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It’s undeniable that the Mobile Healthcare apps development (mHealth) market has risen strongly over the past 3 years. Estimated to be worth 6.4 billion in 2015, this is truly a delicious pie that anyone would want a piece.

However, how to make your medical mobile application stand out in the crowd would be a big question, while around you are 100,000 other mHealth apps that available in both AppStore and Google Play, not to mention all of them have similar functions and characteristics.

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With strong, in-depth knowledge in making and launching an innovative medical application – Jio Health, Savvycom now gives you 4 critical ingredients to be successful in the healthcare business.

Strong Media Data Lop

According to PwC studies, 88 per cent of consumers are willing to share personal data with their doctors to find new treatments, which would heighten the chance of accurate diagnoses and better personal care.

However, doctors, these days are overwhelmed with administrative tasks that they can barely spend time for patient treatment.

As Public Health Institute’s Iana Simeonov said, they are usually “overwhelmed with all of the data being brought to them. It is difficult when you have 100 different patients coming to you with the physical print out of their data from their wearable or want you to look at their notes and a mobile healthcare app.

There’s simply not much the clinicians can do other than to encourage them to keep doing it themselves.”. An application capable of managing and analyzing database would be a big help for both healthcare providers and patients. Not only can physicians focus on what they did best – treatment and diagnose, but the patient can also receive better healthcare services, which will eventually lead to higher trust in doctors.

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That is the reason why Jio Health’s electronic medical report book – an online medical record that allows patients to actively update their allergies, reactions before and after the treatment, and notes in form of documents and images – has received so many positive feedbacks from users. Not only help patients easily organize and store their own medical records, but this electronic medical books also allow doctors to stay up-to-date with the patient’s condition without any paperwork or appointment schedule to be done.

However, Jio Health is among only a few online healthcare apps nowadays that owns a strong IT infrastructure required for this function. Most healthcare apps don’t spend much effort on this. It would be a major advantage if yours can do so.

Privacy Matter


After several world privacy scandals, data security has been an emerging issue that everyone cares about. According to the survey results of mHealth App Economics 2014, 34% of respondents agreed that they would consider using a mobile health app if it can truly promise data security.

And Radius Global Market Research in 2013 shows that more than 75% of Internet users at least “somewhat agreed” that they would stop using a service, product or retailer if they felt their privacy was violated. With electronic records worth 10 times more than a stolen credit card number, every developer should bear in mind about how important it is to protect their consumer’s data.

Just as with Jio Health, we care deeply about safeguarding user’s information and employ reasonable measures to do that.

Jio adheres to industry-leading standards and best practices to manage our applications information. SSL is employed exclusively for all communication between client applications and servers.

Data is protected in transit and storage with industry standard cryptographic protocol using the 256-bit encryption key. Applications and networks are subject to strict quality testing and security review as well.

Integration with Other Mobile Apps

This one is very important. Integrating with other apps will extend your app’s usage, as data from other apps can flow in and out, which eventually brings more valuable information for more accurate outcomes.

For example, as Jio Health is seamlessly connected with wireless blood pressure cuff, scales, glucometers, and fitness bands like Fitbit and Jawbone, AppleHealth Kit and Google Fit, it really helps patients in tracking their weight, blood glucose and pressure, physical activity, heart rate and nutrition in a daily basis.

Moreover, that information was presented in the form of intuitive graphs and deep insights, which makes it even easier to track your health condition.

In contrast, no interacting with other apps can lower your app’s value, limiting user’s utility and creating redundant tasks that require information from the various database. The app will soon be abandoned on their phone, with low user retention rate.

Monitoring and Consultation

Fitness apps used to be a trend, but not anymore. A survey from Research2guidance has recently indicated that fitness applications are not in top priority for users, but apps that have doctors monitoring and consultation functions.

The reason for this change is due to a rise in healthcare cost in America after the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

To reduce cost, healthcare providers are seemingly trying to digitalize chronic care management and mitigation.

Mobile medical apps that allow doctors to consult and diagnose online will be valuable to these healthcare providers. That’s probably the reason why Jio Health Telemedicine service is frequently used.

Not only allowing doctors to consult patients through audio call, voice call or secure messaging, but Jio Telemedicine also helps patients and doctors share notes in the form of images and documents through secure message threads.

In that way, doctors can easily exchange clinical notes and prescriptions, or even share x-rays, lab reports, and ultrasounds records with patients.

And there are various Savvycom’s products which satisfy our customers with an unforgettable experience.

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