What Are Three Latest Automated Testing Tools in 2019?

2019 has passed half the episodes, bringing about many advances in every aspect of the economy, in which IT is no exception. Each and every step of IT development processes have undergone significant changes whose efficiency are constantly debatable in these recent years, including testing.
Although the nature of testing cannot be replaced, the tools to be applied can be another story. What kind of tools is the most up-to-date on the market? Which ones shall be applied for maximum goal attainment? Are they effective enough to take testing to the next level?
In this blog, I’ll help you clear up your mind by listing three latest automated testing tools in 2019 as well as clarify whether they are worthy of use. Hope you can find some interesting information here and make it yours!

top 3 latest automated testing tools in 2019

In order to find bugs and see how their apps will perform in the real world, let’s discover the ultimate automation testing tools.

1. The Penetration Of Automated Testing Tools

Almost everything in the world is wrapped up in convenience. Humans want it to be faster, easier with little effort, no matter it’s in their household chores, in their purchase and especially in their work tasks. That explains the nurture of various temporary businesses and technologies, ranging from convenience stores, click-and-mortar, robots, etc to modern tools and automation.
The principles stay unshaken in terms of the IT industry. In order to save time, cost, heart and brain for tasks of higher importance and priority, tools and automation become part of the game, which in combination is called automated tools.
They are, in essence, a kind of machinery with no identity like humans’.
The human intervention factor plays an undoubtedly important role in carrying on the level of consistency and accuracy. They are not us. They know no emotions nor exhaustion, there is barely any difference among them since their capabilities are synced from one to another since birth. Therefore, their operation and calculation will remain highly precise and effective as long as the codes take control.
Thanks to the high accuracy and error reduction, automated tools become critically important in the world of complication leveraging – the unfading nature of IT. They are often applied in the testing phase of IT product development, which is the last-but-not-least phase of any development process. These automated testing tools enable developers to check out the quality and effectiveness of their web and mobile software or hardware with detailed analysis, hence, reduce the number of errors within the product.

For all those reasons, automated testing tools have become an irreplaceably competent right-hand of testers in preparation for a perfect product representation, and it will sure to continue being an effective solution for another year on.

2. The new face of the veterans

These days there are not so many brand new testing tools, however, the old guys in the testing tools field are rising above with new changes and innovation to adapt to the higher demand from users. The latest version of some familiar names can be so fresh, so cool that we can hardly recognise, making them not only out of sheer the newest version but somehow the newest faces running on the trend of this generation.

3. The top 3 in the list of automation testing tools

3.1. qTest 9

qTest by QASymphony is one of the outstanding guys in Agile and DevOps practices. Among all qTest’s versions, qTest 9 is the newest release with 2 new features: qTest Launch and qTest Scenario.
qTest Launch is designed for test automation management. It provides users with updates on the basic characteristics like centralized test automation, integration across frameworks and tools and enhanced visibility.

side screen qtest launch

qTest Launch | Source: QASymphony.

On the other hand, qTest Scenario “helps everyone to be on the same page with BDD (behaviour-driven development), as put by QASymphony’s spokesman. It owns the ability to facilitate BDD test scenario creation through Jira software add-on, which offers users an ideal way to start with automated testing.
side screen qtest scenario agile test automation tools

qTest Scenario | Source: QASymphony.

Some key features of it, according to QAsymphony’s blog, would be:

  • Jira integration: Testers, developers and product owners can create, update, edit and link feature files using the Jira interface to any issue type.
  • Simplified script and scenario creation: qTest Scenario’s autocompletion allows BDD teams to well-reuse previously implemented Cucumber steps or outlines to streamline feature and scenario creation.
  • Source code traceability: qTest Scenario stores all feature files directly in private Git repositories like GitHub and Bitbucket to standardize feature files and scenario steps as code.

