Savvycom’s off to Korea: A recap

During the first week of November, Savvycom CEO – Ms Van Dang had a business trip to Korea to strengthen partnership with some latest companions as well as to foster the business performance and seek new opportunities for business growth in future times.
Following the alliance between Savvycom and CY Global, which focuses on developing  BusinessNow, Savvycom has made a visit to Korea in November to plan on expanding the model overseas, as well as to discuss further the best quick-wins for both companies to excel in the world of fierce competition. 
As agreed on the original discussion, BusinessNow: a SaaS-based cloud service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam and Korea, will be equipped with a variety of solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Approval, Production Management System (MES), video conferencing solution, and groupware required by small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Korea and Vietnam. 

Savvycom Software Outsourcing Companies in Korea

Savvycom and CY Global CEOs at G-Fair Korea to promote the collaborations between Vietnam and Korea

During this trip, the two companies have once again reinforced and strengthen the beliefs that this partnership will be the gateway for Vietnam and Korea to strengthen their bonds economically and technically. Many new perspectives and profound understanding have been explored, therefore, signalled for the deep and long-lasting relationship for both companies in the near future.
Savvycom BusinessNow Korea
Also on this trip to Korea, Ms Van Dang, on behalf of Savvycom, signed for participation in Connect Innovation Korea (#CIK) 2019. In this full-of-groundbreaking-initiatives exhibition, Savvycom has introduced the company top-notch technologies to various tech-savvy over the seas. Through booth activities, tech-talks and ideas exchanges with representatives from notable organizations such as LOCUS Corporation, STEALIEN Inc., GENIE Music, etc; Savvycom has successfully delivered the company vision and mission, fortified the position of the company on the tech map as well as gained a better, broader overview about the world’s technology picture.
Savvycom Connect Innovation Korea
However, it’s not a meaningful journey without contributing good deeds for the community. As a woman leader who always seeks for a beautiful world enabled by technology, Ms Van Dang has an unshaken belief that investing in and aiding the young on their journey to achieve their wildest dreams are the best ways to create sustainable development for the society and the world at large. 
That was the root cause for Savvycom’s participation in Anyang Youth Startup Hackathon 2019, where Ms Van Dang played the role of a guest advisor to share her precious experiences and know-how in the industry, as well as to give advice and professional consultation for over 30 coding teams competing in the Hackathon. 
Anyang Creative Association
After extensive 48 hours+ working under sheer pressure to guide and motivate the gifted candidates to reach for the stars, Savvycom CEO was beyond happy to see every team excel and create the best products out of their talent and successfully presented them to the judges. 
Sharing back on the event,  Ms Van Dang was a little drifted away: “Despite all the gap in language, experience and rough time constraints, it was worth each minute. All the competitors had done their best on their challenges, and I really appreciated their great efforts to step out of the comfort zone and exceed their own limitations to deliver such creative outputs”.
Savvycom Anyang Creative Association
The trip flashed by just in a blink of an eye, still, the lessons derived from all those experiences, all the people we have been lucky enough to meet and have a warm chat, promised to be good momentum for the development of Savvycom in 1, 2 or perhaps another 10 years.
“If I have to choose one single word to describe the past week, eye-opening is probably the most appropriate one. During the field trip, I not only learnt more about my beloved partners and the business landscape in Korea: our to-go destination in the next periods, but also acquired a clearer view on how the technology trends are shifting, where the company shall compete to balance risks and opportunities, and what factors the company should add on the current cycle to increase operations efficiency. 
I was also grateful to witness the soaring rise of the youth with fresh and intriguing ideas, thus, was motivated and eager to lead the company to the frontline of the innovation battle and fight till the very end. All those invaluable experiences would be incorporated into the company’s action plan, as an excellent preference for the roadmap of the company in the next few years”. (Ms Van Dang, Savvycom CEO)
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