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Having the biggest change to the Windows OS since the launch of Windows 95, Windows 8 promises to represent a new fresh air to Microsoft users. In fact, many points of view reckoned that it is a great operating system. Then why the number of people using Windows 8 at the moment is quite low? What’s the real problem Window 8 facing? Read more: software engineer vs software developer

Window 8 was a total market failure

According to NetMarketshare, until this May, the number of devices running Windows 8 took up only 3.82% in the market. The most popular OS is Windows 7 with 44.72% of the market share and Windows XP – 38.31%. Currently, Windows Vista even has more market share than Windows 8, with 4.75%. Obviously, This Window version is step by step losing its position in the market and they definitely can not compete with other operating systems.

These statistics are not too surprising, it’s the fact that the loss of Windows version 8 to “disaster” Windows Vista (released 6 years ago) claims a big failure of Windows 8.

What is the reason behind Windows 8’s failure?

They can blame on the developers of Windows that their remake changes the traditional value of it’s brand’s design. However, if we take a closer look, this isn’t the main reason why Windows 8 has failed.

Perhaps, the main reason is believed to be the satisfaction of users with the older OS. To almost all users, Windows 7 or Windows XP is more friendly and good enough for them to make use of all the necessary applications. There’re absolutely no reasons for them to change to a new OS if it doesn’t offer any new special features besides the new platform. Thus, many users said that “Old habits die hard” and they refused to try a new operating system of Microsoft – Window 8.

How to change this situation?

It is the time for Microsoft to co-operate with software developers to renovate its ideas. If the new update doesn’t support old platforms, users must turn to a new OS. However, it’s seemed to be hard to persuade users if they only use computers to check email, Facebook or read online newspapers.

From Windows 8 to Windows 8.1


The Start button might be the most obvious change of Windows version 8.1. Whether Windows 8.1 may change this situation or not? Can Windows 8.1 re-start Windows 8? It’s questionable and clearly not an easy mission of this new OS. Due to all existing problems, Windows developer now really need considerable efforts to change the situation. Hopefully, users will have a great experience in new features of the next OS generation – Windows version 8.1.

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