3 Common Mistakes In E-commerce Web Design

Never in human’s history did we witness such a powerful dotcom boom as in the present time. The Internet has had the world swirl in various fields, from education, vocation to retailing. Seeing the on-growing demands of fast, convenient purchase through virtual sources, many businesses now pour millions of dollars into E-commerce web design in order to enter the online retailing game.
However, sometimes not all of those dollars are well-spent. Many decision-makers make bad investments in poor E-commerce web designs, therefore, do more stagnancy than convenience to the customers. It’s not that the engineering teams are doing a terrible job – it’s just that there are some common mistakes in E-commerce designs that they are yet to take into account.

3 common mistakes in ecommerce web design

There are plenty of things to take into consideration when you design your E-commerce website.

An unreasonable amount of information

Absorbing information is an innate capability of anyone, however, each person was born with a different level of information processing. If your customers cannot understand all the content you prepare, it would likely to demotivate them to read and miss the major, crucial information such as customer protection, refund policy, hot deal notifications, etc.

common mistake An unreasonable amount of information

Too much or too little information in E-commerce web design? | Source: Made by a Maven.

In another phrase, distraction is unavoidable while you put too many things on the website – and it’s never a wise move. It would probably cause a chain of ambiguity to the customers, therefore, unnecessary conflicts might later arise, some of which can be pretty complicated to address. Your brand image will suffer, not to mention the poor customer experience and retention rate. It will be hard to generate return customers – the bloodline of any business – later on.
On the other hand, too little information is not good as well. Most of the time, people wander different website to search for something to buy. They might not really have a clear intention of what they want nor what they are going to purchase at the moment. Hence, the job of your website is to lure them into actually buying something using your platform, or at least add something into their cart. The information (text, infographic, etc) shall be a firm foundation, an effective tool to persuade them to stay and convert visitors into customers, not the other way around. Unthinkably reduce the amount of information is just equal to limiting the accessibilities to the visitors, therefore, lower the efficiency of customer generation.
Before determining the amount of information going public, think strategically from a visitor/customer point of view: which kind of information might be their top of mind, which kind of information they would likely to skip. Get rid of redundant numbers and texts, keep only what matters. An adequate amount of information is somewhat the key to the success of an E-commerce venture, so make sure you take it into consideration and present it in a clear, simple, consistent and transparent way so that everyone can understand.

-For-A-Purchase Request

It’s such a nuisance being forced to sign in just to buy some pieces of things. Customers, no, almost everyone hates to be asked to do something while we literally don’t want to do it. It’s such a pain in the neck. And if it were me, I would rather leave than to do what I was asked to do. I’m a bull-headed woman who loves to disobey.
But what if I’m not the only one being that stubborn?

common mistake sign-In-For-A-Purchase Request

Some E-commerce sites force people to sign up an account if they want to conduct transactions | Source: manula.com.

Many highly aware people nowadays refuse to hand in their personal identity because they are afraid of information breaches and cyber-crimes. They have a reason to guard against such situations – even facebook sells its user data away! Some others are just lazy and even an extra step of registering can cause them to bother. Therefore, they often seek a way that minimises their confidentiality and/or their energy. They want fastness. They want convenience.
As such, the moment you require them to sign in to make a purchase, the moment you declare your ignorance towards the customer experiences. Consequently, your customers will feel like they are not in your care, to the point that they may conclude they are not important to you. They will wonder why they have to invest their money and time in a brand taking them for granted, and as a result, they will probably turn their back. The power of substitutes on the market is harsh, so if you don’t compete and serve your customer well, brand loyalty is nothing but a nice saying. Your customers can go out looking for another supplier that respect them, and you are left with nothing but a “please sign in to buy this product” window.
You can take it flexible, letting your customers purchase the products without signing into the system. If they, after some sign-in-less payments, love your services, they would voluntarily register for better use. Even if they don’t, the fact remains that they do use your service (they just refuse to sign in) – and it’s a positive sign for another purchase in the future. That way, money still flows in your pocket, so why be hell-bent on that signing in?

