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At this ending time of the year 2011, the Mobile Development Team at Savvycom has never been this exciting since the release of – a puzzle game – is approaching rapidly. We are working day and night to get Fruit Up! to the public for this new year 2012 atmosphere.

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Fruit Up – A product of Savvycom – Is available on Appstore.

As its name implies, Fruit up – A product by Savvycom aims to deliver delicious and amusing play screens that create unforgettable memories and brighten up your life. Inspiring from a classic puzzle game, you score by matching at least 3 of one kind of fruits in a line. Matching 4, 5 or 6 fruits will bring you higher score as well as create power fruits at the same time, brings you Action and Classic modes:

– Classic: No time limit; Game ends until no more move is available
– Action: Game is in a timely manner, the faster you play, the more you score.

Fruit up – A product by Savvycom offers different fruit sets and themes will surely fresh your vision and emotion. Get yourself a new fruit theme and here comes just a brand new puzzle game.

Let’s add Jan 10, 2012, to your calendar as you don’t want to miss Fruit up – A product by Savvycom for your iPhone.

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