3.2. Ranorex 9.0

Ranorex is an all-in-one tool for cross-platform test automation. It not only well fits the beginners because of its codeless click-and-go interface but also powers automation experts by its full IDE.

ranorex 9.0 release web application testing

Source: Ranorex.

Ranorex 9.0 is the latest version released by Ranorex studio. It contains a mysterious yet stunning dark-theme, effective and optimal new features and some performance-boosting tricks
The first new feature of the 9.0 version to be listed is the improvements in performance and usability. Ranorex adds a new dark theme as a complement to the light theme earlier, so that users now have more options to choose. It also has a new 64-bit version for easier automatic and debugging, a video recording of test execution to keep track of what happened and a new file/project wizard for faster, easier workflow.
Ranorex studio also thinks about enhancements in remote testing, shown by its custom tags for remote agents, smarter mouse handling and remote test distribution. Other worth-noting traits would be a new machine-trained algorithm for automatic identification of web elements and Significantly faster test execution performance for web application testing, for all web browsers.

3.3. Zephyr for Jira 4.0.3

Speaking of testing tools, Zephyr has no match. Zephyr is a “leading provider of on-demand, real-time enterprise test management solutions, offering innovative applications and unparalleled, metrics based visibility via real time dashboards into the quality and status of software projects”, according to Atlassian Marketplace.

zephyr for jira automated software testing

Source: Zephyr.

Zephyr for Jira is the flagship of Zephyr’s applications, also considered as the no.1 selling tool and the most trusted testing solution, providing end-to-end answers for agile teams of all sizes with its rich features in various field of business.
In March 2019, Zephyr for Jira version 4.0.3 was released, presenting many new features to improve users’ experiences. Some outstanding ones are:

  • Introduced an option in the general configuration settings for Zephyr for JIRA to display all archived versions when viewing test cycles under the cycle summary page.
  • Added an option to disable the appended “CLONE” text when cloning test cycles and folders under the cycle summary page. Therefore, users are able to import all test cases via the internal importer tool using a sheet filter with a discriminator by the ID change.
  • Implemented a visual editor for testing steps for a test issue type. It also adds lots of bug fixes to enhance the overall efficiency.

The quality of Zephyr jor Jira 4.0.3 has been well-tested by Savvycom recently, and even excellence is an understatement. It has a beautiful interface, higher bug detection and lots of convenience and great experiences you cannot find anywhere else. Using Zephyr for Jira 4.0.3, Savvycom has successfully tested various software and applications, of which dressCODE is part of.

dressCODE iOS mobile application by Savvycom

dressCODE is one of the well-tested and bug-free mobile applications developed by Savvycom.

dressCODE is an iOS mobile application, designed to facilitate on-demand wardrobe styling and personal shopping services. It connects Clients and Stylists through a modernised booking process. dressCODE offers three styling services for customers, which are called The Closet, The Shopper and The Jetsetter. Through these three offers, a stylist will arrive at your home to clean out your closet, meet you at the mall to shop for your wardrobe, or help plan your clothing for a business trip.
It’s an excellent idea for a day-to-day solution, therefore, we as Savvycom wanted it to be represented at its best version: which means the testing phase shall be conducted perfectly in order to find and fix as many bugs as possible. Hence, as a company who loves enthralling experiences and trying out the new, we decide to entrust latest version of Zephyr for Jira for the best result – and it didn’t fail us at any point. The bugs are well identified, the testing process stayed optimal, the product was born nice and smooth. There is just nothing to complain about the newest version of Zephyr for Jira.

4. The very last words

Each of the above testing tools comes with a unique, distinctive competitive advantage, core competency and environmental fit – the point is to find one that is suitable to your current and even future state. Therefore, doing some researches to pinpoint which one suits your need the most would out of doubt help you reach further milestones.

