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Admittedly, the world is rapidly transforming into the Digitalization Era, also known as “true digital natives” and the uses of digital content are significantly rising. Thus, the application of Digital Marketing is becoming more and more important for any business to reach target customers.

The year 2012 marked a significant increase in social networking sites such as Facebook (reach 1 billion users), Pinterest… Meanwhile, 2012 witnessed the decline of many newspapers in the World; take an example The New York Times, Financial Times Deutschland, Newsweek. Perhaps, when digital tools are widely used as a part of life, the value of Digital Marketing will be more vital in any business marketing campaign.

Why choose Digital Marketing?

ImageAccording to recent research, many organizations have confirmed that Digital Marketing has a great influence on the industry, or even it has changed the face of the global retail industry. A study carried out in the last 2 months by IAB – American Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that Digital Marketing, in particular, social media network will affect strongly on the purchasing decision of consumers. It also helps the company adjusting Return on Investment (ROI) by encouraging engagement and loyalty of customers.

Kristin Brewe, director of Communications and Marketing of IBA, also stated: “when an Enterprise or a brand needs to create a deeper emotional connection with customers, social networking is the answer. Indeed, because social networking is the only channel that allows consumers and brands interact and engage instantaneously in 2 ways, making this linkage stronger. At the same time, Mr Ian Ralph, director of the Marketing Science, who conducted the study said: “Clearly, social networks have the potential to turn customers into fans”. He also asserts: “By making people love, not just interested in the brand, we affect demands for goods and contribute to increasing sales in the future”.


A recent study by Exact Target also shows that the digital media revolution has effects on the purchasing decisions of the global retail industry with over 90% of consumers believe the online comments of the product and at least 18% of customers affected by an ad online within the past 12 months. So, Digital is no longer an industry. It is basic knowledge for all those who are doing business, marketing and advertising in a digital world that has been a part of life.

Another reason why the role Digital Marketing in our life is becoming more and more important is the explosion of “Big Data” – a collection of large and complex data sets, which help companies to accurately control customer’s behaviours and increase profits. Besides that, the quick and proper measurement of Digital Marketing tools as well as the development of electronic commerce also takes part in there.

In short, the advent and rapid development of the elements in social networking platforms are changing the face of Digital Marketing industry today. Thus, enterprise developers may take these advantages to easily deliver both product’s values and the company’s image to their target customers.

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