The most impressive thing was
Savvycom satisfied requirements we
expected our outsource company to
be: culture, communication, skillsets
and a desired partnership.
It's collaboration. I really don’t look
at it as I’m dealing with a vendor but
a partner.
With the belief that: All small business can
succeed. iHeartLocal asked Savvycom to help
launch a mobile platform, design and develop a
wonderful app, which enables users to discover
fantastic deals while promoting local businesses.
Refining their mobile solution, however, required
in-depth knowledge when it came to mobile
strategy, design, and creative direction.
iHeartLocal required a lot of helpful functions:
creating a locations hub to provide trusted
reference & ratings through a mobile application,
allowing users to connect with the businesses
and service providers and building a business
ecosystem for merchants that helps them
approach potential consumers while tailoring a
strong bond on customer relationship.
We started with these initial objectives and
Rated as 1 of top
trustworthy referral
networks in US and
European countries.
A responsive web
version for merchants
to setup sale and
promotion campaigns
& manage customers.
Ranked #1 App
in the 2016
Mobile App
iHeartLocal -
New Way To Discover Local
iHeartLocal- Loaded with Features to Keep Customers Engaged
David Cheng
Founder, iHeartLocal
iHeartLocal: Simple Set-up
Signing up for iHeartLocal is quick and easy -
sign up with Facebook or E-mail to start sharing
iHeartLocal: Follow Friends
The function of multiple merchants function was
added to help businesses manage their places.
iHeartLocal: Trusted Rating
Others ask you to accept anonymous reviews
with questionable motivation-iHeartLocal is
iHeartLocal: Goodies
Unlike massive group coupon services,
iHeartLocal only delivers deals and specials from
places you've chosen to add.
Rated as number 1 in 2016 Mobile
App Showdown, in the framework of
CES 2016, the best place to showcase
the innovation and ingenuity that
today’s app builders have.
For Consumers and Merchants, Lets Start by Discovering Places and Favorites Around You.