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Apple never fails to amaze us with its debut of something new every year. We have all been awaiting the whole new iOS 6 this fall with many promising features. But to be specific, what are they? It is said that there will be over 200 new features to the iOS 6, but within the scope of this article, let’s just look at some of the most anticipated ones.

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Facebook integration

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook once stated that Facebook was the only company that is closest to being like Apple and that the relationship was going to be “solid”. The new iOS is expected to offer built-in Facebook the same way it did with Twitter, and it will give users more convenience in signing in, posting new information from Notification centre, Siri and so on.

Enhancements to Safari

Having problems uploading photos or so from your iPhone using Safari? No more trouble with the new iOS since it will allow Safari to access hardware drive features. Full-screen view, iCloud tabs and offline reading lists are also anticipated in iOS 6.

ios 6 features expectations

iOS 6 with a new 3D map, Siri on iPad and Facebook integration

No more Google maps, and possibly no more YouTube

So, it seems that Apple is going to ditch Google maps for its very own 3D mapping system, with vector elements, smoother graphic, turn-by-turn navigation and many other amazing supports that promise to surpass Google maps both visually and functionally. The spreading rumours recently also raised an argument that Apple would probably get rid of YouTube as well. This one is still a myth, but if it’s true then it means Apple is step by step removing Google as a key part of its device. Read more: Will Apple get rid of Google on its device?

And finally, Siri

Siri will show up in not only iPhone 4S, but also iPad with multilingual support, including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Korean and Chinese. The new Siri will be a more advanced and “knowledgeable” assistant than it is now.

There are a lot more. The release date is coming very close. We will all soon be able to witness the innovation of Apple in iOS 6.

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