Savvycom Joins HCMC Software Testing Conference 2016

This is the 3rd conference organized by HCMC Software Testing Club with the co-organization of the HCMC Computer Association. Software testing conference (STC) aims to promote best practices in software testing industry and inspire software testing career.

Along with subject “The secret life of testers”, STC features international expert speakers, plenary talks and technical sessions on a diverse range of topics: Managing Software Testing, Bug Detection and Test Prioritization, Test Automation, Test Metrics, Measurement & Performance Testing.

One of specialties at STC 2016 is James Bach, who is among the most famous testers in the world. He used to work for Dale Dishroon, Apple Computer, Borland, STLabs, SmartPatents, Reliable software technologies and now the CEO and Principle Consultant for Buccaneer-Scholar Incorporated and Satisfic. James possesses deep understanding of software testing and will pass on his experience of executing software testing activities in an efficient way dependent on context.

HCMC Software Testing Conference 2016

Being present at this conference on July 16th, Savvycom’s representatives: Tuan Nguyen and Hai Le, those who have years of accumulating knowledge and working experience with different open-source testing tools, would have chance to share Savvycom’s difficulties, obstacles and achievements in implemented software testing projects.

Software testing undoubtedly plays a vital role in the software development life-cycle to recognize the difficulties in the process very well. However, many teams usually invest most of their time in developing incredible frameworks with wide range of features, but completely forget about testing them.


Tuan Nguyen (Savvycom) with James Bach

At Savvycom, we consider testing, especially automated software testing, to be essential. Testing should be started as early as possible to make it a part of a process of deciding requirement. Our testing team of highly – skilled QA engineers will plan a robust test strategy, optimizing quality of your final products, reducing cost and boosting performance.

All the possible vulnerabilities, bugs can be eliminated across various platforms, environments in a timely manner, with affordable budget. Your product’s quality will be assured in a cost-effective and comprehensive way.

Find more information about automated software testing at: Software Testing of Savvycom.

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