Node.js in Web Development – Key benefits

Thanks to Node.js Development Service, websites now can be scalable network applications that work properly with various operation systems threads. With the chance to open up the vast amount of open source libraries of technology, Node.js is no doubt to be one of the best choices at present.

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And this choice was affirmed by Walmart, Intel, NASA, IBM, Paypal, LinkedIn, and many more big cooperations. Being curious about the reason why Node.js is so appealing? Let’s take a further step into the world of Node.js in web development.

Why Node.js Web Development is faster than others?

Non-blocking Input/Output operation (I/O operation) is the main reason that makes people say: “Node.js in web development is faster than others’. In other words, Node.js runs on callback-based asynchronous IO: requests can be automatically queued and served by a thread; once the first request has been finished, it gives call back to the thread and the next request is ready to be in the process. Therefore, the time between requests is optimization saved, in contrast to the Apache server, when there is waiting time between.
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It is more noteworthy that Node.js is an excellent platform for the data-intensive real-time application that runs across distributed devices. It is also specifically designed for writing scalable Internet applications, prominently in developing web servers. Its remarkable performance is proved based on the architecture of many Internet applications.

Other outstanding features of Node.js Web Development

  • Scalability

Node.js assists IT programming developers to scale the application in both horizontal and vertical ways. Hence, the performance of the application is improved; crashes and other risk issues is significantly mitigated.

  • Testing now is easier with Node.js

With the assistance of Node.js in web development, unit testing is not a big obstacle anymore. Getting access to the vast amount of good testing libraries of Node.js, developers now can spend less time in this task to have more time to do other important tasks.

  • Node.js is one of the most extensive package ecosystem ever!

At the end of 2016, there are about 400,000 packages and steadily go way higher up to this day. Is this statistics impressive enough for you?
And it gets updated every day! Npm (Node.js package manager), considered to be the world’s largest Software Registry. According to ‘State of the Union: npm’ published in January 2017, “4,685 packages were published in the registry” in a week. It seems to be “never be outdated” with Node.js ecosystem, right?
In 2018 Node.js User Survey Report by Node.js Foundation, Node.js is the most popular package manager, which takes up to 60% of the overall package manager usage.

  • Network application development

With its built-in Application Programming Interface (API), apparently, Node.js Development Company can easily be able to develop different sorts of a web server, chat server and other network application such as DNS Server, Jigsaw servers, TCP servers, HTTPS Server, etc.
Or with your diligence and persistence, you can build a simple web server with Node.js in your own way. There are many detailed instructions and steps out there on the Internet, also in the book “Get programming with Node.js”.
Or you can contact Savvycom to book a FREE consultation about building network application development.

Key benefits that Node.js Web Development offers us

There are some things you might know: JavaScript is an IT programming language running in web browsers. Node.js is the running environment for JavaScript which holds a variety of libraries. And the V8 JavaScript engine is the one executing JavaScript codes.
Now, let’s come back to the benefits. What are these things?

  • Lightweight and scalable

Thanks to V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js Web Development process is more efficient along with its assurance about quality and security. As I mentioned before, non-blocking I/O operation of Node.js application is the main factor that makes ‘lightweight and scalable’ to be the character of your application.

  • Microservices are perfect for Node.js Web Development projects!

Clients tend to choose Node.js for their microservices over others, to optimise the performance of an application. With the support of Node.js platform, you are able to process your application while still using it, scale the parts that are not available yet in your application. Moreover, some unproductive modules can be cancelled at the same time you do below things. This kind of separation of many tasks is the “easily done” factor in microservices operation on a Node.js application.
Mentioned by Stephen Commisso (Senior Software Engineer of GoDaddy) in Node Summit 2015, by rightly utilizing microservices and Node.js, it’s totally capable of handling the same load with only 10% of the hardware.

  • Shorter Time to market

Compared to Java Development Companies, Node.js counterparts are able to meet your requests and give you a full server or application in a shorter time. Node.js’s advantages over other platforms I can list is the modular structure, few lines of codes, agile development and collaborative development approach of Node.js framework.

  • The more striking performance capability of Node.js Web Development

The node.js application can work flawlessly in the fast pace due to Non-blocking event-driven I/O. More detailed, Node.js Development Services optimize the data by reducing its occupied storage space, therefore its speed is boosted 20 times faster!
In the case of Paypal experiment, compared to the previous version of the Java-based application, Node.js Mobile application development manages to cut the response time by 35%. That’s the reason why Node.js Web Development is more preferred to create the high-performance application.
Currently, Node.js framework has passed by many functional characteristics of Java and .Net platform in the field of business app development.

  • Node.js Web Development is constantly innovated

Improvement and improvisation in Node.js Web Development are always taken into consideration. That’s why they have a good intention to find their way to launch new releases and enhances the standards of its codes and features. With ES6 Spec for JavaScript and the support of an open source community, Node.js technology will develop more and become more innovative in the future.
And if you are still wondering how the development focus of Node.js Web Development has changed, let’s look into the statistics of 2018 Node.js User Survey Report by Node.js Foundation

Savvycom is working towards Node.js Development Services

Followed closely by Savvycom, the latest Node.js technologies in our software development keep staying up to date. That’s the reason why our customers, who order Node.js Development Services, are satisfied with our services. ‘REALM – GPS Smart Tracker’ and ‘Shopping App – Sale & Reward System’ are the 2 proud services that we have offered
Realm – GPS Smart Tracker is integrated with Google Maps, SDK, QRCode, Javascript SDK, Node.js and other technologies. Its main services are to allow users to connect and send notifications to other group members simultaneously while verifying the location of team members on a virtual map using GPS technology.
Another one is Shopping App – Sale & Reward System. The application is the solution assisting shop owners to distribute Offers and Gift Cards to users who have installed Reward application on their mobile devices. Finding and picking Gift Cards, inviting friends, co-workers to use Reward application and get Reward are the core functions Savvycom built for the app.

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