing SMEs in Vietnam and Australian Embassy officials.
Savvycom CEO

Ms. Van Dang and other participants at the dining table

The main topic of discussion is Women’s Economic Empowerment and Leadership. Dr. Stone, Deputy Pike, Ms. Van Dang and other alumni also discussed about the positive effects of studying in Australia that helped them overcome the challenges to their businesses.
Being a fellow CEO, Ms. Van Dang enthusiastically exchanged with everyone about the solutions to help grow their businesses and make the business environment more appealing to women. Also, as a Top 30 Global App Developer, she shared about how technology companies like Savvycom help businesses bring ideas into life by creating innovative software solutions.
Ms. Van Dang poses with Australian Deputy Head of Mission in Vietnam, Layton Pike and fellow alumni CEOs

Ms. Van Dang poses with Australian Deputy Head of Mission in Vietnam, Layton Pike and fellow alumni CEOs

Ms. Van Dang and other alumni CEOs will also be attending regular meetings in the future. The meetings will be held by the Australian Alumni in Vietnam. Stay in touch with Savvycom for updates!

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Savvycom at:

Savvycom CEO – Sharing about the Australian Market on VNITO’s Conference

On August 31st 2017, the conference on the Australian Market was held by VNITO Alliance which exists to gather Vietnam software outsourcing companies and create an effective bridge between the ITO/BPO community and the government. This sharing successfully did take place at the Seta International Office, level 11 HL. Building, alley No. 82 Duy Tan street, Dinh Vong Hau area, Cau Giay district.


VNITO’s Conference on the Australian Market

When many enterprises displayed interest in the Australian Market, a strongly emerging market in the Asia-Pacific region with a significantly promising potential, the sharing was highly essential. The purpose of the sharing was to provide up-to-date, insightful information about the Australian Market including opportunities, challenges and how to reach this market. The helpful event included talks by experienced CEOs and keynote speakers such as Ms. Thanh Van Dang – CEO Savvycom JCS., Mr. Vu Hung – CEO Seta International, and Mr. Kien – CEO QSoft and other members.


Each attendant did make a contribution to the success of the sharing. As an IT Expert & Computer Science Alumnus from the University of Sydney, Ms. Van Dang – Savvycom’s CEO shared useful information about the Australia IT market such as Exponential technologies are changing Australian businesses and industries, future demand for ICT workers and skills is expected to be high.

After the conferences on the Singaporean Market and Australian Market, many members and businesses hopefully expect next sharings on other markets.


For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Savvycom at:

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