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The introduction of iPhone 5 has been one of the hottest news over the past few days. And when it appeared, there was a mixture of feelings and opinions. Some love it, some don’t, but to some of its fans, Apple probably has become “once upon a time”.

iPhone 5 – World’s best smartphone

The new iPhone 5 with iOS 6 certainly has attributes that satisfy its fans: Nice design (maybe), thinner, lighter, bigger screen, not to mention A6 chip and a new camera that is even better than expected. The sales of iPhone 5 are anticipated to outperform the record of iPhone 4S in the past. You may say that the iPhone 5 is persuasive enough. But still, something is not so right here…

apple then and now

Apple’s iPhone 5

Apple then, Apple now

Seems like in this ‘era’ of Tim Cook, the familiar factor of ‘surprise’ we used to see in the past is gone. Then, every time a new Apple product was introduced, everybody got mesmerized. There was an Apple that always made its fans exclaim in total surprise. Today’s Apple, like some people believe, lost one part of its spirit when Steve Jobs passed away.

Apple of the old days crossed all borders without any fear. Apple then left behind all criticism to go its own way and then amazed the whole world with its strange yet attractive designs. But it feels like somewhere in the current Apple exists the so-called ‘safe’. Its products are still very good, but no longer as alluring and mysterious as they used to be. Well, maybe we can say that Apple products are still excellent, yet a bit predictable.

Despite saying so, Apple is still holding the position of the most valuable company in history. Maybe the situation would be the same as when iPhone 4 was released, many people criticized it but then fell in love with it. What about you? Do you believe that Apple is getting off track? Or do you still have faith in its revolution in the future?


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