In case you need further consultation and recommendation, or simply look for tester team outsource, you can always have us as your back – we Savvycom are very willing to give you a hand!
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QA Outsourcing 101: Why and Where

Every tech-company has the same goal of delivering an exceptional product with the greatest features, as fast as possible. To achieve that ultimate goal, a comprehensive chain of human resources must be built, in which the QA team is part of. Having an effective QA team is similar to having a capable bodyguard: a hazard detector, a guarantee to your life security. Take it more detail, QA is all about meeting the needs and expectations of customers with respect to functionality, design, reliability, durability, and price of the product. It is one hell of one’s work scope, therefore, partly evidencing the importance of QA in the software development life cycle.

However, constructing an ideal QA team is not a piece of cake. There are lots of factors shall be considered at hand, such as whether to recruit in-house professionals or to outsource from another talent pool. Each has its own perks, thus, QA outsourcing is not a bad choice as well.
But why should we outsource QAs exactly? And where are the best addresses for QA outsourcing?

QA outsourcing 101 Why and Where by Savvycom

QA outsourcing allows you to retain top talent while providing plenty of flexibility in team management.

Why choose QA Outsourcing services?

Because it is beneficial in many ways!

QA outsourcing benefits

QA Outsourcing: What are its benefits? | Source: Savvycom.

Cost efficiency

Cost is often the top of mind when mentioning outsource. The cost of “borrowing” is often times lower than actually “buying” something. That is to say, hiring talents from outsourcing companies is often way cheaper than a self-recruitment.
When it comes to conducting recruitment, especially long-run, specialised ones that aim at attracting professionals and experts, one hell of a budget shall be taken out from the company account, covering bonus for HR executives, headhunters if any, commission for intermediaries, interview expenditures, etc.
Then let’s assume you successfully self-recruit a gifted, capable QA team. What’s next? You have to pay them, hourly, weekly or monthly. No matter when you feel like to “salary” your employees, you still have to open your wallet. At the very least, you must suffer QAs’ salaries and wages expense in accordance with the contract signed, the income taxes, the cost of their benefits package and their payroll taxes such as FICA taxes. That’s not to mention the expense levy on training and development.
Now make a calculation. How much you must spend for an in-house QA team? I bet it must be a big fat number of dollars, without a shadow of a doubt.
That, as a result, paves a way for outsourcing, a more economical way to pertain the capacity of the QAs without sparing way too much money. All you have to do is to sign a contract with an outsourcing company at will, that’s not to mention there might be various packages for you to choose. Even if you go for the highest-priced package, chances are it’s still cheaper than the cost of hiring QAs of the same level on your own. Hence, labour costs are optimised to the lowest possible.
Moreover, by outsourcing, you can let the outsourced staffs work in their office instead of yours. Therefore, you don’t struggle to collect extra money for office expansion or simply save the space for better purposes.
Plus, once a partnership is formed, mutual support shall come into play. You can receive management assistance from your outsourcing partner on QA team members controlling and administrative tasks, thus, together you both take steps closer to the goal. This way, not only your overheads but also your managers could feel a little relaxed literally.


First, there is one thing I think you and me both agree: expertise is very important in QA processing.
Experts play a crucial role in leading the whole team to go the right way. They are ones that watch out any other QA in the team and make sure that they are all held skilful and accountable. They have the experiences and the knowledge to help PM and your company with that. Without them, a QA team is likely to go into chaos.
The question then is, how do you plan to recruit them?
Now let’s slip back to the hypothesis up there, about you self-recruiting your own ideal QA team. All those dollars aside, you are seeing your HR team doing a CV/portfolio scanning and interviewing. They might be doing it with decent support from a project manager, a CTO, a guy that takes charge of some IT cool stuff, or you. A list of expectations, requirements and benefits shall be handed to the HR department so that they have a foundation on the qualified candidates and are able to determine who is going to be short-listed as well as who will be the finals to survive.
If you are searching for experts, specialists or someone that is close to such levels, your expectations must be high, the requirements shall be demanding, and the benefits could be extremely lucrative. Yet, all of them must set based on the quality of the talent pool you are approaching.
In short, there are 3 factors affecting the expertise of your recruited: the criteria (expectations, requirements), the benefits you offer and the talent pool. Besides, the first two are often in a reciprocal relationship with the last one.

