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Promote a mobile app, unlike usual thought that app promotion is a process that follows app development, they accompany each other. In some special circumstances, app promotion process is even started before app development, and also much costly. It is because mobile app promotion is so complicated. However, there are some tips for an effective app promotion strategy, as described below.



Impressive Page At The Applicant Store

The page at the App store is the official presentation of an app to users, so make sure it is flawless. Such a perfect page has to satisfy the following criteria:

  • An attractive and concise app name;
  • A catchy but recognizable, simple icon;
  • A set of relevant keywords;
  • A set of screenshots in which the app design and functionality are displayed obviously;
  • The informative description that covers all of the function of the app, but not too wordy; and
  • The good rating which serves as a hook to get the visitor interested in the app.

Active Social Networks

 promote an app by using social media

Social networks are the easiest way to prove that your app is user-oriented. Thus, never forget this tool. What you have to do is quite simple: keep it active with useful pieces of information and exciting discussions every day, every week and every month.

Some popular social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, YouTube are always recommended, but which one to focus the most depends on your app and your ability.

Offline Promotion

If possible, let’s try to contact the prestigious business in the area of your app and ask for cooperation. For example, a famous restaurant is a good choice for a food ordering app. You app owners can take advantages from the customers of that restaurant, while the restaurant is now able to serve its customers better via mobile service.

Free Version

The free version is the traditional tool of a mobile app promotion. When you are a success in attracting users to the free version (maybe with the help of some tips mentioned above), the next challenge is to persuade them to pay for the paid version. Although making a decision of which function is free or paid is so time-consuming, it’s worth.

Nice Developer’s Portfolio

The last and simplest tip is to create a nice developer’s portfolio. The one, which includes former successful mobile apps, also helps confirm the quality of the new app. What is needed is just an article about software introduction, which is posted on the company website and shared through social channels.

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