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Evaluate Your Business through WordPress eCommerce Solution The Internet unfolded a new age: E-commerce when the customers get used quickly to the online marketplace basing on an automated online merchandising website. One of the most popular blogging system used today for online business is WordPress: free, easy to use and most important, facilitating users with a variety of helpful plugins.

However, not all who use WordPress could take full advantages of it to evaluate their business effectively. In this article, we will dig in some general considerations, the functional and technical requirements of setting up a WordPress eCommerce website.

General Considerations

What will be the criteria contributing to a well- organized WordPress eCommerce site? Proper and Friendly Store Design

WordPress eCommerce site

What are the criteria or illustrations that you have put forward in your mind for your online store? A modern and minimalist look for a tech- shop or a trendy and colourful design for a teen- target clothing shop? These theme designs would decide your WordPress plugin that you should integrate to implement your eCommerce website in order to mostly match the store concept.

The most noticeably advise in this step is to invest much time in constructing the product catalogue, since a well-arranged one helping locate and search desired items easily would be more preferable and convenient for both shop-owner and customers.

Planning Reasonable Cost of Setup

Reasonable Cost of Setup “I thought WordPress was for free?” – one may question in his mind. Certainly, WordPress provides you with over 30,000 plugins which enable the user to Taylor his site on his proposal and needs: search engine optimization, client portals, widgets, navigation bars,… with now charges, However, a successful online business requires more functionalities that you should spend money on to achieve the best performance, such as hosting and advertising. Responsive Design

Responsive Design to WordPress ecommerce

Responsive Web Design provides an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling while using different kinds of devices: laptop, tabs, mobile,… It assists the customers better in surfing sites and selecting items. Responsive design could be nominated as the most favourable option for online stores.

Functional Requirements Pricing Scenarios and Shipping

Though WordPress developers have offered many options in putting up the price on the page, shop-owners need to consider the most appropriate way of pricing scenario. With any online stores, various properties could be employed to present the price, for example, value-added tax has been added or not, or when grouping the items altogether. If delivery service is available on your site, an eCommerce plugin would be necessary to integrate with other services such as EMS, FedEx,…

Secure Payment Gateways

Wordpress Payment How can the customers make the payment for goods purchased from your stores? WordPress integrates more than one payment solutions, based on the settings of page-owner. Normally, a payment platform would be most suitable if it brings out the most convenient experience for both sides and assures the safety of transaction information.

SSL and General Protection

The information of the clients on the website, such as credit card information, is encrypted by the secure socket layer (SSL). It has proven its proficiency for website security and has been recognized worldwide. If you need to investigate in credit data on your online store, PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) complaint would be the best option.

Technical Requirements Performance

Sometimes, the instalment of a plugin on a basic WordPress site would take long since most of the plugins are capacity-consuming. The situation may get worse and headache when traffic increases and the site is getting more attention. To prevent your page from lagging, a virtual private server or a dedicated server should be utilized to manage the site effectively and recover the page quickly.


Scalability includes the evaluation of the current business condition, planning and adjusting future quantity supplied of products. In this particular scene, you should consider whether the WordPress platform being used could support the expected scenarios or not in order to alter properly.

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