“Savvycom designed and
developed the Crave Vend
app, which enables users to
discover fantastic deals while
promoting local businesses.
A solid, reliable -Commerce platform is at the very
core of online business. Anything less just won’t
work, and will likely cost you valuable sales.
Utilizing responsive web design in concert with a
well-designed eCommerce platform gives your
customers a full-service easy-to-shop experience,
and keeps them coming back again and again.
Savvycom knew not all businesses have the same
needs, so cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all templates
are not always the best solutions for the unique
We built, and continue improving Crave Vend
platform to simplify: The task of having an online
presence and eMenu creation for restaurants
owners, and for all of us, hungry people, to order
food from cravevend.com website and/or from
Android/iOS smartphones.
Crave Vend allows a lot of helpful functions:locate
food merchants, view merchants rich menu,
securely order for delivery or pickup, save favorite
items and restaurants, email receipts..
CRAVE Vend isn't just a POS - it's better in every way.
Ultimate tracking
technology. Crave
Fleet supports
delivery speed,
reduces gas cost and
employee time.
Driving extreme values
for consumers &
retailers with a cost
effective, smart
customer engagement
App built using
Secured Card Payment,
integrating best in
class secured card
CraveVend -
A Fantastic Deal App
Designed For Mobility - All Features Are In The Palm Of Your Hand.
Crave Vend integrated Ultimate Online Ordering.
This feature helps increase sales, productivity and
reduces waiting time for customers: A win-win for
customers & merchants. Online orders go directly
to your POS system to confirm and print to
kitchen printer. No more call from a third party, or
customers during busy time.
For the most efficient payment, Crave Vend
integrated MercuryPay® This is the fast, reliable,
secure payment gateway, also Mercury’s award-
winning payment processing. With Mercury, this
system accepts the most common payment types
and card brands, while enjoying reliable uptime,
real time transaction viewing, same day or next
day funding* capability and promotional
payment options.
Utilizing Flexible Menu Management, Crave
Vend provides easy menu setup, quickly add/
remove items, one touch disable/enable items.
All menu information is synchronized to the cloud
for coordinated changes across the entire system
including online menu from a single device. This
facilitates merchants to control inventory, get
real-time email and push notification alert.
Connects consumers and merchants with unique features that simplify the ordering experience.