No space for customisation

Customisation is such an interesting alternative phrase for “make yourself like no one else”. A phrase attached to uniqueness and exception. When I mention customisation here, I mean let your customers be unique, and let YOU be unique. This is indeed a pleasant selling point you should add in your E-commerce venture since it shows that customer distinctive preferences, as well as customer experiences, are respected and taken into account.
For example, at Savvycom, we take pride in Baia Baia, an E-commerce website that is not only strong but also flexible, allowing both website owners and customers to design the interface in accordance with their preference. The idea comes from the ever-changing needs to identify ourselves from others, meaning that we humans always seek a touch of personalisation in life – and E-commerce website is no exception.

baia-baia ecommerce web design

The stunning design of Baia Baia would help bring the best shopping experiences for buyers. | Source: Savvycom.

The question followed is how we can promote individuality in our product? Magento, the worldwide leading customisable E-Commerce platform is integrated into the Baia Baia site, that offers an all-in-one tool to take control completely all features/functionality of the site. The platform allows the site to be customisable from the look to functionality to fit the brand image, mission and user’s habits. Those let website owners differentiate them from others with various fresh, up-to-date looks throughout the site longevity.
Not only to the website owner, who is our business customer, Baia Baia also provides users with a number of customisation tools to change the website theme, the order of information, etc, that guarantee a sense of personalisation, making sure that they feel the most like their one-of-a-kind selves.
Thanks to the customisation idea, not only Baia Baia but Savvycom has received many compliments and good reviews, marking its position on the fierce E-commerce market.

Mistakes happen every day, and making mistakes is no guilt. What really matters is that we are aware of them in the end and find a suitable solution to kill them with a nice cut. If you can come up with creative solutions yourselves, then it’s good. But if you still stuck on the answer, you can always have our support. We promise to deliver both our heart and mind to create a cost-effective, default-less E-commerce website for you.
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How Mobile Apps Enhance The Ecommerce Customer Experience

Positive customer experience is vital for a successful, growing business. When your customers are happy, they are more engaged with your business. As a result, they will return to you time and again for the same positive experience. There are myriad ways to create a positive customer experience, and mobile apps are one of them. A good, functional mobile app can enhance your customer’s experience in a number of ways. Read on to discover how.
how mobile apps enhance the ecommerce customer experience by savvycom

Mobile apps can dramatically enhance the experience of customers when they go shopping online.

Mobile apps are personal and tailored to users

Mobile apps collect a great deal of data from the user. Shopping behaviours preferred payment methods, and more can be harvested and held in the app.
This is obviously good news for your personalization strategy. Mobile apps provide big data that you can use to learn more about your customers and finesse your business and marketing strategy.
But this data also delivers value for the customer too.
The data collected can be used to create a bespoke experience that is tailored to the customer. No longer do customers have to navigate to a website and login to enjoy personalised shopping experience.
In a single tap, a shopper can immediately be shown the products they want to see, the offers they might enjoy, and pay in the method that they prefer.
A mobile app is a unique shopping hub that is focused on the individual. A customer’s personal preferences are there for them as soon as they use the app, enhancing their experience as a result.

Convenience is king

Convenience used to be a nice feature that set a brand apart from its competitors. Today, it is a necessity that is built into every business’s offering. Consumers don’t appreciate convenience — they expect it.
Mobile apps provide that convenience. They provide everything a customer might need, right there in the palm of their hand. Customer service can be dialled with a single tap and orders made in seconds.
A website might provide information to prospective vendors, shareholders, journalists, and so on. But mobile apps are geared towards specific users — the customer.
Consequently, apps only provide the functions and information that the consumer needs. It’s streamlined and optimized solely for the customer, giving them everything they need in a single app.
This is especially true for brands that focus on location-based services. Businesses like Deliveroo and Uber have enjoyed huge success from mobile apps, letting customers order food or ride right to where they stand.

uber eats the mobile app enhancing the customer experience

Uber Eats is a giant taking the big slice of the earnings | Source: Eater.

This is convenience at its height, a personal service that creates a memorable and compelling experience that customers will return to time and again.

