“Savvycom designed a GPS
tool which enables user to
define and configure
group’s location boundaries
and track their movements.
There’s a lot of hype around the “Internet of
Things” (IoT), and with good reason. The IoT is the
networking of devices, buildings, even vehicles
that use embedded hardware and dedicated
software to collect and exchange data. It’s “next
level” networking using cloud technology, and it
opens the door to new ideas and applications that
have begun to flood the marketplace. With plenty
of IoT management, data storage and analytics
tools out there, how can we identify voids in the
marketplace and fulfill these demands with unique
The engineers at Realm identified a specific
opportunity in the marketplace for a bespoke
worldwide navigation aid, and after identifying the
core issues around such a technology and
developing appropriate solutions, the idea of
Realm- GPS Smart Tracker was born.
Communicate using
the wearable tracker
to stay in touch with
your group.
Define your personal
“virtual fence” with
the space hedge
Stay connected and
informed while
exploring on your
IoT - Internet of Thing
GPS Smart Tracker
Its not just a GPS tool- REALM connects people
Control group members’ location
From the website, register each group
member with a unique tracking code
and easily manage the group and its
individual members, including the ability
to track individual members’ positions,
m o n i t o r t h e i r s t a t u s a n d s e n d
notifications to the whole group or to
individual members as needed.
Using the mobile app, the team leader
can manage all team members’ locations
as needed and make changes to the
virtual fence on the go, allowing the
group to set up new boundaries and
associated functionality right from his or
her mobile phone. This gives users the
ability to establish new perimeters and
group management strategies from one
location to another.
Immediately send SOS Message
Finally, and most importantly, registered
team members can send an SOS
message if they get lost, lose touch with
the group, or find themselves in an
emergency situation, which allows the
team leader and all other users
registered to the group to coordinate
support as necessary.
R e a l m - G P S S m a r t Tr a c k e r w a s
developed to allow its users to maintain
contact and communicate with each
other individually or as a group, in real
time. And Realm-GPS Smart Tracker
i n c o r p o r a t e s m u l t i p l e , c o m p l e x
integrated functions to allow users to
connect with and send notifications to
other group members simultaneously,
while verifying the location of team
members on a virtual map using GPS
O n Re a l m- GP S S ma rt Tra cke r i s
integrated with Google Maps, SDK,
QRCode, NodeJS, Javascript SDK and
other technologies to instantly verify
users’ locations and help team leaders
easily manage the groups activities,
including the ability to send push
notifications whenever desired.
To prevent any team member from
getting lost, Savvycom also created a
pre-programmed “SOS” message that
group members can send to the team
leader when in need. Whats more?
Realm creates a virtual fence, which
immediately alerts the group leader if
any member steps outside of the
b o u n d a r y . I f g r o u p m e m b e r s
inadvertently find themselves outside this
boundary, they can log in as a group
member, activate a tracking code, and
communicate with leaders to go from
lost to found!