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Customers don’t buy The Internet of Things (IoT). Customers buy a solution to a specific problem where Internet of Things (IoT) components are part of that solution. A typical IoT solution requires an ecosystem of partners spanning from sensors to applications.

Any company in the Internet of Things (IoT) market should look for IoT solutions that can do correlation and analytics. So, when building solutions to use all the data available, there are multiple considerations, in short, 7 unique issues with IoT solutions.


1, Velocity: Data is normally moving in real time. If done in real time, this can potentially prevent a serious fault in a gas or oil pipeline.
2, Volume: IoT solutions may bring a variety of different data together from video, audio, vibratioin, temperature, pressure, humidity and more.
3, Location: Sensors can be anywhere, and are ofter mobile. The need to aggregate data or build analytics to reduce the load by buidling intelligence close to sensors.
4, Standards: There are many ways that data sensors can communicate to a central point. Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy, Wifi or 2G, 3G, 4G are all common. All are useful.
5, Cloud: The core system are located in the cloud. The demand for resources will vary over time and the processing requirements can all be managed from a single point.
6, Intergration: IoT, solutions ofter need much more than just sensor based data to become useful. This requires intergration across all system components.
7. Security & Privacy: Maintaining the security of a set of devices using differing standards and networks is not easy.


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