Consumers demand multi-channel e-commerce

Beyond convenience, consumers also expect a multichannel presence from brands. While the traditional online store still has its place, shoppers also expect to be able to interact with and buy from brands in a variety of places online.
Multichannel spreads itself across many channels: social media, messaging apps, online marketplaces, and so on. And mobile apps are a key part of this multichannel experience.
While a mobile app might be out of reach for solo businesses, most enterprise e-commerce platforms provide solutions for a multi-channel experience out-of-the-box.
Savvycom, for example, partners with a number of SMEs which want to develop apps to help their users incorporate mobile into their multi-channel strategy. Solutions like CRAVE Vend offer user-friendly app development that seamlessly integrates into their e-commerce presence.

Smart POS solutions

CRAVE Vend is a smart POS solution for operational efficiency improvement.

Crave Vend is a platform helping merchants create eMenu, manage onsite and online orders and deliver eCoupons to their beloved customers. The solution is successfully being practised and has been generating profits for over 50 restaurants across the USA.
As this piece explains, “the multi-channel approach gives users access to everything they want, with consistent user experience. Same app, any device.” Consumer expectations are high, and mobile apps create a seamless multi-channel experience that customers love.

Apps exceed online stores in expectations

We live in a mobile-first age. Consequently, every e-commerce business should strive to create an optimized mobile experience for their customers.
But even the most seamless online store comes second to the mobile app experience. A significant 85% of consumers prefer using a mobile app over a mobile site when shopping online, and with good reason.
For starters, apps do not lose functionality when used over a tenuous internet connection. While web browsers might redirect to a 503 error page, apps continue to work as they should. Performance is fast across multiple devices and doesn’t lag, delivering an optimized experience regardless of how where customers access the app.

Apps are interactive and engaging

Mobile apps differ from your web-based online store in that they are interactive.
Interactivity is how your customers engage with your brand. It creates a two-way relationship that your rewards the user, keeping them locked into the buyer’s journey.
Apps create more opportunities to interact with your customer. Beyond simply ordering and purchasing products, customers can browse brand content that is useful, informative, or simply entertaining.
This can even be the sole purpose of your mobile app. The luxury fashion brand Chanel’s mobile app doesn’t have any ordering function.
Instead, it lets fans try on sunglasses in augmented reality, browse behind-the-scenes content, receive updates about forthcoming shows, and find their nearest Chanel outlet. Strictly speaking, Chanel’s app is not e-commerce-focused. But it enhances the customer experience by encouraging interaction with the brand.
Mobile apps also complement the offline customer experience too. 72% of smartphone users use their devices to inform in-store purchases. Consequently, your mobile app can provide further information such as comparison guides, user reviews, and even discount codes for offline customers.
Create an interactive app that your customers can engage with beyond ordering and buying products. Provide relevant content that is useful or entertaining and cater to your customers’ needs beyond simply purchasing a product.

How mobile apps win customer experience

How mobile apps win customer experience (Source: Simicart)

Mobile apps aren’t a necessity for businesses. It’s still possible to build a flourishing brand without one. But when it comes to creating a memorable customer experience, mobile apps are a rewarding option.
Mobile apps enhance e-commerce customer experience in a variety of ways. From delivering convenience to providing a multi-channel experience, mobile apps create a memorable experience that ensures your customers will return to your brand time and again.

In case you need any further consultation and cooperation on the Vietnam mobile app industry, Savvycom are very happy to give you a hand.
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Baia Baia – A Fashion Leading E-Commerce Software

Baia Baia provides the mobile-friendly website as well as Baia Baia app on Android.
Used Magento, the worldwide leading customisable e-Commerce platform, to bring the best online shopping experience.
The multi-store function allows customers shopping conveniently in different locations at one destination website.