The criteria and the talent pool

While you’re doing recruitment, you are heavily attached to the company image and values. It is reflected in your expectations, in your requirements and any other criteria you set on the candidates. You and your own business values are the two things that can hardly be separated.
I won’t say it’s not right since you apparently have valid reasons to find people that match. No one gets to choose the persons they feel like they can hardly get along right?
However, the thing is although you need a great fit, you cannot ignore the competency.
Put it simply, though you want expertise, suitability can’t help but be a complementary one. Therefore, your criteria must cover both the suitability and the high-level proficiency (as you are looking for experts), which makes the criteria pretty demanding as I once said in the previous passage. Therefore, it forms a negative correlation with the possibility of successful expert recruitment: the more challenging the criteria, the harder you recruit successfully.
Still, it’s not a problem if you have a high-quality talent pool. If you are looking for the best employees, you should look into the best hubs. The criteria you set shall be in harmony with the talent pool you are going to access to, no matter what.
Therefore, if you are confident in the financial power to hire headhunters from HR companies, or in your company’s capability to create a high-quality talent pool that can provide the best QA experts, it’s cool. Just go for it. However, if you are nowhere near that confidence, QA outsourcing remains a better choice.
Outsourcing companies may not have a big, diverse talent pool as HR companies, but they are sure to have numerous reputable and experienced experts in the IT field, including QA experts. Because such companies give humans for hire in return of money, they have a special, distinctive, highly effective and reliable method of filtering talents, keeping only those who are capable of making wonders out from scratch and offer them to business customers.
Just connecting to an outsourcing firm and you are free to access their talent pool easily with a reasonable service expense without costing you any additional training or increased management cost. You are free to choose whoever you think meeting your criteria without having to think too much about the method to access a quality talent pool as well as the accord between two of them.
This way, you keep your demanding criteria over the level of suitability and expertise, yet you still have what you want in a much easier way.

The benefits and the talent pool

This is quite similar to the cost category. If you want experts to enter the game, logically you must be attractive enough to them – which is often shown through the number of benefits (salaries, incentive, insurance, etc). However, benefits are just a different name for money. The greater the benefits, the more money they cost you. This would add even more expense to the recruitment as well as the whole project budget in the end.
However, once again, if you outsource QA experts, the cost is cut down to an acceptable amount for the reasons stated above. You can save the money for other operational activities in the future, or prepare for the force majeure you might later confront.

Where provide QA Outsourcing services?

Although QA outsourcing seems like a good choice, it makes no sense if you make a terrible investment in bad outsourcing companies. Therefore, taking a heads-up on which companies are trustworthy and capable of making your wildest dreams into reality is never a waste.


ZS largest it service firm

Source: ZS.

ZS is considered one of the world’s largest IT service firms focused exclusively on helping companies improve overall performance and grow revenue and market share through end-to-end sales and marketing solutions—from customer insights and strategy to analytics, operations and technology. More than 4,500 ZS professionals in 22 offices worldwide draw on deep industry and domain expertise to deliver impact where it matters for clients across multiple industries. With rich experience in solving customer problems, ZS is a good partner for excellence indeed.

Infosys BPM

infosys end-to-end outsourcing company Savvycom

Source: Infosys BPM.

Infosys BPM Ltd. is a business process management subsidiary of Infosys Ltd. (NYSE: INFY), set up in April 2002. Infosys BPM focuses on integrated end-to-end outsourcing and delivers transformational benefits to its clients through reduced costs, ongoing productivity improvements, and process re-engineering. Infosys BPM serves various industries, such as energy and utilities, financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media and entertainment, retail, logistics and telecommunications. It has been operating in many countries around the world, including India, Ireland, the United States, China, the Philippines, Australia, etc.


savvycom vietnam leading agile development company

Source: Savvycom.

