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custom web app development

At Savvycom, our engineers have been responding to various clients with different demands to create outstanding custom web applications. Custom web application development is one of the cornerstones of our services, as we are constantly innovating our development process. We understand firmly that our clients have specific needs to their businesses, so little web applications are ever the same. We have done over 300 projects with clients, many of which are custom web app development.

While web mobile platforms remain almost uncontested in terms of convenience and accessbility, the desktop is still a key player. Hence, in most IT companies, development of both desktop and mobile web is a simultaneous process. Consequently, with the rise of the consumer market today, development of these platforms needs to be more customized. Custom web application (or app) development therefore is of as much importance as custom mobile app development.

It is best to understand the word “custom” here as: fitting to people’s desires. Since today businesses work in different ways, we spent considerable resources to obey clients’ various web application needs. In this article, we will explain the term custom web app development and its benefits for the industry.

The core technologies of the web. This is where all web apps come to perform their functions through custom web app development

The core technologies of the web. This is where all web apps come to perform their functions through custom web app development.

1. What is custom web app development?

Firstly, to clarify between web app development and custom web app development, Savvycom has made a comparison here.

Web applications are programs/functions that are used to perform website tasks through browsers, for the less than nerdy. The development of these applications is crucial to maintaining any firm’s online presence and their status in the market. The common web apps generally are online retail, e-mail, office software, project management, online encyclopedias and many others.

However, custom web app development refers to development of web app which responds to specific needs of a person or company. For instance, blogging platforms need specific tools to help users customize their pages. Educational institutions need web student performance management systems, and medical companies need web functions to manage their patients’ health. Web apps like these are not common to the public, and mostly utilized by companies to solve business challenges.

Custom web app development, due to its nature, heavily emphasizes on usability and compalibility across different platforms. With this in mind, Savvycom always ensures that custom web apps built for our clients are perfectly functional and versatile. Our testing team is constantly evaluating our web services for clients, and innovate upon existing as well as future applications.

2. Benefits of custom web app development

Satisfying solutions and additional revenue

Most of the time, custom web app development serves as the ultimate answer to any business problems. The unique nature of custom web apps mean that companies can desire for whichever purposes they need through the web. For example, when developing the Jio Health app for the firm of the same name, Savvycom helped improve their service availability by adding even more functions to both the web and mobile platforms. More than merely just contact details, we built for Jio Health in-app telemedicine and booking home doctor visits services.

By emphasizing custom web app development, business can use their custom-built software as an income utility. Converting software into a SaaS (software as a service) also increases brand loyalty, because the more attractive the service, the more loyal clients stay. For a desirable fee, clients are willing to pay more to enjoy the services that companies bring through their website. For instance, Google Drive offers additional storage for users at more reasonable prices than competitors like Dropbox and OneDrive. This also helped Google maintain and increase their client base.

Custom web app development also allows the possibility to convert software into software as a service, which generates more revenue.

Custom web app development also allows the possibility to convert software into software as a service, which generates more revenue.

Anticipating client needs and learning experience for employees

Clients decide the fate of any company, regardless of business model. Custom web app development therefore serves clients best by delivering software solutions that suit their needs. Specific web apps also help companies further understand their client, and improve upon existing services. Meanwhile, relying on off-the-shelf web apps can be costly, as they do not offer flexiblity and hinder user experience greatly. Consequently, this leads companies to spend more on developing customized functions in additional patches, which is more costly.

Custom web app development also helps employees learn the values and demands of specific clients. Since web platforms represent a company’s image, employees who build the apps must know what unique services do clients expect. By learning client demands and psychology, companies can deliver the best experience with specific web apps. Employees can be more productive due to the need to constantly evaluate and innovate from clients’ web experience.

Since foundation, Savvycom’s custom web app development process has always attentively catered to even the most fastidious clients. Our developers learned from different markets and different cultures due to developing custom web apps for clients from four continents. As a result, we have a deep understanding of how clients from where need what. We never stop innovating.

Compalibility and performance

Many companies are turning attention more to mobile platforms today, as they share equal importance with the web platform. With expertise in developing specialized software for iOS and Android, Savvycom engineers never fail to guarantee app compalibility. Custom web app development today must also deliver web functions that work also on mobile devices. Convenience is the core philosophy behind mobile platforms. If a website does not run properly on a mobile device, it is a failure.

Furthermore, custom web app development helps to greatly solve performance issues often found on off-the-shelf software. Companies when dissatisfied with its performance issues and lack of flexibility need to spend more on custom configurations. Hence, it is better to focus on custom web app development in the first place to avoid spending more on adding functions. Off-the-shelf software leaves a lot of holes to fill and bugs when companies need  to deliver additional services.

Custom web app development also assists companies in business automation. When users visit a company’s website, the apps are already there to guide them in. Since each client needs different apps but do not require a human to operate, custom web app development can achieve this by creating automated unique programs for web platforms. Productivity and performance therefore will no longer be a serious issue.

Cross-platform compatibility is a must for custom web app development, because today nearly everyone is using smartphones.

Cross-platform compatibility is a must for custom web app development, because today nearly everyone is using smartphones.

Security and data storage

Today security is a major focus for companies that manage large amounts of clients’ information. The same concern goes for banks hospitals, schools and police departments where data storage are often the most vulnerable aspect. Hence, custom web app development helps them with this. The web platform is a great place to develop unique security solutions to prevent access to sensitive data.

Moreover, custom security apps, due to their flexibility can be deployed both in house and on the cloud. While not all are proof against hacking threats, they are the only viable option for organizations to protect data. Since cloud and electronic storage is the norm today, various security web apps have been introduced to protect users.

When developing custom web apps for client, Savvycom always ensures that clients data is safely secured in every way. We provided security solutions on the web for our clients in healthcare, education and healthcare industries. As a result, Savvycom has ensured that there has been and never will be a breach of clients’ information privacy.

Security is one of the main focuses of custom web app development to safeguard data and privacy.

Security is one of the main focuses of custom web app development to safeguard data and privacy.

Interaction and aesthetics

Custom web app development can deliver astonishing aesthetics to a website’s layout. Not only does the website look more appealing but also it demonstrates the efforts a company put into satisfying clients. Visuals are extremely important when it comes to online presence. Apparently, off-the-shelf software, often intended to perform basic common services, lack attractive visuals to increase interestedness.

Today more and more companies are investing resources for employees to study more in web design and development. The design aspect of a website coincides with custom web app development. This is because when clients interact through buttons on the website, how these buttons are positioned and designed contributes greatly to its interactiveness, popularity and appearance. We at Savvycom helped our clients, including CapitaLand, achieved just that.

How much clients interact with websites depends heavily on aesthetics, so it is important to not be rigid and dull. Custom web app development helps companies to overcome this problem due to the flexibility and compatibility advantages it offers. This is especially true when compared to traditional off-the-shelf web apps.


In the end, web app development aims to produce apps that are common in everywhere. But in today’s technology world, with constantly evolving unique demands from each business, there must be more variety. As Savvycom always aims to turn our clients’ idea into reality, we are always innovating through custom web app development. Our clients’ trust is always long-term, and we are always looking to deliver the better than the best.

Savvycom provides premium quality custom web app development.

Savvycom provides premium quality custom web app development services

We hope this article gave you a decent insight into custom web app development as well as its benefits. As such, with our reputation for delivering smart technology and creating apps for both mobile and web platforms, you can count on us to deliver solutions to your business challenges at any time.

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