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You may have considerable experience on tablet but iPad offers a few noticeable variances that can differentiate the designing for this device to the others. In this post, we’ll suggest the 5 important tips that will make your amazing iPad designs.

1. Simple

The concept of being simple is fundamental for iPad. The time for long and complex instruction has ended and been replaced by trends for easy-to-use apps with minimum need for “help”. The key thing is to provide relevant hints appropriately in a contextually subtle way whenever user debates what to do next.


2. Application bar

Together with Simple concept is application bar, a very popular feature in any app. The level of recognition for each icon / button is necessarily significant to make sure that the functional flow of the application is clear and instructive.

3. Theme and Screen orientations

In concern of outdoor application, it is crucially important to select color scheme to fit both dark and bright environment outside. Be careful when using too much white since this can affect user’s visualization during day time.

With a bigger screen, the ability to switch between landscape and portrait views brings so much benefit especially to iPad users. To consider any possible ways orientation changes your layout while keeping user’s ease-of-use will create an outstanding inspiration around your apps. We all know that translating a design from portrait to landscape or vice versa is like working on a totally new project, which means more time and budget consuming; but believe me, it’s worth your effort.


Another very important note is that the landscape view is very convenient whenever text input event occurs since it brings a full sized virtual keyboard.

4. Design for dynamic content

The bigger screen gives user the ability to quickly create diverse contents and consequently will bring them to the demand for sharing and connecting to immediate web content and web-based tools on Internet. To deal with any possible Internet connection matter, the tip is to consider the graphics that notice user when no connection or data is found.

5. Fresh your vision

Last but not least, spend a few days not thinking about your application to fresh your mind so that you can get into user’s brain. A fresh brainstorming will bring not only new ideas and improvements but also a fair assessment on your on-going project.

We hope that this article would be helpful and provide fundamental factors for your first iPad designs.


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