Baia Baia – a world where anything is possible and everything is achievable.

fashion ecommerce mobile application by savvycom
The fashion world is in its transition to focus more on personalised products to penetrate into the mass market. Baia Baia is deep in that trend, and they know exactly how to elevate customer loyalty and engagement. Baia Baia is a fashion e-commerce website where customers are able to enjoy customising their own personal products, i.e. flip flops.
Savvycom guarantees to deliver a quality final product even though dealing with many obstacles and hurdles. To understand and satisfy our client’s requirements, the Savvycom team communicates and maintains the connection with clients frequently through online pitching and discussing, back and forth emailing during the project’s process. Many ideas and changes occurred, but all requirements from clients were fulfilled by our hard-working technical team.
Flexibility but Strong Inside
Magento, the worldwide leading customisable e-Commerce platform is integrated into the Baia Baia site, that offers an all-in-one tool to take control completely all features/functionality of the site.The platform allows the site to be customisable from the look to functionality to fit the brand image, mission and user’s habits.
Besides offering customisable frontline, Magento provides to website owner deeply insightful analytic options in order to help grow online revenue as well as attract more traffic, engagement shoppers and drive conversions.
Product Management
Baia Baia applied Product management function in the website which allows admins to take control of all functions related to the product such as price setting, promotion and campaign, analytical reports from specific periods, etc.
Order Management
The function provides Baia Baia’s page admin with a perfect tool in order to manage the order process step by step. Order process will be divided into small details part in a particular order from start to end such as status, processing, payment pending, cancellation or complete.
Endless product combinations mean unlimited opportunities for creativity. The brand is chic and fashionable – never silly. Still, it’s always fun.
There’s an optimism to Baia Baia – as if the brand itself is an invitation to a world where anything is possible and everything is achievable.
Baia Baia is a brand about creating instant joy. Making uplifting moments. When customers encounter Baia Baia, their spirits soar.
fashion ecommerce app Savvycom
From the developers’ perspective to user experience
Baia Baia understands that customer is the centre of the business, and with the help from Savvycom, friendly user-functions are built in Baia Baia’s site to optimise UI (User Interface) and UX (user experience) bringing the most convenient online shopping experience to customers.
The highlight function that Baia Baia offers to customers! Customers are able to log-in to different locations to purchase the products.
Each store has a different variety of unique products range from style, materials to prices. Other great functions that drive loyalty from customers include customising tab which allows customers to create their own flip flop by colours, style, pattern and materials; wish lists function is built for users to save “buy later” products if they want to purchase next time.
Online payment
Integrated with Paypal helps to secure all customers’ information during billing transaction in Baia Baia website.
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CRAVE Vend – A Fantastic Deal App

CRAVE Vend is used Secured Card Payment that integrates best in class secured card readers.
Ultimate tracking technology. CRAVE Fleet supports delivery speed, reduces ingredient & gas cost and employee time.
Driving extreme values for consumers and retailers with a cost-effective, smart customer engagement system.

CRAVE Vend isn’t just a POS – it’s better in every way.

A solid, reliable e-Commerce platform is at the very core of an online business. Anything less just won’t work, and will likely cost you valuable sales. Utilising responsive web design in concert with a well-designed e-Commerce platform gives your customers a full-service easy-to-shop experience, and keeps them coming back again and again.
Savvycom knew that not all businesses have the same needs, therefore cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all templates are not always the best solutions for the unique business.

We built, and continue improving Crave Vend platform to simplify: The task of having an online presence and eMenu creation for restaurants owners, and for all of us, hungry people, to order food from cravevend.com website and/or from Android/iOS smartphones. Crave Vend allows a lot of helpful functions: locate food merchants, view merchants rich menu, securely order for delivery or pickup, save favourite items and restaurants, email receipts.
Crave Vend integrated Ultimate Online Ordering. This feature helps increase sales, productivity and reduces waiting time for customers: A win-win for customers & merchants. Online orders go directly to your POS system to confirm and print to kitchen printer. No more call from a third party, or customers during a busy time. For the most efficient payment, Crave Vend integrated MercuryPay® – the fast, reliable, secure payment gateway, known as award-winning processing payment.
With Mercury, this system accepts the most common payment types and card brands, while enjoying reliable uptime, real-time transaction viewing, same day or next day funding capability and promotional payment options.
Utilising Flexible Menu Management, Crave Vend provides easy menu setup, quickly add/remove items, one-touch disable/enable items. All menu information is synchronised to the cloud for coordinated changes across the entire system including an online menu from a single device. This facilitates merchants to control inventory, get real-time email and push notification alert.
Mercury security payment of ecommerce platform Savvycom


