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Ruby on Rails (RoR) – an open source web application framework – has gained a huge number of fans these years. Nevertheless, there are people who dislike RoR. This article studies why the people who hate RoR do exist – or in other words, the disadvantages of this ‘lovely’ web framework. First of all, it is likely that RoR is not supported well. Unlike PHP which is supported by giants like Zend, IBM or Yahoo, RoR only interests minor community development.

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Ruby on Rails – What is the limitation?

Basically, Ruby on Rails (RoR) is just a web framework, a construction that uses Ruby language. However, Ruby was born not for serving web development. That’s the reason why Ruby has only a few updates for 15 years. Secondly, RoR cannot be sure about its scalability. When you are making a huge application, what you need is technology supported by a giant (like .NET or Java). Read more: Why choose Ruby on Rails?

Besides, you need a large community development with a great resource (like Java or PHP). RoR has neither of these elements. That is a considerable difficulty for a developer when they want to make a web app with Ruby language. Next, RoR is not stable enough. For example, when setting up RoR on an Apache, you are only possible to use Ruby with FastCGI.

However, it is so challenging that the Apache will crash every when there is a hit to an app in RoR. Although guidelines to fix this crash are available, this inconvenience for user/developer obviously is a weakness of RoR framework. Read more: Web development trends 2017


In spite of many compliments for RoR that it is a beautiful construction. It also saves our energy a lot thank for the flexibility of Ruby language. However, the aforementioned disadvantages of RoR, together with some other ones such as undocumented behaviours and users’ wary about its “newness”, explain why RoR is not yet a technology of web 2.0, as well as why experienced RoR programmers are so scarce.

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