Can Mobile Apps Adapt to Wearable Tech?

Wearable tech created to control new and exciting devices entering the market are in high demand and the competition for developers is fierce. The future will see a rise in wearable technology in order of magnitudes. The wearable software could be the next gold rush in terms of compensation for the creators who jump on the right app at the right time. If you can create apps for wearable devices that have unique and cost-saving features, you will outshine your competition from the start.

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Google cardboard | The future is now.

The Beginning of wearable tech ideas

There was a time when every major tech company dreamed of having their hardware on your head and in your face. Virtual reality was supposed to be the nirvana of the gaming and design world. So why isn’t everyone already running around with headgear and living in an augmented reality permanently? Well, it seems that people don’t want to look silly to those who aren’t wearing the gear, and it can simply be an inconvenient and clunky way to try to experience things the way you wish. Even lightweight versions like Google Glass were obvious to the untrained eye. Additionally, wearing one of these could get you kicked out or worse in certain venues. As a result, tech companies strayed away from wearable electronics for years. Even digital watches were considered clunky and nerdy, and sales declined.

Enter the Smartphone

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Pokemon Go | Augmented Reality Games

The invention and adaptation of the smartphone are without a doubt some of the biggest events to happen to humanity. Whether this is positive or negative is subjective. It is well documented however that smartphones improve the lives of millions of people around the world. Connectivity to the world wide web, information on self-care, documentaries on everything under the sun, as well as instructional videos and tutorials are all available at the palm of your hand. It cannot be argued that the internet is invaluable to many individuals for a myriad of reasons. Augmented reality games like Pokemon GO are huge, and the ability to translate languages by merely pointing your device at any text in any language is just the start.

Improving Applications

Wearable apps were a foreign concept when the market for smartphone apps first appeared, and those apps that did exist were small and could only consume very small amounts of memory. When smartphone technology drastically improved, many people held in their hands computing power greater than anyone could imagine 30 years ago. The potential was there and now tech companies had begun to take notice. It dawned on them that if they wanted to try re-entering the wearables market, focusing on smartphones was the way to do it. The devices not only had to be small, inconspicuous and cheap, but useful as well. Gaming and conference calls weren’t enough.

Public Fears

The talk has been heard around water coolers for years, that one-day big brother will have his eyes and hands in everything that you do. It’s a common theme across the world, especially with the older generations and blue-collar workers whose lives are less intersected with technology. Wearable tech includes devices that are implanted in your body to function correctly, such as RFID tags, health monitors, and hearing aids. The first thing that comes to the mind of many people when it comes to this kind of technology is that somehow they will be tracked and watched at every turn and that somehow this is bad. It is true that if you are a criminal, you don’t want to lug around your personal cell phone to your crimes with location enabled, or at all. In fact, if your goal is to hide, then yes it would be best to use citizens band radio or just a cup and string. However, for most people, this is not the case. In fact, many desire to be tracked by family and even friends so that they can share their adventure or be found in an emergency. Luckily for everyone, you have a choice when it comes to wearable technology.

A New Generation

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There’s an App for that.

One of the things that the author of this article can appreciate is the willingness of Generation Y and beyond to adapt to technology. Millennials are ready and willing to use any idea that makes their lives easier and more convenient. Why do things the hard way when there is a better method? This same concept can be applied to the companies that develop and release the wearable apps that the masses utilise. They are mostly staffed by younger, more technologically adept users of the very same devices that their software runs on. It goes without saying that the desire for newer generation wearables that not only function but are cool and fun to use will have a great impact on the devices and applications themselves. Computer hardware companies have been adapting to changes outside themselves for decades to adapt to the market, and now wearable app developers will need to be able to do the same at a moments notice.

Software and Adapting to the Market

Developers have been under pressure since the beginning to be able to adapt their work to the hardware on which it runs. If you created a game in 1986, it had to run on the Apple IIe, Commodore 64, and IBM 8088 and 286 among others. Just as then, now your applications must run on Samsung, Apple, LG, etc. They must take into account networking connections and plug and play technology if they want to compete in the higher paced changing market that exists today. When a new device enters the market, companies, and developers must decide if it is profitable or wise to change, or even acknowledge that it exists.

Enter today’s hungry for tech society. They want nice things, fast. Smart Jewellry that’s connected to your smartphone, fitness trackers that tell you when you’ve done enough, smart clothing that tells you how to pose while doing your Yoga. It is true that these companies usually develop their own in-house software, which is in and of itself an impact on the app industry, as it reduces the need for companies that only do software development. If every hardware company had their own in-house programmers, companies that depended on the old model will go by the wayside. Creating an app for wearable devices alone isn’t something a lot of companies are willing to outsource for. Doing so, however, can speed the development of hardware and reduce overhead.

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Don’t be left behind.

The Final Say

Wearables are changing the application development model where the developer looks at what already exists and adapts to that. Developers must now be able to change their wearable app code as well as ideas on what is “cool” in the market at any time. It might seem like the end of an era to many, but in reality, the only true effect will be a plethora of new devices and ideas of how to use them. It will force apps and developers to be just as fast at creating uses for the devices as the manufacturers are at making them.

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