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Releasing an app is a significant event for app company or app developers. Undoubtedly, they want their app to be interesting and outstanding; to receive the best responses from the market; to be rated 4 or 5 stars, or to get a huge number of downloads. The question is that, which key elements that your app needs most to gain those achievements?

1. No bugs, no crashes – Be stable!


Most of new app development companies with several faults, and require users to update daily. Your app will never be interesting or outstanding if it annoys users like that. Annoyances like crashes, slowly processing in Wifi mode, the terrible colour of images, etc, always distract users from your app’s strength. Also, in the situation when the app market is saturated, a demanding user will not accept an app with even a few faults. Thus, make sure your app is tested well and released without even the most minor mistakes.

2. User Interface (UI) must be as nice as possible


UI is the most affected part of an app to users. A user pays his attention to UI at the right time he downloads the app. He possibly removes or ignores your app if it has a bad or unimpressive UI. Besides, when operating the app, users may not be happy with inconveniences, such as the appearance of useless function or too many steps required to deal with a task. An interesting app is proud of its friendly and well-designed UI, in which functions are integrated smartly in just a small touchscreen.

3. More than satisfy users’ needs


It is conventionally known that the user wants an app to reduce their time of undertaking some work, or entertain them when they are bored. A useful app should meet those needs. However, in order to be an outstanding app, it may exceed users’ expectation with a surprising function. For example, an app for purchasing clothes may have not only deals with most beautiful clothes but also gives advice on what to wear today based on whether or the week trend. That’s outstanding, and make shopaholic girls stick herself with the app the whole day.

To conclude, the aforementioned ideas are not fixed formulas for an outstanding app. If app developers really wish their app to be well known or rated with 5 stars, it is worth letting our both creation and serious working attitude work hard. That’s the actual key points.

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