Vietnam might not be seen as a big guy in the technology game, but it is an on-the-rise, dynamic and potential market promising to boom in the near future. Savvycom, an IT service firm located in Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam, is a company that pertains to all those values Vietnam market is promising to deliver. It’s a leading Technology Consulting and Software Product Development Company providing services to customers in various industries such as Healthcare, Education, Fintech, E-commerce and Logistic & Supply Chain.
Through constant efforts to deliver robust IT solutions to customers, Savvycom has achieved so many milestones, such as being listed at the top of Top App Developers In Vietnam according to Clutch. With a vision to make the world a better place with world-beating apps, Savvycom is dedicated to creating only mobile and software applications that really contribute to the well-being of our community, therefore, gain lots of affections from both the community and the customers.
Explore our work

With Savvycom, you can get the best tech-solutions from the most skilful, devoted, collaborative and result-oriented engineer teams, or just simply have a loyal partner on your road to turn the world upside down. Therefore, you are no longer in a worry towards the high cost or poor expertise – just trust them and let them do the work for you.
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Why Software Testing is very important?

Some people may think coding is the most important phase in the software development life cycle (SDLC), but this is completely a myth that we should tear down. Testing is particularly important because it determines the quality of the software after the Designing and Building phase. Software testing strives for the goal of a free-bug application before it’s delivered to the customers. In the fast-paced and competitive business world, the quality should be the big motto in the IT outsourcing industry.
Savvycom team deeply understands that our clients have invested their money and time into our projects, so our mission is to provide them with stunning high-quality applications. We, therefore, give prominence to implementing software testing procedure. Several following reasons may clearly tell you why software testing plays an important role in our SDLC.
why software testing is important by savvycom

An effective software testing can bring happy clients, customer retention and company reputation.

Software Testing terms could be mixed up

Before going into detail about the software testing procedures, it’s important to make clear some following definitions:

  • Error/Mistake: Errors or mistakes are committed by software developers, which should be software engineers, software programmers, or analysts. In the coding process, a mistyped variable name might lead to an error. When errors arise, they could make the program malfunction.
  • Bug/Defect/Fault: A bug or a defect is a flaw that appears when the programmer makes mistakes while he designs or builds the software or the program. A bug leads to the malfunction of the software.
  • Failure: When a program containing bugs or defects get executed, its system will malfunction, which calls failure.

Save time and money

Important as testing is, this phase is still being underestimated and undervalued, commonly by some of the project owners who don’t know the role of testing teams in the project’s success. Consequently, some businesses cut expenses spending on software testing. In the long term, a program that has not been carefully tested before delivered to the customers could cost them a much larger amount of money than the total they paid for the whole project.
Let’s remember, it would be more cost-effective and time-efficient to make sure things work well in the beginning. The thorough and stringent testing is a budget-wise investment because it can generate great results above expectations.
Software development consists of many phases and the earlier phase bugs are caught in, the lower costs to fix them it costs. Inspecting and curing bugs is similar to detecting and treating cancer. The first stage treatment costs are always much lower than the third stage ones. When a programmer continues coding without testing, his mistakes might betray him during the software development. The further the project’s carried out, the harder it is to correct the mistakes and cure the bugs. This may lead to the misunderstandings your client’s business objectives of the software. Therefore, it’s crucial to get software testing done as soon as possible.
bad code good code

