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Savvycom and TomoChain team up in a strategic worldwide partnership

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TomoChain and Savvycom are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership which accelerates Savvycom’s world-class, top-selling IT solutions and services adding to the global value chain, whilst significantly expanding  TomoChain’s reach in the United States, Australia, Europe and other keys, high-growth markets. The new partnership is expected to spark innovation in Blockchain solutions, as well as, decentralized application ecosystems by maximizing the product development talents, and resources at both companies.   Long Vuong, CEO and Founder of TomoChain,…

Savvycom at Microsoft YouthSpark Scholarship Award Ceremony

On December 16th, 2017, the Microsoft YouthSpark Scholarship Award Ceremony has took place in Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The scholarships has been awarded to 80 female students with major in Information Technology and Computer Science from 9 universities in Hanoi, Hue, Danang and Ho Chi Minh city. Those universities are Hanoi University of Science and Technology, VNU University of Engineering and Technology, Hue University of Sciences, Danang University of Technology, Can Tho University,  University of Information Technology (Vietnam…

The Savvy Story: Inspiration for Startups to Pursue Their Dreams

Van Dang - Savvycom CEO is on Tedx stage
TEDxTalks 2017: IDEA The stage of TEDxTalks welcomes Ms. Van Dang, Founder and CEO of Savvycom Software. Van led her company from humble beginnings to have a place in the Top 25 Global IT Outsourcing Companies. Watch her incredible story here: Software startups might have to deal with many challenges, which threaten its survival. Many companies experience difficulties in popularizing their apps, but even then, are the apps creative enough to stand out amongst a saturated market? In addition, are…