Crave Pass Crave

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A mobile app and website portal which easily allows users to order food from nearby restaurants every time by integrating with GPS and payment gateway “”. The system is composed of iOS/Android/WEB applications all designed to:

  • Provide the next level of convenience so that finding fresh food around is never be easier.
  • Time saving

Results: Released in mid 2014, the app has attracted thousands of users downloaded and registered. The user growth each month is approximately 5-15%.

Technology: Native iOS and Android (support iOS 7 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher). Integrate Authorize.NET. Push Notification

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Crave Vend Crave

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Understanding the profound desire of businessmen, Savvycom developed Crave Vend– the smart POS solution. The app was logically made available on the need of merchants with the idea of giving them the appropriate platform for efficiency improvement to process and make sales information available in real time from any iOs and Android devices. It helps to manage onsite and online orders and deliver eCoupons to your customer.

Results: Currently, the App is successfully being practiced in over 50 restaurants across USA. Come along with Crave Pass, the solution is a growing channel to boost up sales and customer satisfaction.

Technology: Native iOS and Android (support iOS 7 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher). Integrate Authorize.NET. Push Notification. Mercury Payment. Bluetooth printing

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iHeartLocal Crave

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It comes from the quote “Trust doesn’t start in an App. Trust starts with real people”, iHeartLocal is built to provide a reliable and trustworthy market place. The app includes favorite places that are recommended by your friends or acquaintances. This solution allows people to get access to the best deals that are recommended based on real experience; and also plays a role of a marketing channel for merchants to approach potential clients.

Results: The app gets 5 star rated over Appstore and Google Play with ultimate satisfaction from iHeartLocal’s clients. The exquisite App has been bridging huge users to one of top trustworthy referral networks.


  • Find the best deals: Native iOS and Android (support iOS 7 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher). Push Notification
  • Retailer network: Native iOS (support iOS 7 and higher). Push Notification.

Eva Diary Eva

Eva Diary

Knowing the concerns that beloved Vietnamese females are bearing, Savvycom worked this out to help them get rid of their health confusion with this easy-to-use period management tool named “Eva Diary”. It’s a smart mobile healthcare app that allows users to track period and ovulation therefore scheduling plans in taking care of themselves.

Results: Since it was deployed in 2012, the app has experienced a numerous number of clients and now, Eva Diary is always on top 5 of Health & Fitness categories in Appstore Vietnam with more than 500,000 users. The application supports women, especially Vietnamese women in accurately tracking menstrual period to have best health and opens a community to ask questions and share valuable knowledge on health. It also won the third prize of “Hoi Tu contest 2014” for the great Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) products.

Technology: Native iOS (support iOS 7 and higher).

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