Enhance customer satisfaction and company reputation

Products represent the face of a company. Customers don’t see a company based on the process but on the result. A good product will help you build trust and intrigue the consumers, which, in return, improve your competitive advantage on the market. In contrast, a substandard program will disappoint the customer, demotivate them from buying another product from your company. Therefore, it will likely decrease the retention rate and your company competency towards competitors.
At Savvycom, we have Jio Health, an online healthcare product that collaborated with the Jio tech team. Jio Health is a smart system running on both Ios and Android, which helps Doctors and their Patients connect easier through devices, which also saves a lot of time and gap among patients and doctors. In the beginning, we also had to deal with crashing and bugs, but partly thanks to the meticulous software testing phase which reinforces the quality of the product, we have gained 75000 registrations and 25000 visits, beating a lot of competitors and becoming a breakthrough in the healthcare industry. This cannot be such a boom without the help of our testers, who, with a customer-centric mindset, have spent nights and days to bring the best version to the customers, gaining for us thousands of registration and the trust of the customers.

jio health savvycom software testing

Jio Health – a smart tool for healthcare management | Source: Savvycom.

Ensure security

Security is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of coding. There have been many situations where the user’s personal information has been stolen or being used for shabby purposes by hackers. Especially some information may cause huge damage or danger to users if it gets leaked, for example, banking information, phone number or address. Therefore, many customers nowadays are not willing to fill in the profile sheet lest their information being stolen.
Some might argue that the rate is too small to doubt the security of technological devices or applications. However, chances are it’s not. Even Yahoo, one of the biggest guy on the Internet, had been the victim of a data breach in 2014. According to CSO Online, the attack compromised the real names, email addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers of 500 million users. In October 2017, Yahoo announced the full face of the scandal to the public, admitting that almost all 3 billion user accounts registering in their system had been compromised. As a result, in the end, they have to sell the company to Verizon, ending an era on which marked their name.

ensure security software testing

Software testing can solve vulnerable and sensitive problems about security | Source: techround.

It’s not just a lesson for any businessman before the ultimate power of cyber-attacks, but also a wake-up call to any technology developer. Customers sure have a reason to be afraid of information leaking and other relevant breaches. Therefore, the job of an IT manufacturer is to provide top-notch quality and reliable services so that customers don’t hesitate to give full trust to not only the product but also the company. The moment users refuse to hand in their information is the moment they refuse to trust you, therefore, the moment you lose. Thus, having a strongly protected program is not only safe for your users but also for your business system.
However, truth be told there is no perfectly perfect product that has 0% of defects, we can only minimise the number of errors and maximise the operational productivity and continuously reinforce the security wall. That is to say, one of the most effective ways is to test the product before representing it to the market. By testing, bugs are detected, defects are fixed, security walls will be rebuilt right away if there is any crack in the system. Weak points in the code consequences are found and strengthen, so that not any fault is allowed to be in customers’ sight, therefore, the products on their hand will be of the best condition. Users are no longer need to worry about anything, especially the confidential level of their information stored in the platform.

If you want any further advice on efficient testing, or just simply looking for a partner that can understand and addressing all customers’ needs, please take Savvycom into consideration.
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8 Great Testing Technologies for Mobile App Developers

Recently, testing is one of a serious issue for mobile app developer due to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices performances.

With so many operating system versions, browsers, and devices in circulation, ensuring a quality experience across all combinations can be nearly impossible, especially when you have a limited number of devices on hand.

Plus, the more you ask of your apps, the more important testing can be. And the more complex of applications, the more crucial of testing.

In order to find bugs and see how their apps will perform in the real world, a variety of tools and services have been released, including cloud-based options that give developers access to thousands of device and software combinations. Here are eight great testing technologies for mobile app developers.

8 great testing tools for mobile app developers

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Why Testing is very Important?

Hiring professional developers always helps a business run efficiently. In that case, whether a business should invest in testing or not, essentially when QA will take a large amount of business budget?

It is a big question for almost managers to optimize the business budget. And here, in this blog post, my answer is “Of course, yes, they are very important.” and my explanation for that answer.


It’s very important

In the position of users, I remember using an app that always gets crashing. Then I understood the feeling when meeting the bad-quality apps. The software should be a tool that helps people do their jobs more efficiently than there are not, but the tools that make people angry because of always crashing.