Connects consumers and merchants with unique features that simplify the ordering experience.
stationary POS of ecommerce platform by savvycom

CRAVE Kiosk – Self Service Kiosk
Improves onsite productivity with less staff. Offers speedy service, entices customer’s CRAVING with rich media, imagery and nutritional information.
CRAVE Fleet – Delivery Tracking
Improve delivery speed and reduce gas cost, employee time with integrated tracking technology. Take credit card payment at the customer’s site.
Cloud support
Menu, accounts, orders and other info are secured in the cloud and accessible by you only from anywhere. Your employees can only access data relevant to their work.
Use CRAVEVEND back office to create, manage your eCoupons and deliver them to your customers’ smartphone.
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How to Choose a Leading E-commerce Mobile App Development Company for Your Success?

Looking back at the past, we came to know how extensively the world has changed and adopted digital technology trends. Today with the increased usage of smart phones, people are catching up with the changes in their current business.

It is well-known that people from every age are using mobile devices and are becoming so addicted that when they wake up in the morning, the first thing they see will be their phones or before going to bed in the evening, they will see their phones the last.

In the digital world where everything is going mobile, people seem to enjoy moving towards online shopping. If you are running an e-commerce business, it is vital to keep up with the lastest technology trends. Upgrade your business to the next level by developing a great retail app for your online store.

If you are planning to expand your business, you should choose and contact an e-commerce mobile app development company. But how to select the right one? Here are some key factors to look out for choosing any E-Commerce development company:

1. Strong portfolio of technology expertise

One of the most important things to find out a great e-commerce mobile app development company is its technology expertise and portfolio. When you receive these details, you will get a perfect idea to know whether they can succeed in developing the desired e-commerce mobile app which meets your requirements and expectation. Knowing their technology expertise and experience, you will know on which platforms they are working and which tools they are using for the development procedures.

How to choose a leading E-commerce mobile app development company for your success - Savvycom Blog

How to choose a leading E-commerce mobile app development company for your success – Savvycom Blog

You should view the portfolio to get to know the hired company’s potential industries and specialties such as healthcare, food and beverages or E-commerce. Every trusted company has a portfolio of its successfully delivered projects.

Also, it will help you find the website or mobile app similar to your expectation. Ultimately, all these information will show the experience of the e-commerce mobile app development company in delivering high-quality services.

2. Good communication between customer and developer

Without effective communication between clients and developers, compromises will be impossible, deadlines might be missed, and the finished product could be unsuccessfully built. So transparent and flexible communication between clients and developers plays an essential role in finding out the right e-commerce mobile app development company.


If the customers want to know about the status of their project or even the developers have any doubt about a clearer vision of what they would like the final product to be, then utilizing business communication tools and channels such as Skype, are highly recommended to both parties. Such frequent communication strategy is the basic requirement for the success of project and the company offering such services is the best one to choose.

3. Correct implementation of the strategy for the development need

A professional e-commerce mobile app development company will always inform you with a strategy to ensure successful project completion. If a customer wants to build a mobile friendly magento website, for instance, then a trusted development firm will follow a clear development strategy. From time to time they will inform the customer about the overall project status.

As technology is booming, it is important for customers to ensure their e-commerce mobile app projects are thorough. For these reasons, you should choose a leading and reliable development company to get the best results and services.

4. An ability to meet strict deadlines

Being able to meet the clients’ deadlines and deliver on time is an integral part of any development company. It is so easy for a mobile app project to slide off the rails before it even starts properly. So it is really essential that you hire an e-commerce mobile app development company which can deliver according to promise. You should always keep in mind about the project deadlines.


You cannot wait for years just because of hiring a company for app development then facing problems in the delivery of that project on the given deadline. So before going ahead, you should check all these things carefully about the hired company.

5. Clear cost estimation plan

The most important factor to discuss with the hired e-commerce mobile app development company is the project’s cost. There are a lot of newbie firms who can build apps for less money. But these companies will provide low-quality services that will not meet your expectation.

If you really want to grow and expand your business globally, think it over. Choose a company who provides high-quality services at competitive rates.

Heather Nguyen – Savvycom Blog


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