It is not a freeware

When customers pay for the app, of course, they have the right to use a perfect one, which they should not re-login so many times just because the app does not work well.

Proud of product

As someone who starts life working in IT, they will own the proud of their created applications. Therefore, they will never want to introduce their apps which bugs always occur.

Problem is not only finding a bug

Quality assurance isn’t just about finding what doesn’t work.

It also has to make sure that a feature or a product does what it should do, and follow the logic of the users. This is as important as bug finding and involves looking at the product through the customer’s eyes.

Nobody is perfect

We can have the great, awesome developer team, but this does not mean that they will never make mistakes. And to ensure our final product/application is the perfect one. And QA will be the person who helps us unsure about the best quality of the final product.

So, they are my idea. How’s about you? Please leave your comments below!

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Outsourcing QA – What are Its Benefits?

Every company has the same goal of delivering an exceptional product with the greatest features, as fast as possible.To achieve this goal, CEOs and QA Managers must staff their QA teams with expert engineers. But if there are any problems happen, and the release cycle is interrupted or your own team lacks necessary domain knowledge? Instead of these unexpected problems happen, now consider outsourcing QA, which allows you to retain top talent while providing a plenty of flexibility in team management

Let’s check the info graphic below and see what they are:

Outsourcing QA - What are its benefits
In case you are looking for such a partner for growth, feel free to contact us – a tech consultant who has been in the industry for 11 years and has been verified for a creative mindset, strong commitment, and outstanding skills. We promise to not only deliver the best social app ideas to accelerate your business but are also capable of translating those initiatives into a seamless and competitive final product. 
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Top Challenges and Best Practices in Mobile Testing

With the development of technology nowadays, testing becomes one of the most important section to ensure an application is in a good quality to be released. Along with this rapid development, testers meet both external and internal challenges. In the infographic below, we recommend some ideal situations as well as some suggestions to effective practices in mobile testing.


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Savvycom Joins HCMC Software Testing Conference 2016

This is the 3rd conference organized by HCMC Software Testing Club with the co-organization of the HCMC Computer Association. Software testing conference (STC) aims to promote best practices in software testing industry and inspire software testing career.

Along with subject “The secret life of testers”, STC features international expert speakers, plenary talks and technical sessions on a diverse range of topics: Managing Software Testing, Bug Detection and Test Prioritization, Test Automation, Test Metrics, Measurement & Performance Testing.

One of specialties at STC 2016 is James Bach, who is among the most famous testers in the world. He used to work for Dale Dishroon, Apple Computer, Borland, STLabs, SmartPatents, Reliable software technologies and now the CEO and Principle Consultant for Buccaneer-Scholar Incorporated and Satisfic. James possesses deep understanding of software testing and will pass on his experience of executing software testing activities in an efficient way dependent on context.

HCMC Software Testing Conference 2016

Being present at this conference on July 16th, Savvycom’s representatives: Tuan Nguyen and Hai Le, those who have years of accumulating knowledge and working experience with different open-source testing tools, would have chance to share Savvycom’s difficulties, obstacles and achievements in implemented software testing projects.

Software testing undoubtedly plays a vital role in the software development life-cycle to recognize the difficulties in the process very well. However, many teams usually invest most of their time in developing incredible frameworks with wide range of features, but completely forget about testing them.


Tuan Nguyen (Savvycom) with James Bach

At Savvycom, we consider testing, especially automated software testing, to be essential. Testing should be started as early as possible to make it a part of a process of deciding requirement. Our testing team of highly – skilled QA engineers will plan a robust test strategy, optimizing quality of your final products, reducing cost and boosting performance.

All the possible vulnerabilities, bugs can be eliminated across various platforms, environments in a timely manner, with affordable budget. Your product’s quality will be assured in a cost-effective and comprehensive way.

Find more information about automated software testing at: Software Testing of Savvycom.

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